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How many hours per day can you wear AirPods?

As an avid AirPods user, I was curious to know how many hours per day I could safely wear them. After doing some research, I’m here to share with you the answer to this question, as well as some other solutions I discovered along the way.

Key Takeaways
Limit listening to music with AirPods to 1 hour per day
Avoid exceeding 70dB to prevent hearing damage
Wearing AirPods for more than 1.5 hours can cause discomfort
Keep the volume at a low level to protect your hearing

How many hours per day can you wear AirPods?

It is recommended that you limit listening to music to 1 hour per day. It is also recommended that you limit use of earphones to 60 minutes at 60% of the max volume each day (source).

However,  noise lower than 70 dB is unlikely to cause any significant damage to the ears (source).

With that being the case, it is recommended that you try to limit your use of AirPods to around an hour per day.

However, if you are going to wear them for more than that, it is important that you keep the volume down and that you make sure not to exceed 70db.


Is it okay to wear AirPods all day?

Unfortunately, You should not wear AirPods all day. The reason for this is that listening to loud noises for too long can cause damage to your hearing.

Also, the AirPods themselves can become uncomfortable and it can lead to excessive earwax build-up in your ears.

When you are wearing AirPods, it is important that you make sure not to have the volume too loud in order to protect your hearing and to avoid things such as tinnitus.

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How long can AirPods be worn in a day?

As mentioned above, experts recommend that you limit the use of AirPods to 60 minutes per day. However, really what matters is that you keep the volume down.

If you are going to wear AirPods for extended periods of time, it is important that you make sure to keep the volume to a low level.

Are AirPods comfortable to wear for a long time?

Wearing AirPods for more than an hour and a half will typically cause you to experience discomfort.

However, if you take breaks when they start hurting your ears, you should be ok. Everyone is different though, so if you find that your ears hurt after only an hour for instance, take breaks more frequently.

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Can the AirPods damage your ears if worn too much?

One of the biggest factors that come into play with AirPods (and other earbuds and headphones in fact) is the volume of what you’re listening to. Whenever you use your AirPods, make absolutely sure that the volume is not too loud for what you are listening to.

For instance, a certain level of volume may be too low to listen to a podcast, but this volume level may be appropriate if you’re listening to death metal. If you’re listening to music, turning the volume up to max, especially if it’s particularly loud music, may cause damage to your ears, so be careful.

It could even cause tinnitus, and you want to avoid doing that at all costs.

As far as the average volume you should aim for, be sure to not put it any higher than 60 percent, unless what you are listening to is simply too quiet at that volume. A lot of these determinations ultimately come down to common sense and using your best judgement.

How long is it ok to listen to music with AirPods?

It is recommended by experts that you limit listening to music to one hour per day. However, what really matters is that you keep the volume low.

As mentioned above, listening to sounds less than 70dB for extended periods is unlikely to cause significant hearing damage.

Are AirPods easier to wear for longer than other similar earbuds?

If comfort is an important factor in which headset you wear, this is a question you will inevitably want to ask. The good news for all of you AirPods users is that the comfort level of AirPods is noticeably higher than that of traditional earbuds. Where AirPods can be worn for 90 minutes (give or take), earbuds tend to become uncomfortable sooner.

If you wear earbuds, it is advised that you wear them for only 60 minutes before you take a break. You may also experience this with your AirPods, so if you think it is better for your ears to wear them for only 60 minutes at a time, do that.

Can you do anything to make AirPods more comfortable?

This is an inevitable question, and there have been many things that people have done to try to make them more comfortable.

For instance, you can look into buying foam or silicon covers to put on them to provide more cushion. This does work for some people, but you should still be mindful of the volume level, as well as avoiding ear aches.

Still take breaks! You should also not push your AirPods too far into your ears, allowing them to rest in there as opposed to being jammed inside.

The Pros and Cons of Wearing AirPods


  • AirPods are more comfortable than traditional earbuds.
  • You can listen to music at a lower volume than other earbuds, which helps to protect your hearing.
  • AirPods come with many features that make them more convenient, such as voice recognition and quick charging.


  • AirPods can become uncomfortable if worn for too long, leading to excessive earwax build-up.
  • Listening to music at too high of a volume can cause hearing damage.
  • AirPods are more expensive than traditional earbuds.