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How to Change the Input on a Samsung TV

When you use your television, you might need to change the input to use a device like a gaming console or a Blu-ray player. The input settings on a TV change what the television uses as its source for a picture and sound. 

Understanding how to change the input on a Samsung TV can make it easier for you to use your connected devices and make the most out of your television. It’s not difficult to change your television’s source, but it helps to have a little background information on the topic as you learn the steps to change the input on a Samsung TV.

How to Change the Input on a Samsung TV

There are two simple options to change the input on your Samsung TV, and the method you use may depend on the style of remote that came with your television. 

The first option to change the source is for users who have a remote that has a button labeled “source” on it.

The source button is often located at the top of the remote near the power button, and you’ll press it to reveal a list of possible inputs. The list may include words like HDMI, AV, and USB.

Simply select the input option you want and then press the select button on your remote.

The arrow keys on the remote allow you to toggle through the list of inputs, and you’ll press the select button when you land on the input option you want.

The select button sits in the middle of the cluster of arrow keys.

If you have a remote that doesn’t have a source button, you’ll just add a single step to the beginning of the process.

You’ll press the “home” key on your remote and select the “source” option on the television to reveal your list of available input sources on the TV.

Choosing the Source You Want

When you change the input on your Samsung, it helps to know what input to choose to use your external device.

If you’re using a relatively new gaming console or Blu-ray player, you’ll probably connect the device with an HDMI cable, which means you’ll need to select one of the HDMI inputs.

On the other hand, you might want to view images or movie files on a USB drive you’ve plugged into your TV. In that case, you’ll want to select USB from the list of available inputs.

If you’ve got multiple USB ports on the TV, the TV should indicate which USB port has something plugged into it, which will help you choose the right input.

Another display option is the AV input, which is a common source for older HD gaming consoles like the first-generation Xbox 360 and old Nintendo gaming systems.

If you want to use an old-school VCR, you’ll probably use an AV input. 

Even though AV inputs aren’t a common sight on new technology, most televisions still have these ports, just in case you want to plug something into the TV that was manufactured more than a decade ago.

Commonly Available Sources on a Samsung TV

Most Samsung televisions manufactured in the last decade have multiple input ports along the back, side, or front, but the number of inputs usually depends on the class of television.

Less expensive televisions may only have a few inputs, but the more expensive models may have several inputs on multiple sides of the device.

One of the most common sources you’ll look for when changing the source on your Samsung TV is the HDMI option, and your television may have multiple HDMI ports.

At a minimum, the television should have one HDMI input, but it’s very likely you’ll see two or three HDMI ports.

If you’re unsure what inputs are available on your Samsung and taking a look at the back of the television doesn’t help, there’s an easy way to check.

Simply navigate on the television to the list of sources, and the TV will give you all the information you need.

A Different Way to Change the Source on Your Samsung

An interesting way to change the source on your Samsung TV is to plug in a device into one of the inputs when your television is already on and then turn on the device.

The Samsung TV may switch the source automatically to display whatever it is that you just plugged into it.

This method generally works with HDMI and USB ports, but it doesn’t work 100 percent of the time.

Troubleshooting the Sources on a Samsung TV

If you switch the source on your Samsung TV and you don’t see what you expect on the screen, you might need to take a few steps to fix the problem.

The most common issue is that you’ve chosen the wrong source. If you have more than one HDMI port on the TV, you might need to switch to another HDMI port to get to the right screen.

If you switch to the other source options and you still don’t see a picture, you might need to turn your external device on and off or turn your Samsung TV on and off.

Sometimes, a device won’t engage properly with the television, and a simple reset will fix the issue.