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How to change the volume of AirPods on Windows?

As an avid user of Apple AirPods, I was recently frustrated when I couldn’t figure out how to change the volume of my AirPods on Windows. After a bit of research, I discovered a few solutions and I’m here to share what I learned. In this blog post, I’ll explain how to change the volume of AirPods on Windows, as well as some other solutions I discovered while researching.

Key Takeaways
To change the volume of your Apple AirPods on Windows, select the Hands-Free AG Audio device from the drop-down list after right-clicking on the speaker icon.
Adjustments to lower the default volume of 100 may be necessary after syncing them up with Windows.
To connect the Apple AirPods to a PC, put them into their case and hold down the small button on the back until you see the status light blinking white.
The volume of AirPods can also be adjusted through the device by tapping on the earbuds or using voice commands.

How to Change the Volume of AirPods on Windows?

There are some steps that you can take to change the volume of the Apple AirPods and the Apple AirPods Pro devices on your Windows PC.

The way in which you will be controlling the Apple AirPods on your Windows PC is going be through the audio manager of the computer.

When you are on the desktop of your Windows machine, look at the system tray. On most desktops, this is going to be in the bottom right corner.

It is likely that you will see a small speaker icon. When you click on the speaker icon with a left-click, the volume meter may appear. This may not adjust the Apple AirPods on the first try, but why?

You need to select the Apple AirPods as the device you are controlling through the audio manager settings.

The way you do this is by right-clicking on the speaker icon, or doing a left click and choosing the Hands-Free AG Audio device from the drop-down list.

From there, you will have the ability to adjust the volume levels at your leisure.  

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Why Are My AirPods So Loud on Windows?

Some folks have stated that there are issues with the Apple AirPods and Windows machines when it comes to the volume.

When you first sync up the Apple AirPods with your Bluetooth driver on your Windows machine, it may be that they default to 100. You need to do a little clicking to make some slight adjustments to get that volume lower.

You need to start by doing a right-click on the sound icon on the system tray of your Windows machine. Select sounds from the menu and then click on the playback tab.

From there, go to the Bluetooth device (the Apple AirPods or Apple AirPods Pro) and then click on Properties. You will see a tab with the name Levels where you have the ability to adjust the volume.

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Why Can’t I Adjust the Volume of AirPods on Windows?

You likely are running into problems with adjusting the volume of your Apple AirPods on your Windows machine because you are not selecting them from the Sound tray icon.

That speaker icon will let you adjust the volume of the internal speakers of the machine or any other audio device which has had a connection.

You need to choose the Apple AirPods so that you can adjust the volume-specific to their output. Without doing this, you may get the misconception that you cannot adjust the volume at all.

How to Connect the Apple AirPods to the PC?

You need to first and foremost connect your Apple AirPods before you start to worry about volume control.

You do this by putting the Apple AirPods into their case and then holding down the small button on the back. You want to wait until you start to see the status light give off a blinking white color.

When you are on your Windows PC in the Bluetooth settings, you will see them pop up as a device that you can pair. Once you’d o that, you are off to the raises.  

The Apple AirPods also make it easy to adjust the volume through the device. If you have the Apple AirPods Pro or the second-generation Apple AirPods you can raise or lower the volume by tapping on the earbuds.

You can also just say “Hey Siri, raise the volume” or turn it down and you will get that reaction. You have full control over the volume of Apple AirPods on a Windows PC, you just need to know how to do it.