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How to Connect Chromecast to TV Without USB Port

As an owner of a Chromecast, I was frustrated to find out that my TV didn’t have a USB port to connect it to. After some research and testing, I’m here to share my experience on how to connect Chromecast to a TV without USB port, as well as a few other solutions I discovered.

It’s possible to connect the Chromecast to a TV without a built-in USB port if you use the adapter included in the box. This adapter allows you to get power supply directly from an electric socket.

Tips for Connecting Chromecast to a TV without Built-in USB port
– Use the adapter included in the Chromecast box.
– If the cord is too short, consider getting a power distribution unit or HDMI extender.
– Use the manufacturer’s cable and adapter on regular Chromecasts, and use the original items on the Chromecast Ultra model.
– Follow the setup process as usual and the prompt will pop up automatically once the Chromecast is detected.

How to Connect Chromecast to TV Without USB Port

Chromecast comes with a short HDMI line that connects the device to the TV and syncs the streaming data. However, it also has a Mini-USB port and a cable to match it.

In the typical setup, you’d need to hook the USB cable from the Chromecast to the port on the TV. Unlike the HDMI cable, this is not required for connectivity at all. It just acts as a power source for the Chromecast.

If you don’t have a built-in USB port on your smart TV, try this simple setup guide:

  1. Use an Adapter to Convert the USB Input

All Chromecast devices come with an adapter that can connect the USB cable to a regular power supply on the wall. So, check the box and look for that power brick.

Keep in mind that the cord length with the adapter is 69 inches for the regular Chromecast and 78.8 inches for the Chromecast Ultra. That’s why you’ll need to look for the nearest 5V/1A supply socket.

If the USB/adapter cord is too short to reach a power socket, consider one of the following solutions:

Get a Power Distribution Unit

You can hang a power distributor behind the TV setup or leave it on the floor. This way, you’ll be able to shorten the distance between the adapter and the power outlet.

Just make sure to get something reliable and double-check the input rating. You don’t want to fry the Chromecast adapter or blow a fuse!

Get an HDMI Extend Cable

Chromecasts come with a really short HDMI cable. This design serves an aesthetic purpose, but it also limits the device’s movement range. In most cases, it’s not a significant issue since you’ll hook it right up in the TV port, anyway.

However, you can always use an HDMI extender to give you more leeway when looking for a power supply. You’ll basically just bring the whole Chromecast device closer to the socket, and then you can use the adapter as usual.

  1. Continue the Setup Process as Usual

Whether you managed to hook up the adapter as it is or had to get an extension of some sort, you’re already halfway through.

All that’s left now is to start the setup process just like you would in any case. That includes syncing the TV with the Chromecast and then controlling the streaming through a casting device.

If this is your first time connecting Chromecasts, here’s the gist of it:

  • Plug the TV and turn on both devices.
  • Bridge the Chromecast and the TV with the HDMI cable.
  • Use the Google Home app on a compatible casting device (mobile, tablet, etc.)
  • Connect the devices to the same WIFI network.
  • The setup prompt will pop up automatically once it detects the Chromecast.
  • If the prompt doesn’t pop up, click on Add, then Set up New Device.
  • Follow the instructions till you’re done with the steps.

Do I Have to Use the Original Cable and Adapter for My Chromecast?

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There’s no hard and fast rule to follow here since it all depends on which model you’re using and what cable you want to replace.

Regular Chromecast Devices

On regular Chromecasts, it’s always better to use the manufacturer’s cable and adapter. However, it’s not entirely impossible to find a compatible replacement.

Sometimes, it might even be convenient to get a longer USB cable. If you notice a drop in performance at any point, you can switch back to the original cord.

Chromecast Ultra Devices

We wouldn’t recommend replacement cables or adapters for the Chromecast Ultra model at all. The adapter, in this case, also doubles as an Ethernet port. So, using the original items here is not just better; they’re essential.

If you lose or break the original power supply, consider contacting Google Store Support for replacements.

Wrap Up

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While it can be more convenient to hook up the Chromecast to the USB port on your TV set, there are still some ways around it. After all, the box includes the adapter for this particular reason.

Figuring out how to connect Chromecast to TV without USB port compatibility can save you in a pinch!