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How to connect a DVD player to a Roku TV?

As an owner of a Roku TV, I know how frustrating it can be when you can’t figure out how to connect devices to it. After doing some research and testing, I’m here to share how I solved the issue of connecting a DVD player to my Roku TV, as well as other solutions I discovered. In this blog post, I’ll explain the process of connecting a DVD player to a Roku TV step-by-step so that you can easily do it yourself.

A Roku TV has similar features to any other modern high-definition TV, including multiple input ports that work with DVD players and other media devices.

Connect DVD player via HDMI and RCA audio-visual ports
Roku remotes only control DVD player volume
Universal remotes may not have access to all features
Check cords, ports, power cycle devices for connection issues
Roku Stick can be used through a DVD player with HDMI input
Roku can connect to a Blu-Ray player with HDMI input
USB drive can be plugged into a Roku TV to play media

How to connect a DVD player to Roku TV

A DVD player can connect to a Roku TV through multiple methods. The most commonly used connections are the HDMI ports and the RCA audio-visual port. TCL Roku TVs also have an HDMI ARC port for connecting multimedia systems.

DVD players that don’t use either RCA or HDMI outputs are few and far between, so nearly every DVD player will be able to connect to a Roku TV without any problems.

That includes portable DVD players that you might use in a car, many video game consoles, or laptops that have disc readers and HDMI outputs. 

Can I connect my Roku remote to a DVD player?

Roku remotes are not typical universal remotes, so they have limited ability to control other devices. At best, the remote can control the volume while your DVD is playing.

Roku TVs are similar to normal TVs, but they don’t have the traditional channel setup.

For now, the remotes are lacking the same level of universality seen with more mainstream TV models.

That may change over time as remote makers shift their designs to account for Roku TVs and other Roku devices.

Can you connect universal remotes to a Roku TV?

Yes, you can connect some universal remotes to a Roku TV. The number of accepted models is limited, and even those may not have access to all Roku TV features, depending on the model.

Instead of using the Roku TV remote, try using a universal remote for other devices that need remote control, such as your DVD player.

Check this list from Roku to see which remotes are compatible, the codes to connect them, and the Roku TV buttons supported on the model.

Expanded models are the more convenient choice, since you can cut down the number of remotes, but the basic button models at least let you control the volume and power.

Why is my Roku TV not recognizing my dvd player?

A Roku TV may not recognize a DVD player due to an issue with the DVD player, Roku TV, the connecting cable, the ports on either end, and any cable converters used to make the connection.

The connecting cord is the first place to check. Make sure both ends are properly plugged into the ports, including matching the colors on RCA connections.

Do the same thing for any converters that were used. If the problem persists, swap the cord for another one and try again. Further hardware issues are beyond basic DIY repairs.

Ensure that the display is set to the right input, then go ahead and check the other inputs if the screen remains dark.

Even the IT literate can make mistakes when fumbling with multiple identical ports in a cramped space or with dark lighting, so it may not be plugged into the expected port.

Next, give both the Roku TV and DVD player a power cycle by unplugging them completely from their power sources for at least 30 seconds.

After turning them back on, the startup routines may clear out residual software hiccups that are preventing a connection.

These steps should solve the majority of connectivity issues between a DVD player and your Roku TV. For further help, consult Roku’s tech support team.

Can a Roku stick work through a DVD player?

As long as the DVD player has an HDMI input port, you can use it to play a Roku stick.

Most DVD players only have a DVD output. Adding an input port increases the complexity, size, and price of the device.

For a feature that’s not commonly needed, that puts it on the cutting block when making design decisions.

That carries forward to laptops, devices that many of us use as portable multimedia players.

The Xbox One is the most common device that is both technically a DVD player and possesses an HDMI input.

You can plug a Roku Stick into the HDMI input port and control it from the console.

Since you’ll need an HDMI input or an HDMI converter to plug the Xbox in, this setup primarily helps cut down on the total number of connections you need.

You only need one HDMI to RCA converter if you plug the Roku Stick into the Xbox and then plug the Xbox into a TV without HDMI ports.

Can I plug my Roku into my Blu-Ray player?

A Roku can connect to a Blu-Ray player if it has an HDMI input port. Since most do not have one, this is generally a “No” with occasional exceptions.

Again, HDMI inputs are not incredibly common outside of displays, converters, and other audio-video manipulators.

Microsoft once again offers a household solution with the Xbox, but you’ll need an Xbox One S or Xbox One X to get one with a Blu-Ray player.

Can I plug a USB drive into my Roku TV?

A Roku TV can read and play multiple media formats from a USB memory stick plugged into one of its USB ports.

The real benefit of a DVD or Blu-Ray player is delivering high quality audio-visual entertainment without an Internet connection, lag, buffering, temporary quality drops, and other streaming concerns.

Ripping a legally acquired DVD into a digital format is relatively simple with numerous guides and programs available online.

Once you have the movie file, put it onto your USB drive, then transfer it to the Roku TV.

The Roku Media Player can play the .MP4, .MOV, and .MKV video file formats as easily as the Roku can load up Netflix or Hulu.

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