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How to Cast Netflix to TV Without Wi-Fi

If you love watching Netflix programs but you share the same Wi-Fi router with several people, chances are you experienced intermittent connection. If such is the case, perhaps it’s time to learn how to cast Netflix to TV without Wi-Fi. 

There are a few ways to do that. First, you can turn your smartphone into a wireless router. Second, you can cast what you see on your mobile device to Google Chromecast. You can also use an HDMI converter to cast media from your phone to the TV.   

Today, we’re going to walk you through these methods so that you can still watch your favorite Netflix shows even without a Wi-Fi connection.

Netflix has thousands of programs and movies that subscribers get to enjoy. However, they would mean nothing if you keep on getting a poor Wi-Fi connection. 

So, forget about your Wi-Fi. Let’s discover how to cast Netflix even without using it. 

  1. Cast Using Google Chromecast With Your Phone as Router

Most mobile phones nowadays offer several advanced features that many of us don’t know how to use. One example is their ability to connect two or more devices to the internet. 

Known as a mobile hotspot, this feature allows you to cast Netflix shows on your TV without using your home Wi-Fi system. To make the hotspot function smoothly, make sure that your internet modem is switched off. It’ll prevent other gadgets from getting confused. 

To activate the hotspot, switch on your phone’s 3G or 4G mobile data and then go to your phone’s “Settings”. Once done, locate and turn on the “Mobile Hotspot”. 

Now plug your Google Chromecast into the power outlet and connect its HDMI cable to the TV.  After that, let the Chromecast connect automatically to your phone’s hotspot. It would only take a few seconds. 

Once connected, get a second smart device (e.g. phone or tablet) and connect it to your mobile hotspot. Open the Netflix app on your second device and then tap the “Cast” icon.

  1. Cast Your Smartphone’s Screen to Your Chromecast

Mirroring your phone (or tablet) to Chromecast is another way to to cast Netflix to your television without Wi-Fi. To begin, turn on your mobile data connection and set up your Google Chromecast (refer to the steps discussed earlier). 

Next, you need to download the Google Home app to your Android or iOS phone. If you already have it, simply open the app and proceed to the next step. Press “Menu” and then tap the “Cast Screen/Audio” button. Select your Chromecast’s name and then try launching Netflix.

  1. Use Google Chromecast’s Guest Mode

The Chromecast’s Guest Mode is one feature you can use to cast Netflix to your TV without a standard Wi-Fi network

To turn this feature on you have to make sure that your smartphone and Chromecast are linked to the same account. Using your Google Home app, go to “Settings,” “Recognition & Sharing,” then turn the “Guest Mode” on. 

Once on, activate your mobile data connection. Open your phone’s “Settings,” then press “Google,” “Device Connections,” “Cast Options,” and then “Guest Mode”. You’ll have to tap the OK button to let the system scan and find nearby devices.  

Launch your Netflix app, press the “Cast” icon, then choose “Nearby devices”. 

  1. Use USB-C to HDMI Converter

While there’s no HDMI port on your smartphone, you can utilize its USB-C port to cast Netflix without Wi-Fi. To do that, you have to know first if your phone supports HDMI out using USB-C. 

To confirm, you just have to Google the phone’s model name and add the words “HDMI out” at the end (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G HDMI out). If your phone supports HDMI out, grab a USB-C-to-HDMI converter either from an online or a brick-and-mortar electronic shop. 

To use this converter, connect its male end to the phone’s USB-C port; and then plug your HDMI cable into its female end. When done, connect the other end of the HDMI cable to the port located at the back of your TV. Turn on your smartphone’s data to log in to Netflix.

Note that for every 1 GB of data your phone has, you’d be able to watch Netflix shows for 6 hours. However, you can enjoy high picture quality if your mobile phone has an unlimited data plan.  


So there it is—a quick yet comprehensive look at how to cast Netflix TV without Wi-Fi. 

So far, we’ve seen that even without a regular Wi-Fi connection, we can still cast Netflix programs with the help of another device. We saw that Google Chromecast allows our smartphones or tablets to cast media onto our televisions. 

The same goes for a USB-C-to-HDMI converter. It bridges our phones to the TV. Lastly, we’ve seen that we can turn our smartphones into wireless routers. Its hotspot and mobile data connection play a big role in casting Netflix without Wi-Fi.