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How to Connect a Keyboard to a TV

Do you ever feel like you’re missing out on the full potential of your TV? Have you ever wanted to connect a keyboard to it? Well, I recently found myself in the same boat, and after much research, I decided to try and connect a keyboard to my TV. After a few trial and error attempts, I finally managed to get it working! I’m here to share my experience, as well as some of the pros, cons, tips, and tricks I discovered along the way. So if you’re curious about connecting a keyboard to your TV, keep reading and I will show you how.

You can connect a wired or wireless keyboard to your TV as long as it has a USB port. However, a keyboard will only work if it is compatible with the TV you have.

FactorsWired KeyboardBluetooth KeyboardRF Wireless Keyboard
Components Needed1.5 to 3 meters long cableBluetooth enabled TV or Bluetooth adapterWireless USB receiver
AA or AAA batteries (if required)AA or AAA batteries (if required)
Connection ProcessPlug into TV’s USB portPair through Bluetooth settingsPlug wireless receiver into TV’s USB port
RangeRestricted by cable lengthUp to 30 feet (10 meters)Varies, but can exceed Bluetooth range
ProsSimple to connectWireless, no need for USB portsWireless, not limited by Bluetooth standards
Wide rangeWide range
ConsLimited by cable lengthCompatibility with TV’s BluetoothMay need to find compatible TV and keyboard

How to Connect a Keyboard to a TV

You would want to make your viewing experience a lot more easier and efficient by connecting a keyboard to a TV. Here’s how you do it:

Getting the Keyboard Ready

You can connect a keyboard to your TV via wired or wireless means. However, you must first consider what you will require to do so.

Components you’ll need to link a keyboard to a TV:

  • Wireless keyboard
  • 1.5 to 3 meters long cabled keyboard
  • Wireless USB receiver
  • Bluetooth adapter (if your TV doesn’t have a Bluetooth feature)
  • AA or AAA batteries (for battery-powered keyboards)

You could also use a rechargeable wireless keyboard that does not require batteries. However, once the rechargeable batteries have completely depleted, you will need to replace the keyboard rather than just the batteries.

Setting Up the Connection

There are three ways you can connect keyboards to TV: via Cable, Bluetooth, and Radiofrequency. You can use either of these three types of connectivity.

Connecting via Cable

Connecting a wired keyboard to a TV is straightforward, as you only need to be able to connect it to your TV’s USB port. So here’s how to connect a wired keyboard to your TV:

  • Plug the USB keyboard into the TV’s USB port.
  • Then, open your TV’s “Settings” menu using the remote control.
  • Next, navigate to the “Input Device Manager” setting to see the keyboard options.
  • Then, to add your keyboard, scroll to your model and click it.

Connecting via Bluetooth

Your television must have Bluetooth if you’re planning to use a Bluetooth keyboard. If it doesn’t, you can purchase a Bluetooth adapter and connect it to the USB port.

The process may vary depending on the TV you have, but you can follow this typical method of linking a Bluetooth keyboard to a TV:

  • Switch on your TV, then turn on the Bluetooth on your Smart TV.
  • Turn on your Bluetooth keyboard, put it in pairing mode, and make sure it’s discoverable by removing any wireless receivers from the TV’s USB port; otherwise, it’ll be identified as a USB keyboard.
  • Once your TV identifies the keyboard, the TV menu settings should appear on the screen.
  • Then, use the remote to choose “Keyboard Settings” from the “Device Manager” settings.
  • Select the keyboard you want to pair, then click the “Add Bluetooth Keyboard” option.
  • Allow your keyboard and Smart TV to pair for a few moments before you can use them.

Connecting via Radiofrequency (RF)

A Radiofrequency connection is established when a tiny USB wireless receiver is connected to the TV’s USB port.

RF technology, unlike Bluetooth, is not monitored or maintained. As a result, apart from transmitting a signal from the keyboard to the wireless receiver on the TV, it lacks a standard feature that is compatible with all televisions.

For this reason, you should look at the features of your home TV and your chosen keyboard before making a purchase.

To connect it to your TV, simply plug the keyboard’s wireless receiver into your TV’s USB port.

Then, turn on your TV and hold down the “Connect” key on your keyboard for nearly three seconds to establish a connection. It is usually found on the back or bottom of a keyboard, but this can vary depending on the model.

Stay in Range

Connecting a keyboard to your television is undeniably convenient. When it comes to wireless keyboards, you’ll want to be able to use them at a distance from your TV screen.

According to CDW, the Bluetooth keyboard’s consistent range can reach up to 30 feet (10 meters). While an RF wireless keyboard can exceed an even more distance and still get a strong responsive connection depending on external factors.

Meanwhile, the wired ones are restricted by cable length and you’ll need to either use it close to the TV or get a longer cable replacement.


Knowing how to connect a keyboard to a TV will give your TV viewing a much-needed boost. As you browse the internet or use the streaming features on your TV more, you may need a keyboard to get the most out of them.

Connecting a keyboard to your smart TV is as simple and easy as doing the same to your computer. However, the method does have certain difficulties.

Ultimately, a keyboard model may limit your options. So, if you’re unable to connect it to a TV, you should try another keyboard that is compatible with your TV and suitable for your needs.

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