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How to Find the 4 Digit Code for Samsung TV?

Whether it’s a brand-new Samsung TV or an older model, you need the 4 digit code in order to pair a new universal remote as well as other devices.

These codes aren’t that easy to find, but with a few clever tricks you can get the 4 digit code off of any Samsung device. 

You can find the 4 digit code on Samsung devices by looking at your user manual or the manual for your universal remote. You can also try reliable universal codes like 0105, 0077, or 0076. Another option is to check the back of your TV or check in the Menu section of a smart TV for your 4 digit TV code. 

With how complicated this issue can be, we need to take a closer look at finding the 4 digit code for Samsung TVs. 

How to Find the 4 Digit Code for Samsung TV?

The 4 digit code for your Samsung TV will almost always be listed in your owner’s manual. If you lost your owner’s manual, you can find a digital copy only by searching for your Samsung TV’s model number.

There are also universal 4 digit TV codes that can work for Samsung TVs. 

Older Samsung TVs With Physical Labels

Older Samsung brand televisions don’t have their 4 digit codes, or other codes, located in menus.

They have labels on the back of the TV that lists relevant information. You can find these on the back, or the back right side, of your Samsung TV. 

Using the Samsung TV Menu

Head to your TV’s settings menu.

There you will be able to find an About My TV section that will list important information such as the 4 digit code. This section might have a different name depending on the make and model of your TV. 

Checking The Universal Remote Manual 

If you’ve bought a universal remote, the manual will contain lists of all of the 4 digit codes for dozens of different TVs.

You should be able to look up the model for your Samsung TV and find the 4 digit code that you need in your remote’s manual. 

Use These Quick Universal Samsung TV Codes

There are also universal Samsung codes that can work with your TV. These codes are generic and might not work with every model. Try these universal codes and see if they work with your Samsung TV. 

  • 0105
  • 0077
  • 0076

Why Can’t I Find My Code for Samsung TV?

You might not be able to find your four digit code for your Samsung TV very easily. TV brands don’t like giving up this information.

You might need to use a third-party information source, like a universal remote manual or website, to find the 4 digit code for your TV. 

Older TVs With Missing Labels

Older models of Samsung TV might not list their 4 digit codes in their settings menu.

You might need to check the label on the outside of the TV, the original owner’s manual, or use a web search or remote manual to find this code. 

No Manual 

Losing the manual for a smart TV means also losing those codes. There is some good news. You can find a backup copy of your manual by searching the internet for the make and model of your Samsung TV. 

Using the Wrong Method 

Not every universal remote code works with every TV. You might need to do some trial and error to get them to work.

You should also try to check the information source that works with your TV. Newer Samsung TVs do not have the same information labels on the back like the older models used too.