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How to get Crunchyroll on Samsung TV

Crunchyroll is one of the largest streaming sources of anime, including both classics and modern productions.

If you own a Samsung TV and are trying to enjoy your favorite anime, it’s possible – but not intuitive or easy if you’re unfamiliar with technology.

You can get Crunchyroll on your Samsung TV by using a number of screen casting options, but there is no dedicated Crunchyroll application.

How to get Crunchyroll on Samsung TV

In order to get Crunchyroll on your Samsung TV, you’ll need to use the built-in web browser or a secondary device.

Having an official app can sometimes make things easier, but it’s by no means necessary as a way to get Crunchyroll playing on your Samsung TV. 

The included web browser can visit and run the Crunchyroll website, and many other entertainment devices that you may already own can pair up to magically transform your TV into an anime portal.

Why can’t I find Crunchyroll on my Samsung TV?

Crunchyroll stopped maintaining their app for Samsung TVs as far back as 2015 due to design choices by Samsung.

Samsung TVs use an operating system called TizenOS. Older models may use its predecessor, OrsayOS. Crunchyroll’s app is available on a number of other operating systems that have a wider market reach, such as Android, iOS, and Roku devices.

While companies may change their minds at any time, it is unlikely that Crunchyroll will develop an app for the TizenOS without a major market shift.

How to cast Crunchyroll to Samsung TV

You can cast Crunchyroll on a Samsung TV using a wide variety of other apps and digital devices.

Although Crunchyroll doesn’t have a dedicated app available for Samsung Smart TVs running TizenOS, the connectivity of modern devices presents a number of workaround options: the built-in web browser, mobile devices, dedicated computers, and gaming consoles.

Can you watch Crunchyroll on the Samsung TV web browser?

Yes, you can stream Crunchyroll through the Samsung TV web browser. All you have to do is navigate to the website using the browser, log in, and select your show. 

Samsung offers a web browser on its Smart TVs, and it’s bundled right into the My Apps page for newer models.

If you can’t find it there, find the Search option in the Home menu or Smart Hub. Look for “browser”, and it should be the first option that shows up in the search.

Once you have it installed, navigate to the Crunchyroll website and login like you would on any other device. Having a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to use will make the browser feel much more functional. Samsung’s universal smart remote is excellent for most TV purposes, but it still isn’t suited for extensive browsing.

Can you use a laptop to watch Crunchyroll on a Samsung TV?

You can watch Crunchyroll on a Samsung TV via a laptop through a direct connection or a screen sharing program.

Note that the same techniques will work for a desktop computer, but the mobility of laptops and higher likelihood of built-in Bluetooth makes them a more reliable option.

  • Direct Connection

Plugging a laptop’s HDMI into a Samsung TV will let you use it as a larger monitor. Make sure the TV Input is set for the HDMI port you used, and it should start splitting the display immediately.

The physical connection will limit the placement of the laptop, which can be inconvenient for changing the show or skipping over intros. A wireless mouse will help immensely.

To better customize this setup, you can change the display settings on your laptop. Stretching the display will let you use the laptop for other purposes while you watch anime, or you can mimic the display so you can better maneuver menus in between shows.

  • Chromecasting

Most Samsung TV models will have Chromecast pre-installed. Chromecast is a lightweight and functional screen sharing option that functions on a large number of operating systems, including Apple products.

The setup instructions vary slightly between devices, but a quick installation and overview of the basic instructions should have your screen shared within minutes.

  • Wireless Display

Alternatively, the laptop can treat the Samsung Smart TV like a Bluetooth monitor. You’ll have to navigate a couple of system menus to do this, but it’s not any harder than adding another Bluetooth device.

On a Windows device, go to the Bluetooth menu, select the option to add a Bluetooth or other device, then pick the wireless display choice.

Can you use a gaming console to watch Crunchyroll on a Samsung TV?

Crunchyroll apps are available on most modern gaming consoles, including the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Gaming console manufacturers have leaned into their expanded capabilities in the latest generations, and they can do the majority of tasks that you’d expect a computer to do.

Since the gaming console is likely already hooked into the TV if you have both, using these in-built functions may be the easiest way to get Crunchyroll playing.

For most of these consoles, the app store will be quickly available from the home screen. Make sure you’re looking at their apps and not their game selection, if the two are separated. 

You can also use a web browser on the console in the same way that was described for the one on a Samsung TV. The consoles have more browser options, including mainstays like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

The app is easier to navigate with a controller, but it doesn’t have all of the information available on the Crunchyroll website.

A code-based login for the app lets you avoid inputting your information with a controller, but searching for specific shows can still take a while without a keyboard.

Can you use a smartphone to watch Crunchyroll on a Samsung TV?

You can screen share from Android and iOS devices to Samsung Smart TVs through native applications and the Samsung SmartThings app. Hardware options allow you to directly connect a mobile device to the HDMI port if needed.

Struggling to watch an anime on a smartphone is a pain best saved as a last resort, but you can use the smartphone to get Crunchyroll onto a Samsung TV.

Chromecast works on Android devices, and Apple mobile devices can run Chromecast or use a similar technology called AirPlay.

For other software-based solutions, Samsung’s SmartThings app includes a screen mirroring option.

It requires setting up your home’s spread of connected devices, but it’s a fairly intuitive process that can have benefits beyond watching Crunchyroll.

It needs specialty parts, but you can directly wire a mobile device into a TV with a USB to HDMI converter.

The converter will cost $10 on the low end, and you need to make sure to grab the right USB version for your device.

Since it costs money and is more of a hassle, this is a backup option to keep in mind if other solutions have failed.

Because of the wide range of mobile devices, it’s impossible to give concise instructions for sharing the screen after plugging in the converter.

With that caveat, many newer models will automatically begin screen sharing using their native software.