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How to change the brightness on Apple TV

As an Apple TV owner, I know the frustration of trying to adjust the brightness and watching everything on the screen too dim or too bright. After doing some research and testing different options, I wanted to share how I solved the issue and some other solutions I discovered along the way.

You can select the brightness level under “Settings” in “Accessibility.” There are also ways to make the screen brighter or dimmer by adjusting your television set rather than changing Apple TV settings.

Adjust the brightness on your Apple TV by going to “Settings” > “Accessibility” > “Display Accommodations”.
Reduce brightness by activating “Reduce White Point” under “Display Accommodations”.
Change the TV’s brightness level by navigating to the appropriate menu.
If the brightness won’t adjust, replace the battery in the remote control or reset the device.

How to change the brightness on Apple TV

To get started, use your remote control to navigate to “Settings.” Open “Display Accommodations” under “Accessibility.” Activate the “Light Sensitivity” option.

Next, go to “Intensity” and set the desired brightness level by swiping. The optimal intensity differs depending on your eyes, the type of TV set and any light sources in the room.

White point adjustments

You can reduce brightness in a different way by activating an option called “Reduce White Point” under “Display Accommodations.”

This changes the brightness of the lightest color on the screen. You may fine-tune this adjustment by swiping the associated intensity setting.

Adjusting your TV set

Another option is to bypass Apple TV and directly change the TV’s brightness level. You’ll need to navigate to the correct menu with a remote control or use the built-in controls.

The specific steps vary depending on the television brand and model.

For example, you can find the brightness setting on many Samsung TVs by pushing “Menu” and opening a sub-menu called “Picture.”

Use the up and down buttons to choose the desired amount of brightness. If your TV doesn’t have this menu, refer to the instruction manual or the manufacturer’s website.

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Why can’t I change the brightness on Apple TV?

If Apple TV won’t let you adjust the brightness level, you probably need to fix a problem with the remote control.

One possibility is that it needs a new battery. Check the screen for a low-battery symbol. If you see it, you’ll need to install a new CR2032 battery. These coin-style units are available at many drug, hardware, office supply and electronics stores.

When your Apple TV won’t respond to the remote control in any way, you may benefit from resetting it. Press the down arrow and “Menu” button at the same time.

Try using the remote again to see if this fixed the problem. If not, unplug your Apple TV’s power cord. Wait 10 seconds, reconnect it, and test the remote control.

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Unpairing and pairing process

If the remote control still prevents you from reaching the “Settings” menu, try pushing the left arrow and “Menu” buttons at the same time.

Hold them down until you see the broken-chain symbol on the screen. This should happen within several seconds.

Next, hold the right arrow and “Menu” buttons until the linked-chain symbol appears. Your remote has been paired with Apple TV and ought to work correctly.

Why does my Apple TV brightness keep changing?

If the brightness level won’t stay the same, there could be a loose connection or your TV may have a feature that automatically adjusts picture settings.

The quickest way you might solve this problem is to check the HDMI cable. Ensure that it’s securely connected to the Apple TV as well as your television set. You can also try detaching and reconnecting it.

Automatic brightness adjustments

Use your TV’s remote control to check its settings. Some models have options like Black Tone, Local Dimming, Black Level or Black Detail.

They can automatically change the brightness level based on various factors. If you don’t like the results, try turning these features off.

Finally, consider the possibility of a non-technical explanation. If the brightness always changes when you’ve been away from the TV, someone else in your home might be changing settings on the television or Apple TV.

Pros of high brightness on Apple TV

  • Easier to watch content in a bright room
  • Better visibility for those with vision impairments
  • More vibrant colors

Cons of high brightness on Apple TV

  • Can cause eye strain
  • Increased energy consumption
  • Can wash out colors
  • Lowers the lifespan of the TV