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How loud can AirPods get?

As an owner of AirPods, I know all too well the frustrations of trying to find the perfect volume for your listening experience. After doing some research and testing, I’m here to share how I solved the issue of how loud can AirPods get, as well as other solutions I discovered.

It is not officially stated how loud AirPods can get. However, user tests have found that AirPods can go up to 102 to 112 decibels.

Maximum Volume for AirPods102-112 decibels (not officially stated by Apple)
Maximum Volume for AirPods Pro102-112 decibels (not officially stated by Apple), noise-canceling features can make them seem louder
Recommended Listening VolumeNo louder than 70 dB, roughly 65% of max volume depending on content
Recommended Listening DurationLimit listening to 1 hour per day, no more than 60 minutes at 60% of max volume
Risks of Listening at High VolumesPotential hearing damage and tinnitus
Reasons for AirPods Being QuietDirty, broken, bad connection, volume limit on app, need an update

How loud can AirPods get?

Apple has not officially stated how loud AirPods can get. However, AirPods do have a max volume of between 102 -112 decibels.

It is strongly recommended that you limit how much you listen to your AirPods when they are at max volume.

Listening to AirPods at max volume can damage your hearing and doing it too often might lead to tinnitus.

Instead, it is better to limit the volume to be no louder than 70 db. This will usually be at around 65% of max volume but it will depend on what you are listening to.


How loud can AirPods pro get?

It has not been officially stated how loud AirPods Pro can get. However, they do seem to reach a volume of between 102 -112 decibels.

Something to consider is that the AirPods Pro can sound louder because they feature noise canceling as well as ear tips.

This does mean that you should be able to listen to your AirPods Pro at a lower volume than with regular AirPods because the noise-canceling should be able to block out ambient noises.

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Can you play AirPods too loud?

You can play AirPods too loud. It is strongly recommended that you don’t listen to music at 70db or higher. This is because it can damage your hearing and potentially cause tinnitus.

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What is the loudest I should listen to AirPods?

It is recommended that you limit listening to music to 1 hour per day. It is also recommended that you limit use of earphones to 60 minutes at 60% of the max volume each day (source).

However, noise lower than 70 dB is unlikely to cause any significant damage to the ears (source).

Why are my AirPods so quiet?

Possible reasons why your AirPods or AirPod Pros are quiet are that they are dirty, broken, have a bad connection with your device, there is a volume limit on the app you are using, or that they need an update.

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Pros: – Maximum volume of between 102-112 decibels – Noise-canceling features can help reduce volume
– Can listen at lower volumes without missing out on sound quality
– Listening at maximum volume can damage hearing and cause tinnitus
– Need to be aware of the volume limit when using apps
– Can experience issues with their connection to the device