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How Do You Turn Off Narration/Voice Over on TV?

If you’ve ever experienced the annoyance of a voice-over or narration suddenly playing over your TV, you know how frustrating it can be. I recently had the same problem and spent hours researching the best way to turn it off. This blog post will share my experience and the solutions I discovered, as well as the pros and cons of each. So if you’re struggling with the same issue, then read on to find out how I finally turned off the narration/voice over on my TV.

In most cases, you could turn off narration by going to your TV’s Settings menu and selecting Accessibility. However, there are some differences in accessing this feature depending on the brand.

How Do You Turn Off Narration/Voice Over on TV?

Known for its many names such as Audio Description, Described Video, and Secondary Audio Program, the narration you hear from your TV is a feature designed to aid visually impaired users. It helps them keep track of what’s being shown on the screen. 

While it’s beneficial for other people, many of us don’t need it. 

So, if you want it deactivated, read on to see how to turn off some of the leading TV brands’ narration features.

  1. Samsung

Turning off Samsung’s Audio Description takes only a few easy steps. First, go to your TV’s “Settings” menu and then choose “General.” From there, you’d be able to select the “Accessibility” tab. Once done, you may select and turn off the “Audio Description” switch. 

However, if your Samsung is announcing whatever it is you’re doing on the screen, then you might have unknowingly switched on its Voice Guide feature. 

You can turn it off by again pressing the “Settings” menu, “General,” then “Accessibility.” After that, select “Voice Guide Settings” and just simply turn it off.

  1. Sony

Sometimes, turning off the narration depends on the model of a certain brand. Take, for example, Sony. 

This brand has released several models such as Bravia TV, LED TV, Full LED TV, and also Android TV. They all require different steps to turn off their individual Audio Description features.  

Here’s how to switch off Sony’s Audio Description or narration features based on the model: 

Sony Bravia TV

You can turn on the narration of Bravia TV by pressing the “Home” button on your TV menu with your remote. Once in, locate the “Settings” menu and then press “Enter.” Head on to “Accessibility” so that you can turn off the “Talkback” switch.    


Like Bravia TV, you may use your Sony LED TV remote to access the “Home” menu. When done, go and select the “Sound Mode” option and then turn the “Audio Description” off. Try to watch a TV program and see if the narration is gone.

Sony Full LED TV

To turn off the narration of your Sony Full LED TV, press the “Menu” button on the remote and then select “Audio Option.” Press “Source” to turn off the TV’s “Audio Description” feature. 

Sony Android TV

Disabling the Audio Description of an Android-operated Sony TV is pretty much the same as the other models. You just have to press “Settings” and then select “Accessibility” found on the left-hand side of the screen. 

Once done, scroll down and choose “Talkback”. From there you’ll see a switch next to the word “Enable.” Turn it off, highlight OK on the pop-up confirmation, and then press “Enter.”

  1. TCL TV

For TCL TVs, their Audio Description feature is usually turned off by accessing the “Sound Mode” or simply “Sound” on the Menu page. 

Once you’ve selected the Sound Mode option, choose “Broadcast and then head on to “Audio Language.” If it’s set to “English AD,” change it to “English” to disable the narration. 

If your TCL Roku TV is reading out onscreen texts such as menu items, chances are its Audio Guide is enabled. You can turn it off by opening the main screen and selecting “Settings.” 

Press the right arrow key then choose “Accessibility,” then select ‘Screen Reader.“ Once again, use the right arrow key, then select “Off” to disable the Audio Guide. 

  1. LG TV

The steps to deactivate LG TV’s Audio Description is pretty straightforward. Just press the “Settings” button on the remote so that you can gain access to “All Settings.” Once on the Settings screen, select “Accessibility.” 

After that, highlight and then click the Audio Description option to turn off the narration. 

Note that the narration feature on other LG smart TVs is called Audio Guidance. You can have it turned off by pressing the “Gear Icon” on your remote. 

Once you’re in the “All Settings” menu, click “Accessibility” and then choose “Audio Guidance.” After that, highlight the “On/Off” switch.  Select “OFF” to disable this feature. 


We’ve seen TV brands differ when it comes to exploring and using their features. However, it’s undeniable that turning the narration off only requires a few simple steps, regardless of the TV. 

Moreover, we’ve also learned that TV makers use different terms other than Audio Description. Now, knowing these terms makes it easy for users to choose the right menus and buttons so that they can solve the problem fast. 

That said, we hope that this article has helped you fix the issue with ease.

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