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How to Connect RCA with a Samsung TV that Does Not Have RCA Inputs

As an owner of a Samsung TV that didn’t come with RCA inputs, I know the frustration of trying to connect RCA cables and finding that they don’t fit. After doing some research and testing, I’m here to share how I solved this issue and the other solutions I discovered.

Your Samsung TV might have an RCA connection depending on how old it is. You can use RCA converters that change HDMI, optical, and Bluetooth to RCA to get your TV connected. You can also use a converter on the other end to allow an RCA sound system to accept HDMI and other connections. 

Use RCA converters to connect devices to your Samsung TV without RCA inputs.
Samsung TVs have alternatives to RCA, such as ARC HDMI, optical outputs, and Bluetooth connectivity.
Most Samsung TVs do not have RCA inputs, but some may have an RCA output.
The RCA output on your Samsung TV can be found at the back, bottom, or sides of your TV.

How to Connect RCA with a Samsung TV that Does Not Have RCA Inputs

You can connect a Samsung TV without RCA ports to a device that only has an RCA connection by using converters.

You can convert your Samsung TV’s optical, aux, or Bluetooth connection to RCA using the right converters.

You can also take the opposite approach and connect a converter to your sound system that accepts the connection type your Samsung TV uses. 

Using RCA Converters

RCA converters are a great way to connect your Samsung TV to an older speaker system that does not have more modern connections.

You can find cables that connect HDMI, optical, and aux connections and convert them to RCA. 

You can also approach things from the other way and get an adapter for your speakers.

There are Bluetooth receivers that have RCA outputs and other options that let you use older speakers with more modern connections. 

Alternatives to RCA That Come With Your Samsung TV 

Your Samsung TV already comes with a few built in that provide audio output without needing RCA input or output.

Samsung TVs can come with ARC HDMI, optical outputs, and Bluetooth connectivity. These can give you audio output options to compatible sound systems. 

Do Samsung TVs Have RCA Inputs?

Most TV sets do not have RCA inputs. RCA inputs are used to receive signals. Your TV is sending out a signal so receiving one would not be very useful.

A Samsung TV typically only has outputs while there are some Samsung monitors that have inputs. 

The definition of “monitor” and “TV” has gotten blurred with the invention of smart TVs, but most TVs are designed to send out signals while monitors are designed to accept them.

A modern Samsung TV might also have an HDMI input option which is designed to accept signals from gaming systems and streaming devices.

RCA is an older standard which means modern TVs might not have it. 

Do Samsung TVs Have RCA Output?

Samsung TVs can come with an RCA output. Whether or not your Samsung TV has an RCA output all depends on the model number, and age, of your Samsung TV. Older TVs are more likely to have RCA connections than newer models of TV. 

You can find the RCA output on your TV by looking at the back, bottom, or sides of your TV.

The RCA outputs are typically located near the other connections like the HDMI and optical ports.

You can also check your user manual to find out which ports your TV came with. 

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