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Does Vizio TV Have Bluetooth?

As a tech savvy owner of a Vizio TV, I was frustrated when I recently thought that my TV didn’t have Bluetooth capabilities. I realized that I wasn’t alone in this predicament and that many others had the same question: Does Vizio TV have Bluetooth? So, I decided to do some research, look for tips and tricks, and compiled a list of solutions to this very question. In this blog post, I’m going to share with you how I solved the problem and the different solutions I discovered.

Certain Vizio TVs have a built-in Bluetooth option. Other models also have this feature but only support the low-energy type. Nevertheless, you can enable your device compatibility using a Bluetooth transmitter.

Check Your TV SettingsOn your Vizio remote, click on Menu. Navigate your settings and locate the Bluetooth option to see if it’s available on your device.
Visit the Vizio WebsiteSearch and select your TV model on the Vizio website. This will launch the different features of your TV, including Bluetooth capability.
Check the User ManualThe user manual can help you determine Bluetooth compatibility. An online copy can be found under Vizio Support.
Built-in Bluetooth FeatureIf your TV has built-in Bluetooth, go to your TV settings, locate the Bluetooth option, search for devices, and start pairing with your audio device.
Bluetooth Adapter/TransmitterFor Vizio models without built-in Bluetooth, use a Bluetooth transmitter compatible with your TV’s audio outputs (digital optical, AUX, or RCA). Plug in the transmitter to a power source, connect it to the audio port on your TV using a supported cable, and pair the transmitter with your Bluetooth device. If using a digital optical port, also adjust your TV’s audio settings.

Does Vizio TV Have Bluetooth? How to Know

Some Vizio TVs use low-energy Bluetooth to connect the SmartCast app to smartphones, iPads, or tablets. However, the functionality is limited to communication. The low-energy capacity doesn’t support audio transmission.

Still, other newer models have the high-energy Bluetooth feature. This allows connection to your headphones and speakers.

There are three ways to know if your Vizio has this capability:

  1. Check Your TV Settings

Another easy way to check for Bluetooth compatibility is through your TV’s settings. On your Vizio remote, click on Menu. Navigate your settings and locate the Bluetooth option to see if it’s available on your device.

  1. Visit the Vizio Website

On the Vizio website, you’ll find a list of products. You simply need to search and select your TV model. This will then launch the different features of your TV. This includes size, resolution, backlighting, and Bluetooth capability.

  1. Check the User Manual

The user manual can also help you determine Bluetooth compatibility. This comes with your device upon purchase. An online copy can be found under Vizio Support as well.

How to Connect Bluetooth Devices to Your Vizio TV

If your TV has built-in Bluetooth, then you can easily set up your headphones and speakers for connectivity.

For Vizio models without this feature, there are Bluetooth transmitters that can make your TV Bluetooth-compatible.

Let’s look at both ways you can connect devices using this wireless technology:

1. Built-in Bluetooth Feature

There are a few things you need to consider before linking your Bluetooth device. To get the most out of it, make sure you don’t stay in obstructed or too far locations. This can weaken signals and you’ll likely experience audio delays.

Plus, make sure that your audio device is fully charged. Then, set it to pairing mode. The process may vary so it’s best to check the user manual for your headphones or speakers.

To establish a connection with your Vizio TV, follow these steps:

  1. First, go to your TV settings using your remote.
  2. Next, locate the Bluetooth option and search for devices.
  3. Your TV will display available items for pairing.
  4. If it doesn’t show, choose “More Device”.
  5. Lastly, highlight the name of your device and start pairing.

2. Bluetooth Adapter or Transmitter

A Bluetooth transmitter is an external plugin that’s responsible for audio transmission from a source to a Bluetooth device.

In this case, you can use it on your non-Bluetooth TV. Choices are abundant. Hence, you need to know what’s most suitable for your Vizio. 

To start, check the back or side of your TV. Usually, you’ll find multiple audio outputs—digital optical, AUX, and RCA.

The availability dictates the compatible transmitter you need. Each output will require a supported cable. So, how do you know what’s best to use? 

Digital Optical Port

The digital optical port stands as the best choice. This output uses light beams to transmit audio data. Plus, it’s more efficient in preventing delays than sending electrical signals. Thus, better sound quality is produced.

Auxiliary (AUX) Port

If you don’t have the digital optical option, it’s best to settle for the auxiliary (AUX) output rather than RCA. This is an analog audio option. It requires the use of a single-channel cable to achieve higher-quality sound.

RCA Port

The RCA port is another analog audio option. Its difference from the auxiliary port is that it supports a two-channel output. As audio signals are divided, expect to have lesser sound quality.

How to Setup Your Bluetooth Transmitter

Using your knowledge of the different audio outputs, you can now decide on the appropriate transmitter and cables you need.

Once you’re equipped, you can set up the Bluetooth connection through the following steps:

  1. First, plug in the transmitter to a power source and turn it on.
  2. Next, connect it to the audio port on your TV using a supported cable.
  3. Then, pair the transmitter with your Bluetooth device.

If you’re plugged in the analog port, you’ll automatically hear the audio after the above steps. 

However, if connected to the digital optical port, you need to do more on your TV settings. Go to your Audio Settings first. Select PCM under the “Digital Audio Out” tab. Then, you’ll hear audio on your Bluetooth device.


Does Vizio TV have Bluetooth? Some models do have native Bluetooth features for connecting headphones and speakers. Other variants use low-energy Bluetooth but only for communication.

Checking the user manual, the Vizio website, and your TV settings will help you know your device’s capabilities. If your TV has no built-in Bluetooth, you can use transmitters to enable this function.