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How to Clean Vizio TV Screen: Your Full Guide

Have you ever looked at your Vizio TV and noticed that the screen has become dull and dusty? I know I have. After some frustration and research, I decided to make my own guide on how to clean a Vizio TV screen. In this blog post, I’ll show you exactly how to make your TV look like new again. I’ll also share some tips and tricks I discovered along the way. So let’s get started, and get your TV looking great!

How to Clean Vizio TV Screen

This guide will help you clean your Vizio TV screen and any LED, LCD, or OLED TV in your house.

The Materials You’ll Need

Here’s a list of materials you’ll need to clean your Vizio TV:

The Instructions

You can proceed with the following steps to clean your Vizio TV:

Step 1: Turn off the TV

Before we start the cleaning process, you need to turn off the TV and unplug it. It’s best if you let it cool off for a few minutes before you start cleaning it.

Step 2: Dust the Screen

The first thing you should do is dust your TV. This will remove any dry debris that can scratch your screen. Therefore, it’s important to use a soft microfiber cloth.

Grab your microfiber cloth and gently dust the entire screen without applying pressure. If there’s a lot of dust on your screen, grab another piece of cloth or simply flip the cloth you have on the other side. It’s essential to get into the corners of the screen and clean them thoroughly.

After that, dust the TV frame gently. You can also use the microfiber cloth to clean the speakers and cords.

Step 3: Use the Screen-Friendly Cleaner

Grab the screen cleaner and spray a small amount onto the cloth. It’s crucial not to spray the cleaner directly onto the screen.

Then, start wiping your Vizio TV gently. You can repeat the process until the screen becomes completely clean.

Oily smudges and fingerprints require extra attention while wiping. This doesn’t mean you need to apply force while wiping. Instead, you can wipe it back and forth a couple of times.

If that doesn’t help, you can add a small amount of warm water to the cloth. It can help break down oily smudges. Finally, you can also use the screen cleaner to wipe the TV frame.

Step 4: Let the Screen Dry

Before turning your Vizio TV back on, you need to let it dry completely. It shouldn’t take much time.

Meanwhile, you can clean the remote using a cloth and a small amount of rubbing alcohol. You can dust the speakers using the microfiber cloth too.

Essential Tips For Cleaning Your Vizio TV Screen

Your TV screen is delicate, so you need to be careful while cleaning it. Here’s a list of things to look out for when cleaning your Vizio TV:

Avoid Dusting With Unsuitable Fabrics

Avoid using harsh fabrics to dust your screen. That includes paper towels, tissues, and any rough fabrics. The reason is that the fabrics can scratch your screen.

Don’t Use Harsh Cleaners

Many commercial cleaners contain alcohol, ammonia, acetone, and other harsh materials that can damage your TV screen. Instead, get a screen cleaner or a commercial cleaner that doesn’t contain abrasive materials.

Additionally, it’s best not to use too much of the product, even when it’s screen-friendly.

Clean Your Screen Regularly

The more frequently you clean your screen, the easier the process will be. It’s also best if you keep a designated microfiber cloth for your TV only.

In any case, you should always dust the TV before using a cleaning solution. If you clean your TV regularly, dusting it every now and then will be enough.


How often should I clean the Vizio TV screen?

You should clean your Vizio TV screen at least two times every month. You can clean it more frequently as long as you’re using a microfiber cloth and a suitable cleaner.

Can I use a commercial screen cleaning kit?

Commercial screen cleaning kits are okay. However, you can get the same results with a suitable cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Additionally, it’s best if you avoid cheap or low-quality TV cleaning kits, as they might do more harm than good.


So, how to clean Vizio TV screen? You’ll need a soft microfiber cloth and a suitable screen cleaner. 

First, dust the screen using the microfiber cloth without scrubbing it too hard. Then, grab a new piece of cloth and add a small amount of cleaner to it. Wipe the Vizio TV screen gently with the cloth. If you find some tough stains, apply a small amount of warm water onto the cloth and rub them.

Finally, let the screen dry out. Now you can enjoy your favorite movies and shows without having dust and smudges ruin your experience.