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How to Access Smart Hub on Samsung TV

As an owner of a Samsung TV, I have been frustrated trying to access the Smart Hub. After doing some research and testing, I am here to share how I solved the issue and other solutions I discovered.

Smart Hub is a collection of menus that can help you navigate your Samsung TV. It offers many options and features, from apps and games to internet browsing. To access Smart Hub, you can use the Smart Hub button on the remote or find it in the menu. 

The Smart Hub button can have a white outline of a house or a cube
You can access the Smart Hub on Samsung TV using the Smart Hub button or the MENU/123 button
If your Smart Hub button isn’t working, try changing out the remote control’s batteries or resetting the connection
Update your Smart Hub to avoid issues with the Smart Hub button
Reset the Smart Hub button by holding it down for 8 seconds and turning off the TV for 20 seconds

How to Access Smart Hub on Samsung TV

Smart Hub is an essential part of the Samsung TV experience. There are a couple of ways you can go about accessing your Smart Hub:

Using the Smart Hub Button

The remote you get with a Samsung Smart TV usually has a designated Smart Hub button. This button can have a couple of different designs:

  • A white outline of a house
  • A cube with red, blue, and green faces

All you have to do is find the button and click it. The TV will then redirect you to the Smart Hub screen.

Finding the button can be a little tricky, but after a minute or two of searching, you should see it. However, don’t worry if you can’t find it. There are other ways to access the Smart Hub.

Using the MENU/123 Button

If you can’t find a Smart Hub button, you can use the MENU/123 button. This can also have a couple of different designs:

  • MENU/123
  • MENU, with a rectangle divided into 3 equal sections

Once you locate the button, you can start to navigate to the Smart Hub. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the MENU/123 button
  2. Navigate the list on the left and find Menu
  3. Search the menu tab for the Smart Hub

It takes a few extra clicks, but this method works just as well as the first. 

Troubleshooting Your Smart Hub Button

Even though finding the Smart Hub button is tricky, it’s not always the issue. 

Sometimes you know where the button is, but it won’t work. If that’s the case, there are a few ways you can go about fixing it.

Check the Remote Control’s Batteries

Sometimes, the simplest solution is the best. If your Smart Hub button is acting out, try changing out the remote control’s batteries.

If the batteries are fading, the remote may have issues sending signals to the TV. A pair of fresh batteries should be able to take care of that easily. 

However, if all the other buttons on the remote work fine, then the issue isn’t the batteries.

Check Your Network Coverage

To use Smart Hub, you need a reliable internet connection. Without it, your TV may have trouble opening the Smart Hub.

This means that spotty internet could be the reason behind your hub button not working. So, try resetting your connection:

  1. Click on the menu button on the remote
  2. Navigate to the Networks & Connections tab
  3. Disconnect from your Wi-Fi
  4. Restart your TV
  5. Reconnect to your Wi-Fi

Resetting your connection can work if the issue is with the TV. However, if the problem is with your service, you have to contact your internet provider.

Reset the Smart Hub Button

Troubleshooting your remote control can be a lengthy process. However, if you don’t want to go through all the steps, resetting the button may be a good idea

To reset the Smart Hub button, follow these steps:

  • Hold down the Smart Hub button for eight seconds
  • Turn off your TV and wait for about 20 seconds
  • Turn the TV back on again
  • Try using the button

You can repeat this process a few times to see if the button will work. However, if it doesn’t work after the third time, consider moving on.

Update Your Smart Hub

Another common reason why your Smart Hub button won’t work is system updates. When the Smart Hub is updating, using it can be quite challenging. This is even more true if you interrupt the update halfway in.

So, you want to make sure that you give your TV enough time to update without interference. The best way to do that is to turn off automatic updates. This means you have to run manual processes, but you won’t have surprise updates. 

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Click on the menu button
  • Go to the Support tab
  • Find the Software Update menu
  • Switch off Automatic Updates

After doing this, you want to ensure that you install the latest version of the software. Outdated software can also affect your Smart Hub button.

Wrapping Up

The most common method to access Smart Hub on your Samsung TV is using the Smart Hub button on the remote. 

Still, you can also use the MENU/123 button and navigate through the menu. If you’re having issues with your Smart Hub button, try resetting it or updating your hub.

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