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Does My Apple Watch Need a SIM Card?

Did you just get an Apple Watch and you want to know about its full range of functions? Or are you planning to buy one soon? You must be wondering: Does my Apple Watch need a SIM card?

Your Apple Watch doesn’t need a normal SIM card. This is because it has an eSIM built into the device. Also, there’s no slot for a normal SIM card to be inserted. The eSIM syncs with your phone number and allows you to use your watch to make calls and connect to the internet.

eSIM technology is superior to the regular physical SIM due to its compatibility with all mobile networks. Plus, it’s significantly smaller and lighter, thus making it perfect for incorporating into a wearable device like the Apple Watch.

Read on for more information about Apple Watches and eSIM cards!

What’s The Difference Between the GPS-Only and GPS + Cellular Apple Watch?

The Apple company has made numerous Apple Watches since its launch in 2015. With each new model, better innovative features were added for the consumers’ convenience.

With regards to SIM cards, there are two main categories by which Apple Watches can be classified: those with GPS and cellular features and those with GPS only. Here’s the difference between the two:

GPS and Cellular

Some models of the Apple Watch have GPS and cellular features in them, like Apple Watch Series 7 and Apple Watch SE.

For the cellular function to work, they have a SIM embedded in the body of the watch, called an eSIM. This is a virtual SIM that pairs with your phone number and iPhone device to sync phone calls and messages and send notifications to your wrist.

As a result, you won’t need to insert a normal SIM card into your Apple Watch.

One of the benefits you’ll enjoy if your Apple Watch is cellular is that you’ll be able to operate it fully whether or not your phone is nearby. The watch will also work if mobile data or Bluetooth are turned off on your phone.

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As a more affordable option, Apple made some versions of Apple Watches that are GPS only. These ones don’t have cellular features.

In other words, GPS-only watches don’t have an eSIM built in.

Still, similar to cellular ones, GPS-only Apple Watches don’t need a normal SIM card. This is because they’re designed to be water resistant, so they lack slots that risk the entry of water.

Since these models lack an eSIM, they need to be in close proximity to your phone at all times in order to make calls, receive notifications, and send messages.

On the bright side, GPS-only Apple Watches have longer battery lives.

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How Do I Tell If My Apple Watch Has an eSIM?

If you’re thinking of selling your Apple Watch, it’s a good idea to know whether it’s cellular or not. This is because the cellular version is more expensive than the GPS-only type.

To find out if your wearable device has an eSIM, check the digital crown on its side. If it has a red ring or a red dot on it, the watch is cellular and has an eSIM.

Alternatively, you can check the model number by opening the watch app on your iPhone. Go to General and then click on About. Now, scroll and click on Model. You’ll find a number beginning with ‘A,’ and that’s the model number of your Apple Watch.

Next, copy this code and paste it into the search bar of the Apple support website. You’ll find all the specs of your Apple Watch model and whether or not it has an eSIM.

Do Apple Watches Have A Phone Number of Their Own?

Apple Watches don’t have their own phone number. They’re set up to sync with your iPhone, so they share the same phone number

This allows you to receive calls on either your phone or your watch.

Since both devices share the same number, you can’t use your watch to call your phone and vice versa. You might, however, send a text to yourself and see the message on both devices (phone and watch).


So, does my Apple Watch need a SIM card? 

The answer is no, you don’t need a SIM card for your Apple Watch. That’s because all types of Apple Watches don’t have a slot for a SIM card.

There are many versions of the Apple Watch on the market today. These can be distinguished by either having GPS technology only or GPS and cellular features. The cellular ones have an eSIM, which allows the user to use the watch without having the phone close by.

The Apple Watches with GPS only don’t have an eSIM. They also don’t support having a SIM card inserted into them.