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Google TV Input Button Not Working (Causes And How To Fix)

As a frustrated owner of a Google TV, I found myself searching for answers as to why the ‘Input’ button on my remote control wasn’t working. After doing some thorough research, I discovered several potential causes and solutions to the problem. In this blog post, I will share my own experience and the tips and tricks I discovered to fix the issue. I’ll also discuss the pros and cons of each solution so you can make the best decision for your own Google TV.

Unpairing or flat remote batteries can be one of the numerous causes why your Google TV input button is not working. It would be best to inspect whether your device has the latest software. Setting up your device again can also fix the problem. Restarting it is also an option.

Problem CausesSolutions
Improper setupSet up remote buttons, add device, and test the input button.
Unpaired devices or flat batteriesCheck the remote batteries and try pairing the device.
Older Google TV remote softwareUpdate the Google TV software to the latest version.
Restarting the deviceUnplug the power cord and wait for 30 seconds before plugging it back in.
Factory resetRemove the batteries and press and hold the “Home” button to restore the remote to its default factory settings.

What Causes Your Google TV Input Button To Stop Working?  

The Google TV input button can stop working due to numerous reasons. This includes an improper setup which is one of the most common reasons.

Unpaired devices and flat batteries in your remote can cause your Google input button to sever connections with your TV. This article will assist you in seeing whether you have set up your device correctly.

What Options Are There To Fix The Google TV Input Button?

What can you do if you’re a Google TV owner and notice that the input button is not working correctly? This can be a problem if you want to change the input on your TV. There are a few options available to enable you to resolve this issue. 

How You Can Fix The Google TV Input Button

Below is a step-by-step guide to fixing the input button on your Google TV remote.

  1. Turn on your Chromecast to start the setup.
  2. Move to the top right corner of your TV screen.
  3. Select your profile.
  4. Move to settings.
  5. Choose the option Remotes & Accessories. 
  6. Click on the option “Set up remote buttons”. This option will take you to the remote buttons setup screen. 
  7. To add a device, select the option “Add a device”.
  8. In this step, add your device type and device name.
  9. Select “Input” from the remote-control setup screen.
  10. If the device is not added, add it.
  11. Check on your remote and press the “Input” button.
  12. You will switch to all TV inputs.
  13. See whether your input button works.
  14. If it does, switch back to the HDMI port.
  15. Chromecast will be connected to this port.
  16. You will be asked via a pop-up whether the input button works.
  17. Select yes or no.

Ensure you point your remote directly at the device for the input to work. If it is not working, follow the above steps again. It is essential to test if the remote may have unpaired with your device and if it needs repairs. You must install the Google TV app on your smartphone to do this. 

Can Google TV Remote Change TV Input?

Is it possible for your Google TV Remote To Change TV input? You can configure your Chromecast Voice Remote.

This will enable it to control devices like your TV, receiver, or sound bar, and you can set up the volume, power, and input button. If these buttons were not configured when you first set up Chromecast with Google TV, they could be set up later in your Chromecast settings.

Will Restarting My Device Fix The Google TV Input Button?

Restarting a device, hoping it will solve the problem. Yes, it is the age-old solution to fixing electronic devices or products from computers, laptops, televisions, and kettles.

Everyone has done it at some point! Sometimes it even works! You can restart your device to resolve the issue if you do not get the desired results when pairing your remote again.

If you did not configure these buttons after you initially set up your Chromecast with Google TV, you could always set it up at a later stage in Chromecast settings.

You can unplug the power cord of your device and wait for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, you can plug your device back in and inspect to see if the problem is fixed; in other words, look if the remote has started working or not. 

Can the version of the software be the problem? The oldest version of the Google TV remote or the Google operating system might be the cause. Always make sure you have updated software. 

How Can you check If you have The Latest Google TV Software?

When checking for an update, you can follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to “settings”.
  2. Click on “about”. 
  3. Click on “check for software update”. 

If a software update is available, you can proceed to download it. After downloading it, restart your device.

Can Resetting The Google Remote Help Fix The Input Button?

You can complete a factory reset if your Chromecast remote ceases to work correctly. A Factory reset might help resolve the issue.

Remove the batteries from the remote. Proceed by pressing and holding the “Home” button. By doing this, the remote will be restored to its default factory settings. 

You will see that the LED is solid. Continue by holding the button down. Once you see the light pulsating, you can release the button.


Yes, technology is excellent, but it can cause headaches sometimes! We mentioned all the possible solutions you can try to solve your Google TV input button problem.

From resetting your device and downloading the latest software to simply changing batteries. If your device is unpaired, it can also be one of the problems. At the end of it all, we try the age-old solution by just switching it on and off!