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How To Limit TV Volume

As a frustrated TV owner, I recently looked into ways to limit the volume coming from my TV. I was surprised to find that there were lots of different solutions out there, from simple tips and tricks to more sophisticated solutions. Today, I’d like to share my own experience, as well as some of the pros and cons of the various solutions I researched.

Many televisions, including units from Samsung and Sony, have a built-in setting that allows users to set a maximum or upper volume limit. To activate this setting, users need to open the Sound Settings on their TV and find the appropriate setting. Unfortunately, not all TVs have this setting.

#1Use your TV’s auto volume setting to maintain consistent audio levels. Found in audio or sound settings.
#2Change your TV’s audio mode (Standard, Theater, Music, or Custom) to find a mode that makes your TV sound less loud overall.
#3Adjust your TV’s equalizer settings to find a configuration that reduces the loudness of your TV.
#4Connect external speakers, such as a soundbar or computer speakers, to your TV for better control over your TV’s sound.
#5Install a volume limit app, such as Volume Lock or Volume Limiter, on your smart TV to limit the volume. Check compatibility first.

How To Limit The Volume On Your Television 

Many TV brands, including Sony and Samsung, have settings built into their televisions that allow you to set an upper volume limit. This feature may be referred to as a “maximum” volume limit on different models. When this feature is activated, other TV users will not be able to bypass the maximum limit you have set. 

Most TVs will prompt you to set a pin when activating this feature. You can enter your pin using your remote control to bypass the maximum limit you have set. You can also use the pin to deactivate the setting again. Unfortunately, not all TVs have this feature. On some models, this feature is reversed for commercial use with a feature known as Hotel Mode.  

To determine whether your TV has an upper volume limit setting, you’ll need to open the Sound Settings. On some models, these settings will be called Audio or Audio Settings. Once you’ve located the setting, you can set the maximum volume limit. However, if your television doesn’t have this feature, there are different alternatives to consider! 

5 Solutions If You Can’t Limit Your TV’s Volume 

As we explained earlier, not all TVs allow users to set an upper volume limit. If your television doesn’t have this option, there are four solutions to consider, namely using the auto volume setting, changing your TV’s audio mode, customizing the equalizer settings, using different speakers with your television, or installing a Smart TV app to limit the volume. 

#1: Use Your TV’s Auto Volume Setting 

When it comes down to watching content on television, many people complain about the jarring sound experience. Many movies and series frequently shift between scenes that are too loud, followed by scenes that are too quiet. Luckily, many TVs from companies like Samsung, Sharp, and Sony now have an ‘auto volume’ setting. 

This feature is designed to keep your TV at a consistent volume level. The auto volume setting automatically lowers or raises the sound as needed, allowing your TV to maintain a similar audio output level on different channels. The auto volume setting can be found in your TV’s audio or sound settings. 

#2: Change Your TV’s Audio Mode 

If your television doesn’t have a setting to set an upper volume limit, you can check if your TV has different audio modes to use. These sound modes are typically used to improve the audio quality of the specific content you’re watching, such as music or theater modes. However, in addition to the preset audio modes, many TVs allow users to set a custom audio mode. 

Ultimately, you’ll need to experiment with the different audio modes and settings to find a mode that makes your TV sound less loud overall while it’s in use. This is an ideal solution for TV owners who can’t set a volume limit. Read on as we outline some common audio modes you’ll encounter on TVs and what the different modes are used for! 


The “Standard” audio mode on TVs balances treble and bass and is ideal for most TV uses. 


The “Theater” audio mode on TVs enhances treble and bass, providing a richer sound experience that’s ideal for watching movies, series, and even gaming. 


The “Music” audio mode on TVs preserves sound quality, making it ideal for use when listening to music or watching music videos. 


The “Custom” audio mode on TVs allows users to manually adjust sound settings, which is perfect for finding a configuration that effectively lowers the TV’s volume. 

#3: Use Your TV’s Equalizer Settings 

Another option is using your TV’s equalizer settings to adjust your sound. You may be able to find a configuration that reduces the loudness of your TV. Many users report that using their TV’s equalizer settings reduces their volume – which isn’t a bad thing in this case! These settings are worth experimenting with to get the volume and quality of sound you’re looking for. 

#4: Use Different Speakers With Your TV 

The previous three solutions also looked at adjusting your TV’s settings to reduce the loudness. However, using external speakers with your television could help you accomplish this! Whether you connect small computer speakers or a modern soundbar, external speakers can provide you with more control over your TV’s sound – especially for those without an upper volume limit setting on their television! 

#5: Install A Volume Limit App On Your Smart TV

If you own a smart TV, there’s another great option to consider; you can install an app to limit the volume on your smart TV. Many great apps offer this functionality, including Volume Lock and Volume Limiter. These nifty apps can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store. The compatibility of these apps may vary between different smart TV brands and models.


There are many televisions, including those from Samsung and Sony, that allow users to set a maximum volume limit. TV owners must open the Sound Settings on their television and find the volume limiter feature. For TVs without this feature, there are many great alternatives to limit the volume and reduce the loudness of the TV. 

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