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How To Get YouTube On DirecTV?

Having trouble getting YouTube on your DirecTV? Don’t worry, I was in the same boat. After some research and some trial and error, I’ve finally figured out how to get YouTube on DirecTV, and I’m here to share my knowledge with you. In this blog post, I’m going to walk you through all the steps and provide some other solutions I discovered along the way. So, if you’re ready to learn how to get YouTube on your DirecTV, read on!

While DirecTV Satellite subscribers have access to more channels, it is not possible to install apps like YouTube on the DirecTV device. However, DirecTV Stream subscribers using the exclusive streaming device can install more than 7,000 apps from Google Play on the device, including YouTube.

DirecTV ServiceCan You Install YouTube?Steps to Install YouTube on DirecTV Stream Device
DirecTV SatelliteNoNot applicable, as YouTube cannot be installed on DirecTV Satellite device
DirecTV Stream (App)YesInstall YouTube app on the device used for DirecTV Stream App
DirecTV StreamYes1. Press the Diamond/APPS button on your remote
(Streaming Device)2. Open the Google Play Store app
3. Log into your Google Account
4. Search for the YouTube app
5. Install YouTube on your DirecTV streaming device
6. Control YouTube using your DirecTV Stream remote

Can You Install YouTube On DirecTV? 

Whether or not you can install YouTube on your DirecTV device depends on which of the provider’s services you’re currently subscribed to. There are two main options here, namely DirecTV Satellite and DirecTV Stream. Essentially, DirecTV Stream is a streaming version with access to nearly half of DirecTV’s available channels. 

Although DirecTV Satellite offers many more channels for you and your household to enjoy, DirecTV Stream is a more versatile service overall.

Due to the satellite functionality of the main DirecTV service, apps like YouTube cannot be installed on the device. However, DirecTV Stream works with an internet connection, which allows you to use it alongside YouTube. 

There are two different ways subscribers can access DirecTV Stream. Firstly, this service can be accessed via the official DirecTV Stream App, which is compatible with many smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs. When using DirecTV Stream through the app, YouTube can be installed as another app on your device. 

Subscribers can also access DirecTV Stream through an exclusive streaming device. This device connects to your TV, instantly upgrading what your television is capable of. In addition to accessing many DirecTV channels, subscribers will be able to access and install more than 7,000 different applications. 

If you’re using a DirecTV Stream device with your TV to access channels, you’ll be able to install YouTube on your DirecTV device.

While some apps will be preinstalled on your supplied streaming device, others can be installed through Google Play Store, including YouTube. Not only does DirecTV makes it easy for you to install apps, but it even makes it easier to control them. 

When you buy a new or preowned DirecTV streaming device, you’ll be supplied with a remote that works with Google Assistant.

Not only can you install YouTube, but you can navigate it using only your voice if you choose! If you want to install YouTube on your streaming device and start controlling it with the nifty remote, you can follow the steps outlined in the next section! 

How To Install YouTube On DirecTV Stream Device 

As we discussed in the above section, DirecTV Satellite subscribers cannot access the YouTube app on their devices.

However, if you want to install YouTube on your DirecTV Stream exclusive streaming device, you can follow these six simple steps! 

Step One: Press The Diamond/APPS Button On Your Remote 

To install apps on your DirecTV streaming device, you’ll need to ensure your device is powered. With your TV on, press the DIamond or APPS button on your DirecTV Stream remote control.

Once you press this button on the remote, it will bring up all the apps that are installed on your DirecTV device. As we explained earlier, some apps are preinstalled on these devices. 

Step Two: Open The Google Play Store App 

From the app menu, you should navigate to the Google Play Store, which comes preinstalled on DirectTV devices. Once you’ve finished installing YouTube through Google Play, you’ll be able to access the YouTube app through the same app menu! 

Step Three: Log Into Your Google Account 

Once you’ve launched the Google Play Store app on your DirecTV streaming device, you’ll be prompted to log into your Google Account. This action is required to install apps on your device.

If you can’t remember your password, you can reset it – as you’ll need it to sign into YouTube. If you’ve previously signed into Google Play on your device, you won’t be asked to sign in again.

Step Four: Search For The YouTube App 

After you’ve logged into your Google Account on the app store, you should click on the search bar. If you’re installing YouTube, you’ll want to type “YouTube” into the search bar and hit the enter button.

Of course, there are more than 7,000 other apps you can also install on your DirecTV streaming device! 

Step Five: Install YouTube On Your DirecTV Streaming Device

Once you’ve searched for the specific application you want to install, you can select the desired app from the search results.

If you’re installing YouTube on your DirecTV streaming device, you should select the official app from the results and install it on your device. 

Step Six: Control YouTube Using Your DirecTV Stream Remote 

After you’ve installed YouTube on your DirecTV streaming device, you can access the app from the app menu by pressing the Diamond or Apps button.

You’ll be asked to sign into your Google Account the first time you open YouTube. When you’ve finished signing in, you can start watching your favorite YouTube channels. 

You’ll also be able to control the YouTube app using the Google Assistant feature, which is built into the DirecTV Stream remote control. If you need help navigating the app with the supplied remote, you can refer to the informative user guide


Although there are many ways to access DirecTV’s services, only one way allows you to get YouTube on your DirecTV device! As we explained, satellite subscribers cannot access YouTube on their DirecTV device. However, DirectTV Stream subscribers using the exclusive streaming device can access YouTube and more than 7,000 other apps through the Google Play Store! 

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