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How to control the volume on AirPods with Fire Stick?

A popular device these days is the Amazon Fire Stick, as well as other devices like it, which allows streaming and access to various services provided.

Fire Sticks are highly portable, allowing you to take them with you and plug into any TV you wish to use. However, sometimes you would like to have privacy with what you watch, and one idea is AirPods.

Can you connect your AirPods to your Fire Stick?

For the most part, devices like these that have Bluetooth connectivity will be able to connect to your AirPods. In order to do so, you have to put your AirPods in pairing mode.

This is accomplished by placing your AirPods in the charging case, having your Fire Stick scan for compatible devices, and holding the button on your charging case.

If you did this right, you will be able to select your AirPods from your Fire Stick’s items list. Select that, and the AirPods will be connected.

Can you control the volume on AirPods with your Fire Stick?

When it comes to AirPods, there is one thing you can do with them and your Fire Stick: listen to what you’re playing. In order to make the volume of the AirPods louder or quieter, you can thankfully control that using your Fire Stick’s volume control.

How to control the volume on AirPods with my Fire Stick

No line of AirPods is capable of controlling the volume through analogue means. This means that you will not find any dial, buttons, or a slider that would normally be used for volume control.

In most situations, you control the volume outputted to your AirPods the same way you would control the volume on the device they’re paired with normally. For the Fire Stick, you would either use the remote that the television uses, or if you have one, the remote connected to the Fire Stick itself.

Why is the volume not working on my AirPods with my Fire Stick?

If the volume is not working properly on your AirPods, this may be a sign that your AirPods are either not connecting properly, or are not functioning normally. You may need to remove them from the list of paired devices from your Fire Stick.

If you do take it off the list, you have to repeat the setup process you went through in the first place. If this still isn’t working, check to see if your AirPods are charged, as well as ensuring that they are up-to-date with the most recent update from Apple.

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Why are my AirPods so quiet with my Fire Stick?

Sometimes, it may be difficult for you to hear the sound coming out of your AirPods. If this is the case, the first thing you should do is check the volume of whatever device your Fire TV is connected to.

Adjust the volume to your ideal level, and that should be enough to fix your issue. If the AirPods themselves seem quiet with all devices, there may be an issue with them.

For example, it is not uncommon for them to get dust and debris that obstructs sound, or even a build up of earwax. Make sure that you check them for cleanliness on a regular basis.

Your battery level and/or update status for your AirPods may also be posing a problem. If either of these are the case, make sure they are charged and updated respectively.

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Why are my AirPods not connecting to my Fire Stick?

If your AirPods aren’t connecting to your device, make sure that they are charged. You can check the charge status by looking at the light on the charging case. If the light is green, that means it’s fully charged, while amber means it is charging or in need of charge.

However, if the light is off, that means the AirPods and/or charging case have no charge. In order to alleviate this, charge your AirPods and/or charging case as soon as possible.

If your AirPods appear to be functioning normally with other devices, the issue may be to do with connectivity issues of one or both devices being used, including the television if you are using a smart TV.

For all devices involved, make sure that they are up-to-date with the most recent updates respectively. Otherwise, they may have these compatibility issues.

If this has not worked, you should consider that there may be something defective with one or more of the devices involved. Consider testing the Bluetooth capabilities of all devices.

For AirPods, you can do this by just connecting to your phone. If that works, it suggests that there is something wrong with your Fire Stick.

However, in the event that your AirPods do not work with your phone, you may need to reset them. This can be done by placing the AirPods back into their charging case, closing the lid, and waiting 30 seconds.

Once these 30 seconds are up, open the lid. With your iPhone, go into your Bluetooth settings, and click the icon next to your AirPods in the list of paired devices.

Next, hit Forget This Device. Once you’ve done that, you will then have to do the pairing process again. If your device’s Bluetooth connectivity is having issues, however, you will not be able to make this process work, unfortunately.

If even this has not managed to fix the issue, your best option may be to simply get in contact with Apple to look for other avenues. There may be damage to your AirPods, including a defective Bluetooth functionality. If your AirPods are still under warranty, you may be able to get them replaced at no cost to you.

This is only the case in the event that the issue is to do with a defect, at least as far as the warranty your AirPods come with. Any damage occurring through negligence or wear and tear will require you to replace them at your own expense.

However, if you have a longer warranty that covers damage, you should be able to get it replaced through the company you got the warranty through.

Can I connect multiple AirPods to my Fire Stick?

If you’re hanging out with people but want to keep the volume down, it’s understandable that you’d want to be able to hook up multiple AirPods at once. The bad news is that the Fire Stick only allows you to connect one pair of AirPods at most.

At this point, you can either split the AirPods with your friend, or look into a Bluetooth Transmitter Adapter. This allows you to connect up to two pairs of AirPods at any one time. This may still be a bit limiting, but hey, if you want, you can split the four individual AirPods four ways!

Are AirPods the best option to pair with my Fire Stick?

AirPods are among the best options to pair with any device compatible with Bluetooth-enabled headsets, but that does not mean they are the only option. In fact, there is even an Amazon-made alternative to AirPods, which would go well with Amazon’s Fire Stick. However, is it a better option?

One key advantage the Echo Buds have with the Fire Stick specifically is that the Fire Stick is Alexa-enabled. As a result, it may be a simpler process to use them than the AirPods.

It is important to note, however, that most of the differences between the two headsets will not make that much of a difference in your enjoyment.

If you only have AirPods and a Fire Stick, you would not gain much, if anything, from buying Echo Buds specifically to use with the Fire Stick.