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How to Connect Fire TV Stick to Bluetooth Speaker

As an owner of a Fire TV Stick, I know the frustration of trying to connect it to a Bluetooth speaker. After spending hours searching for a solution, I finally found one that worked. In this blog post, I’m going to share the steps I took to successfully connect my Fire TV Stick to my Bluetooth speaker, as well as some of the other solutions I discovered along the way.

StepDescriptionCommon IssuesTroubleshooting
1Go to your Fire TV Stick’s settingsMisplaced remoteDownload the Amazon Fire TV Remote app and log in to use your phone as a remote.
2Navigate through the Bluetooth settings by selecting “Controllers and Bluetooth Devices” > “Other Bluetooth Devices” > “Add Bluetooth Device”Speakers not visible on screenEnsure speakers are in pairing mode, not connected to other devices, and try restarting both devices.
3Activate your speaker’s Bluetooth pairing mode
4Find your speakers on the “Discovered Devices” list and click on them to pairSpeakers not working even when connectedCheck volume settings on Fire TV Stick remote, speakers, or TV, and ensure speakers are charged.

4 Steps to Connect Fire TV Stick to Bluetooth Speaker

The perfect video quality needs to go with perfect sound quality. Connecting your Fire TV Stick will give you the best of both worlds. The process mainly involves going to your Amazon device’s Bluetooth setting and pairing the speakers.

Check out our simple step-by-step guide to take you through the process in more detail.

Step 1: Go to Your Fire TV Stick’s Settings

Firstly, you’ll begin by turning on your TV, activating, and connecting your Amazon Fire TV Stick through the HDMI port.

Next, click on input on your regular TV’s remote to go to the input or HDMI that your Fire Stick is linked to. Then, switch to your Amazon device’s remote and find your way to the “Settings” section.

In some cases, you may have misplaced your remote, who hasn’t? In which case, you can download the Amazon Fire TV Remote application and log in. It’ll basically make your phone the remote. Just make sure you don’t lose your phone as well.

Step 2: Navigate Through the Bluetooth Settings

Under the “Settings” tab, select “Controllers and Bluetooth Devices.” This tab is essentially responsible for pairing your Fire TV Stick with any Bluetooth-connected device.

Afterward, click on “Other Bluetooth Devices” followed by, “Add Bluetooth Device.” Your Fire TV Stick will start to search for your speakers to pair.

Step 3: Activate Your Speaker’s Bluetooth

Now that the Amazon device is trying to pair with your speakers, turn your speaker’s Bluetooth into pairing mode.

Depending on the kind of speakers you own, you may have to hold the power button or press a button with a Bluetooth icon.

Step 4: Find Your Speakers

You should now be able to see the “Discovered Devices” list. Look out for your speaker’s name on the screen. If you spot it, click on it.

Now, you just have to let the tech do its magic. Once you hear a tick or whatever sound your speaker makes when paired, you’re good to go. Additionally, make sure that the speakers are also connected to the screen.

What Are Some Issues You Could Encounter When Using Bluetooth on Fire TV Stick?

After attempting to complete the steps above, you may have some issues or troubleshooting you need to do.

Here are a couple of the most common problems when trying to pair your speakers to the Amazon device.

Speakers Aren’t Visible on Screen

You’ve accessed the Bluetooth settings, turned on your speakers’ pairing mode and clicked on “Add Bluetooth Device.” What if the speakers aren’t visible on the “Discovered Devices” list?

In this case, try to first turn the speakers on and off. If it’s still refusing to show on screen, then you may need to turn both the speakers and Fire TV Stick off and on.

If that also doesn’t work, then it’s time to dig deeper. You’ll want to make sure your speakers are actually on pairing mode. We recommend re-checking the speakers’ instruction manual on how to activate the pairing mode.

That being said, the issue could also arise because the speakers may be connected to another device like your phone or PC. That’s why you need to ensure that the speakers are completely paired off any other device before linking them to the Fire TV Stick.

Speakers Aren’t Working Even When Connected

After completing the steps, everything seems to be working fine, the speakers are on the screen and paired. Once you press play, it’s not working. Nothing worse than reaching the start of the movie only to notice the speakers aren’t giving out a sound.

Luckily, this has a simple fix. All you have to do is go to the volume settings on your Fire TV Stick remote to raise the volume. No dice? Try to increase the volume from the speakers or TV.

If you’re still having no luck with the speakers, they might just need to charge. Some Bluetooth-operated speakers have the option to turn their Bluetooth pairing on even when the battery’s low.

To Conclude

With your Bluetooth device connected to your Fire TV Stick, you can have a full-blown cinema experience in the comfort of your home.

The steps are straightforward. It’s pretty much like connecting any other device to your speakers. Enjoy your streaming!

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