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Does TV Slow Down Internet?

AI was recently frustrated when my internet speed seemed to slow down whenever I turned on my TV. After doing some research and testing, I’m here to share what I’ve discovered about the relationship between television and internet speed.

Like any device connected to the internet, TVs can slow down your internet by decreasing your bandwidth by a percentage. Streaming content on smart TVs can significantly slow down your internet speeds by 3 to 25 Mbps. Wi-Fi connections are more prone to slowing down than wired connections.

Tip NumberTipProsCons
1Update your smart TV softwareCan resolve software-related issuesMay not address all speed issues
2Disconnect devices not being usedFrees up bandwidthInconvenient, temporary solution
3Adjust quality or resolution settingsReduces bandwidth usageCompromises video and audio quality
4Restart your routerEasy and quick solutionMay not solve the root cause
5Check your router’s locationImproved router placement can boost signal strengthMay not be possible in all home setups
6Use an Ethernet connectionProvides a more stable connectionRequires proximity to router, may need extra cables
7Upgrade your internet planHigher speeds ensure better connectivityCan be more expensive
8Upgrade to a new smart TVNewer models may have better compatibilityCostly investment

Can Your TV Slow Down The Internet? 

An increasing number of devices are using the internet today, including your TV! However, could your TV be responsible for slowing down your connection?

Partly, yes – but your other devices are also to blame. Essentially, every device that’s connected to your network will decrease your bandwidth by a certain percentage, especially over Wi-Fi connections. 

While it’s tough to figure out how much bandwidth smart TVs consume on average, many features could affect your bandwidth. The types of apps you use on your smart TV, and the streaming quality settings can impact your bandwidth usage. 

The higher the quality and resolution of the content you’re streaming on your smart TV, the more bandwidth is used. When streaming 1080p Full HD content, you’ll be using at least 3 Mbps of your available bandwidth.

Some streaming services will use up to 6 Mbps to stream 1080p content. Streaming Ultra-high definitions will use between 16 and 25 Mpbs of your TV. 

Due to these factors, your smart TV can slow down your internet connection. To test whether your TV is slowing down your internet, you should turn your TV off and see if the connection improves.

If your TV is slowing down your internet too much, there are many tips and tricks to try, which we’ll outline in the following section! 

What To Do When Your TV Slows Down The Internet 

If you’ve noticed significant changes in your internet speeds linked to your smart TV, you might be wondering about how to remedy the issue.

From updating the software on your smart TV to purchasing a newer model, we’ll outline eight of the best tips to follow when your smart TV is slowing down the internet! 

Update Your Smart TV Software 

If you’re battling with slow internet speeds while using your smart TV, your first course of action should be to update your smart TV’s software.

Many major television manufacturers, including Samsung, recommend updating the software when experiencing major problems with the internet on your smart TV. These major problems include excessive buffering and loading errors.

Disconnect Devices Not Being Used 

While this isn’t the most convenient solution to this problem, it’s one that is sure to work. If you’re struggling with your internet speed when using your TV, you should consider disconnecting unnecessary devices from the internet.

As we explained earlier, any device that connects to your internet will use your bandwidth. The more devices are connected, the slower your connection will be. 

Adjust Quality Or Resolution Settings 

If you’re unable to disconnect devices from your internet, you might want to consider adjusting your quality or resolution settings. Many TV-based apps will allow you to adjust the resolution or quality of your streaming content.

The higher the quality or resolution of your streaming content, the more internet it will use to stream. By sacrificing a bit of audio or video quality, you can speed up your internet connection. 

Restart Your Router 

Before trying the remaining tips regarding your smart TV’s internet connection, you should try restarting your router to see if your speed improves. You must unplug your router from the power outlet and wait at least thirty seconds before plugging it back in. Once the lights on your router are flashing green, you can test your connection speed

Check Your Router’s Location 

If you’re struggling with slow connection speeds, it may not be your smart TV’s fault! A poorly placed router is one of the most common reasons for a slow internet connection.

As a general rule, there should be little to no barriers between your router and the devices in your home. By changing your router’s placement or location, you can improve your connection speeds. 

Use An Ethernet Connection 

If your smart TV is using a Wi-Fi connection, you could try switching to a more secure connection through an ethernet cable.

Many modern TVs support ethernet cables, allowing the device to have a direct wired connection to the internet. Switching your TV to a wired internet connection will free up space on your wireless network, which will reduce much of the strain on your network speeds. 

Upgrade Your Internet Plan 

If changing your router’s location or switching to a wired connection doesn’t improve your internet speed, it may be time to phone your internet service provider (ISP).

By contacting your ISP, you can enquire about upgrading your current internet plan. By upgrading to a faster download speed, you’ll drastically improve the connectivity speeds on devices connected to the internet.  

Upgrade To A New Smart TV 

Smart TV technology is rapidly developing, which can cause smart TV models to become outdated faster. If you’re experiencing poor connection speeds, it might be that your streaming services do not support the software on your TV.

In this way, smart TVs are much like smartphones. To improve your TV’s connection speeds, it might be time to finally upgrade to a newer TV model! 


Like any device connected to the internet in your home, your smart TV can slow down your internet connection. Ultimately, streaming services can use between 3 and 25 Mbps when streaming high or ultra-high definition content. Luckily, we outlined eight ways to address this issue. 

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