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Does Your Location Show When iPhone Is Off?

Curious to know if you can track your iPhone even when it is off? If so, then this article is for you.

When I found out that my iPhone showed my location even when it was off, I was frustrated. I thought my phone was my private space and that I could keep my location a secret. I decided to do some research on the topic, and I discovered that there are a few tips and tricks that can help keep your location private. In this blog post, I’m going to share with you how I solved the issue and the other solutions I discovered.

Older iPhone ModelsCan only show the last location before the power runs out. Notify When Found function sends an email notification when the phone is turned on again.
iOS15 Find My NetworkUtilizes Apple’s U1 chip and Ultra-Wideband technology to transmit a secured Bluetooth signal even when the phone is off. Compatible with iPhones running iOS15 software and onwards, beginning with iPhone 11 and later models.
Enabling Find My App1. Go to Settings
2. Tap your name/Apple ID
3. Tap Find My
4. Tap Find My iPhone
5. Press on Find My iPhone
6. Select Send Last Location
7. Close Settings by pressing the Home button
Locating Your iPhone Using Another Device1. Open Find My app on another Apple device or sign in to on a computer
2. Choose the device you are searching for
3. Tap Play Sound if the device is nearby or Lost Mode if the location is far and the device is off
4. Contact local police for assistance if the iPhone is found under someone else’s custody; do not confront the possible thief
Final VerdictYes, your location will show when your iPhone is off for devices with iOS15 and newer systems. No, for older versions.

A Shortcoming of the Older Models

Device-tracking is nothing new, but previous models of the iPhone can only show the last location before its power runs out. So if you lose your gadget, say on a train or taxi, and it depletes out of battery, or someone steals it and turns it off, there is no available means of tracing it.

The only recourse available is the Notify When Found function, another app feature that sends an email notification to let you know your phone is on again. But that will not calm the distressed mind of any iPhone owner.

A Better Version: iOS15 Find My Network

With Apple’s U1 chip installed in newer iPhones, finding your lost device even when someone turns it off is now possible. The chip employs Ultra-Wideband technology, a short-distance wireless communication signal that works through radio waves similar to AirTags.

It enables your mobile phone to transmit a secured Bluetooth signal that is detectable by other Apple devices in the Find My network app without the need to use its battery. The gadgets that catch the radio frequency then relay the coordinates of your iPhone to iCloud and make it visible on the map in actual time.

Apple designed this feature to be continually usable even if the device has been erased or has gone through a factory reset. This feat boosts the integrity of Apple devices and the confidence of its customers.

We could only wish this tech had been available in the previous models, but the process of technological evolution is as such. Innovation comes from necessity. Even the fictional Tony Stark’s Iron Man had 49 previous versions before he developed his nanotech armor. (winked)

This upgrade of the Find My feature is compatible with iPhones that run iOS15 software and onwards, beginning with iPhone 11 and later models.

How to Show Your Location Even When iPhone is Off 

If your device is one of the compatible iPhone variants, follow the steps below to enable its Find My app.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap your name/Apple ID.
  3. Tap Find My.
  4. Tap Find My iPhone.
  5. Press on Find My iPhone.
  6. Select Send Last Location.
  7. Close Settings by pressing the Home button.

Locate Your iPhone Using Another Apple Device or Computer

Should the undesirable event occur (Steve Jobs forbid), here’s what you need to do to track down your lost iPhone.

  1. Get your secondary Apple device, like an iPad or another iPhone. (Proceed to step 3. If this is not a viable choice, go to step 2).
  2. Use a friend’s iPhone or other Apple device.
  3. Open Find My app.
  4. Tap the Me button.
  5. Tap the Help A Friend.
  6. Using your unique Apple ID, sign in to
  7. Choose the device that you are searching for. If the map displays its proximity to be near you, tap the Play Sound button. If the location is far (and someone turns it off), tap the Lost Mode button to protect your iPhone’s data.
  8. If steps 1-5 are not doable, use a computer (Mac or Pc) and proceed to steps 6 and 7.

If you locate your iPhone under someone’s custody, do not try to take it back by confronting the possible thief. Reach out to the local police and ask for assistance to get your device back.

Final Bite

Apple is the first tech brand to have this feature—a safety protocol for its gadgets that is unique to its brand. Other leading mobile phone makers do not have this security component on their devices.

So to answer the question, does your location show when your iPhone is off? It’s a big yes for iPhones with iOS15 and newer systems. But no, with regards to the older versions.