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Half Screen Black iPhone (Causes and How to fix)

As an iPhone owner, I’ve been frustrated when I attempt to use my device and the half of the screen is completely black. After doing some research and testing various solutions, I’m here to share how I solved this issue, as well as other solutions I discovered in my search. In this blog post, I’ll be exploring the causes of a half-screen black iPhone and how to fix it.

Why Has Your iPhone’s Screen Gone Black?

To solve a screen problem, you better learn the components of an iPhone’s screen and how it works, so let’s take a look inside the iPhone. 

We can look at the iPhone screen as two components; the logic board, which is the base for all electrical functionalities, and the display. 

The display is connected to the logic board. Thus, the logic board is the component that decides what you see on the screen.

If the cable connecting the two parts goes loose or dislodges by accidentally dropping your phone, you’ll see a black screen at the affected part of the screen.

However, the display has two parts called LCD screen and a digitizer. The digitizer’s job is to translate your touches on the LCD screen into digital information. 

Each element is connected individually by its cable to the logic board. Hence, the partial or complete blackness of the screen. 

Force Restart Your iPhone

How would I diagnose a defect? There’s a quick fix to try. After you charge your iPhone, force restart will rule out software glitches. Here is how to do it. 

For iPhone 8 or later and iPhone SE: Press and release the volume up button quickly. Press and release the volume down button quickly. Then, press and hold the lock button and wait for the Apple logo to appear. 

For iPhone 7 and 7+, press and hold the lock and volume down buttons simultaneously and wait for the Apple logo to appear. 

For iPhone 6s or earlier, press and hold both the lock and the Home button and wait for the Apple logo to appear.

Done With the Easy? Let’s Go Deeper

Sometimes it won’t be easy to fix an issue related to your iPhone’s screen. Let’s dive in and learn more about other problems and their solutions.

Disconnected Screen

You might see your iPhone’s partial black screen because of a screen disconnect, especially after hard drops. Your screen cable may get loose from the logic board. 

So check your iPhone’s model from this guide and follow the steps to plug screen cables back into their sockets in the logic board.

Display Failure

Although display failures are apparent to the naked eye, the display may not work properly even when the damage is invisible. Here’s what you can do to check if there’s a display failure.

1. If you doubt your screen, you may check the liquid contact indicator. It will be red or pink if some liquid has gone inside.

2. Check for any signs of breakage or damage and look through different angles to see if there are hairline fissures.  

Logic Board Problem

As mentioned before, the logic board circuit is like your iPhone’s heart. Check for any bends, corrosions, burnt components, or liquid spelled. 

If you find any, you can follow these steps to replace your iPhone’s logic board.

Hardware/Software Issues

A half-black screen might be caused by hardware issues like a damaged part of the screen. If you doubt that might be the case, it will be hard to solve the problem on your own, and you need to go to an Apple technician or store so they can help you. 

The same issue may be related to a software glitch, such as a software crash or an update failure. You also may have downloaded a game that includes ads or too many frames that require a lot of processing, resulting in lagging and blackening of half of your iPhone screen.

The mentioned causes and how to fix them should help you out with your iPhone, in addition to these FAQs about repairing an iPhone screen that went black. Those questions have been asked too many times and have standard answers. 

To Wrap this up 

It’s frustrating to have a Half-screen black iPhone. However, fixing the issue is going to be guided and doable. 

Check for software issues considering apps crashing or intensive gaming that requires a lot of processing, hence the half-black screen from all the glitches 

Scan for the hardware matters. Suppose moisture or liquids leak through any sockets, which leads to replacing the logic board. 

Remember, if you tried all these guides and nothing worked out, you can always go to an apple store or an apple technician that will help you eventually, so there is no need to worry.