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Does Samsung TV have Fire TV app?

Nowadays, when you purchase a Samsung TV, you get access to a wide array of apps. These apps give you the ability to access your favorite streaming services without the addition of another device.

Samsung’s line of Smart TVs come with their Smart Hub which features streaming sites such as Netflix, Apple TV, and Youtube. But does Samsung TV have the Fire TV app?

Most Samsung Smart TVs do have the Amazon Prime app available on their Smart Hub. However, the Fire TV app is an application that you can install on your device to use as a remote control for your Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick. The app itself doesn’t give you access to what you would receive on either of those Amazon streaming devices.

Now that you know what the Fire TV app is and what it can and cannot do, let’s look at how you can access Fire TV on your Samsung television. 

Does Samsung TV have Fire TV app?

The Fire TV app isn’t a streaming service, nor is it a streaming device. It is merely an app that you can download to use as a remote or navigation for an Amazon Fire TV device or Fire Stick.

Samsung Smart TVs can actually take the place of a streaming device, such as the Fire Stick, since you can access most of the apps right on the TV itself. 

How do I get Fire TV on my Samsung TV?

If you want to access Fire TV on your Samsung TV, you will need to purchase an Amazon Fire TV device or Fire Stick. These devices can be used with or without a smart television, though your Samsung TV will need to be HD compatible and have an HDMI port. You will also need an internet connection. 

What is the difference between a Fire TV and a Fire Stick?

The main difference between the two is the design. The Fire TV cube is much larger than the stick, thus it takes up more space. They both have access to the same apps and have an Alexa activated remote.

The newer models of the Fire Sticker are much faster than the previous generations, and work just as well as the Fire TV cube. Another important difference between the cube and the stick is the price. The cube comes in at over $100, while you can purchase the Fire Stick late for under $30. 

Does Firestick work with Samsung TV?

The Amazon Firestick does work with Samsung TVs as long as the television is HD compatible with at least one HDMI port. You will also need a reliable internet connection, preferably one with decent speeds, since you will be streaming content, such as television shows and movies. 

To connect the Fire Stick to your Samsung TV, simply plug the Fire Stick into one of the HDMI ports located on the back or side of your TV. You will then have to navigate to the HDMI input that the Fire Stick is connected to on your television.

This can typically be accomplished by simply clicking on the Input button on your TV’s remote control. You will also need to connect the Fire Stick to your internet network, as well as register it with your Amazon account.