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How To Find A TV Show That I Can’t Remember?

As an avid TV watcher, I know the frustration of wanting to watch a show you can’t remember the name of. I’ve spent countless hours scouring the internet trying to find that one show I caught a glimpse of and can’t seem to shake it out of my head. After doing some research and testing different solutions, I’m here to share how I solved the problem and some other solutions I discovered along the way.

You can find a TV show you cannot remember the name of by searching for the show’s cast, key phrases, and plot elements using internet search engines or IMDb. Additional search methods include reviewing your rental history and asking your friends and members of TV and film forum communities.

Tips for Finding a Show You Can’t Remember the Name of
– Use search engines or IMDb and include cast, key phrases, and plot elements in your search.
– Gather precise information such as slogans, catchphrases, and cast combinations to narrow search results.
– Search for similar shows or ask friends and TV/film forum communities.
– Review rental history and use web browsers, streaming services, and databases.
– Ask for help on community forums dedicated to films and TV shows.

Which Information To Use To Find Your Show

Knowing which shows you are looking for depends on the information at your disposal. You don’t only want to find a similar show to the one you’re thinking of, but the exact one.

Thus, knowing which shows are not the ones you’re looking for is also helpful information. But some information will be more valuable than others and help identify the show you’re looking for more quickly and easily.

Precise Information Related To Your Show

Remember that often people may misremember details. If you think that a particular actor is in the show while they were in something else, while it was someone similar who played the role you’re thinking of, it might take a while to find the right one. Similarly, unique phrases, slogans, quotes, and even events in the storyline might get blurred.

For your search, you want to make sure you have accurate information. Searching for the correct terms will prevent the loss of time, save you from the frustration of browsing through thousands of irrelevant items on the web and your viewing history, and spare you the mockery of your friends.

The most powerful information at your disposal to find the show you’re looking for is unique information about it. The show’s plot may not be unique, but perhaps you know a specific slogan, catchphrase, theme tune, plot twist, or cast combination. Detailed information about a show will dramatically decrease the length of the list of search results.

Vague Information Loosely Related To Your Show

When you can’t remember many specific details about a show, include information about similar shows in the search criteria. While this is more useful when talking to another person rather than browsing the web, searching for “shows similar to…” will still get better search results.

If you remember that a particular actor was in the show but can’t remember their name, you can search for something else you remember seeing them in before. The show you’re looking for should also be listed in their career history if they were indeed in it.

There is also information that is known only to specific individuals who you can ask. These would be inside jokes, events you both attended where you saw the same show, shared interests or opinions regarding storylines or actors, and the like. The link to a specific memory can immediately explain what you’re trying to remember to your friend.

Where To Look For Information To Find Your Show

If your memory has failed you, don’t depend on luck alone to find your forgotten show. Helpful information is anything you can remember, anything you can search for, and anyone you can ask.  

Information From People Around You That May Know Your Show

Memory aids that can assist you will be your fastest route to finding that show you can’t remember. Your first resource will be synonyms or phrases you recall that can remind you of the show’s title, the show’s actors and characters, and plots and storylines. Often the characters, location, and story of a show are alluded to in the show’s name.

Next, consider asking your friends. Friends with similar tastes will often watch the same shows you do and will likely know the show you’re trying to find. And you have the added benefit of personal information such as when and where you saw the show and thoughts you’ve shared over it.

Look For Forgotten Shows On Streaming And Rental Platforms

Electronic resources can be potent when using precise search phrases if your friends don’t know which show you’re talking about or can’t remember. Web browsers and streaming services such as Netflix can sort through seemingly endless pages of data to find information such as key phrases, actors, storylines, or locations relating to your search in seconds.

If you have regular access to streaming platforms and on-demand rental, going through your browsing and rental history is a helpful first step. If you have watched the show using these services, problem solved. If you didn’t, with some creativity, you can still use the search function, if it has one, to limit search results using actors or similar shows as input.

Find A Show Using Web Browsers And Compiled Databases

Streaming services and browsers can only work with the information you provide. Given the many shows that follow popular themes, you will have to sift through many incorrect search results if you supply only vague or general details about the show. Entire dedicated communities and databases have rallied online to identify information and trivia on films and TV shows.

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is a valuable resource for finding any show or film if you have at least some information about it. Their website includes information on practically all movies or shows ever released to the public, including aspects such as actors, directors, music score, and date of release, which anyone can use effectively in the advanced search function.

Another exciting search engine explicitly created for finding films can be found on a website named “What Is My Movie?”. This service is sophisticated enough to identify a film by comparing whatever text is input into the search bar with entire movie scripts, including even trivial details.

Ask About A Forgotten Show’s Name On Community Forums

Finally, if advanced search engines don’t seem to be helping, you can always ask around on one of the many community forums dedicated to films and TV shows instead. Knowledgeable film and TV enthusiasts on these boards revel in the challenge of identifying shows given a few trivial pieces of information.


When the name of a show you’ve seen has escaped you, you can use some memory aids to help you recall its name or details that may be helpful when you search for it. The more unique and accurate the information you have, the better your search will be. Still, creative search techniques using seemingly trivial information can help gather information bit by bit.

To find a show, you need to know what you’re looking for and where to look. Valuable resources to find information on TV shows and films include reviewing your browser and rental history, asking your friends, or the assistance of internet search engines, forum communities, and databases.

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