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How to Raise TV Height?

As an owner of a flat screen TV, I know the frustration of not being able to get the perfect viewing angle. After trying to adjust the height of my TV with a variety of solutions, I finally discovered the best way to do it.

In this blog post, I’m going to share my experience and the solutions I discovered in raising the height of my TV. I’ll also explain why this solution is the best and provide tips for anyone else who may be struggling with the same problem.

The options for raising the height of your TV include installing or adjusting the brackets on the TV or TV mount, adjusting the pillar on some stands, or using a monitor riser if your TV stands on a surface. You can also make your TV mount or shelf, or add height using aesthetic objects.

Install/Adjust BracketsInstall or adjust the brackets on the TV or TV mount to raise the height of the TV
Adjust Pillar on StandAdjust the pillar on some TV stands to raise the height of the TV
Use Monitor RiserUse a monitor riser if your TV stands on a surface to raise the height of the TV
Make Your Own TV MountCreate your own TV mount or shelf to raise the height of the TV
Use Aesthetic ObjectsUse aesthetic objects that are strong enough to withstand the weight of the TV to raise its height

Different Options For Raising TV Height

As mentioned, the option you choose will depend on a few factors, so you should determine what you have before you determine what you need.

Most options are suitable for modern flat-screen TVs, but we shall also discuss options for box TVs. Whichever TV you have, protecting this fragile piece of technology and its hardware while extending its longevity is important.

The five most common places to put a TV are:

  • Wall mounts,
  • Tabletop mounts,
  • Standing on a table or cabinet,
  • TV carts, or
  • Standing on a shelf on the wall.

We will discuss how each option can be modified to raise the height of the TV, plus give examples of some products or DIY fixes for this wretched problem.

How To Raise Your TV Height With Wall Mounts

TV wall mounts are probably the best way to heighten your TV if you don’t need to have it on a table or cabinet.

Of course, this only works if you have the wall space on which to mount your TV. Before buying a TV wall mount, you should ensure you have the model name and size of your TV, its weight, and its VESA standards so you can buy the right size and kind of mount for it.

There are different types of TV mounts for walls on the market, offering different functions. These types include:

  • Fixed TV mounts
  • Tilt/swivel TV mounts
  • Pull-down TV mounts
  • Full-motion TV mounts

As their name suggests, fixed TV mounts offer a mounting solution for your TV where your TV is mounted flat against a wall. They are not adjustable in swiveling or tilting but are the easiest to install.

If you have a fixed TV wall mount, you can check if the brackets on it allow for some height adjustment. By using the topmost settings on the brackets, you will be able to heighten your TV.

If using the topmost holes or settings on your mount’s brackets still do not offer sufficient height, you can watch this video on how to reinstall the TV mount using some of the existing holes in the wall.

Tilt/Swivel TV mounts offer you the option of swiveling your TV a fraction to the left or right or tilting your TV down or up a few degrees so that you can improve the angle of viewing. They also have adjustable brackets, so you can first check if you can adjust the TV height using the brackets.

If the TV is still not high enough, you would need to reinstall the mount higher on the wall, using a drill to make new holes and plug the previously used holes.

Pull-down TV mounts offer various viewing angles for your TV since they offer more tilting and swiveling options and a vertical travel movement that pulls the TV closer to you. Their capacity for movement should help you find the optimal viewing height and angle, plus you can push the TV up and against the wall when not in use.

Pull-down TV mounts are a popular option for wall mounts due to their versatility and space-saving benefits. However, if adjusting the TV on the brackets’ highest setting is still not high enough for you, the mount will need to be reinstalled at a higher level and the previous installation holes plugged.

Full motion TV mounts offer the most movement and viewing angles because their articulating swing arm allows them to move vertically and horizontally and tilt and swivel in various degrees. Again, the efficacy of the mount will depend on how high it has been installed, so it may need to be raised if your TV is still not high enough.

How To Raise Your TV Height With A Tabletop Mount

Tabletop mounts are helpful when you aren’t allowed or do not want to drill holes in your walls but still wish to heighten your TV.

The AM AlphaMount Swivel Universal TV Stand is suitable for 32-75 inch TVs and can be placed on a table or cabinet. It has a height-adjustable steel pillar with a tempered glass base, and the TV is mounted to the stand using brackets, like wall mounts.

How To Raise Your TV Height If It Is On A Table Or Cabinet

Suppose you have your TV on a table or a cabinet and do not wish to use a tabletop mount. In that case, you can raise the height of your TV using one of the following options (which may also be suitable for those old-fashioned TVs): use a monitor riser or a table shelf, or improvise with aesthetic-looking objects.

You can increase the height of your TV by using a monitor riser or TV shelf, which is effectively a shelf that you can put on your table or cabinet, and then stand your TV on top of that. Monitor risers come in various designs and colors, so finding one that matches your décor should not be too problematic.

Techwalla suggests the option of lifting your TV’s height by using aesthetic objects like glass bricks or other strong objects. If you need to conceal any unsightly bits of wood or brick (or those old encyclopedias Grandma kept for you all these years that have become quite useful now), you can use a tablecloth or suitable fabric to do so.

How To Raise Your TV Height If It Is A TV Cart

Much like the tabletop TV mount discussed earlier, you can get a more portable option – a TV cart.

TV carts are useful if you have a room used for many purposes, and the TV needs to be moved to and from the room. Follow this link to see how to raise the height of a VIVO TV cart.

How To Raise Your TV Height If It Is On A Shelf On The Wall

If your TV is on a shelf on the wall, you may need to adjust the height of the shelf and plug the holes where it had been installed before.

If you do not wish to adjust the shelf’s height, you could use a monitor riser or, again, make use of aesthetic-looking objects that are strong enough to withstand the weight of the TV.

DIY Solutions To Raise The Height Of Your TV

The DIY options for raising the height of your TV are numerous, and it takes a quick scroll through Pinterest or YouTube to be inspired.

If you wish to make a cheap TV wall mount, you can watch this video, or you can look for inspiration on this Pinterest page. For some free TV stand plans, you can visit The Spruce, which includes options for TVs of all shapes and sizes.


You can increase the height of your TV in many different ways. If you are using a wall mount or tabletop mount, you can see if you can adjust your TV’s height using the brackets or pillar. If your TV is on a surface, you can use a monitor riser to raise the height of your TV. Alternatively, you can tailor-make a new shelf or TV stand as a DIY project.

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