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How to Remove Volume Limit on Samsung TV

As a frustrated owner of a Samsung TV, I was dismayed to discover that there was a volume limit on my device. After doing some research and testing, I am here to share my experience and the solutions I discovered to help others who may find themselves in a similar situation.


  • Check the General Settings to remove the maximum audio limit.
  • Open the Menu to adjust the volume to the desired level.
  • Use the Smart Hub Panel to reset the sound settings.
  • Restore Factory Settings as a last resort.
  • Force rebooting the TV can also reset the audio settings.

How to Remove Volume Limit on Samsung TV

Removing the volume limit on your Samsung TV is just as easy as setting it up. 

This section will cover the few methods you can follow to get rid of the maximum audio limit so you can freely adjust the sound to fit your preference.

Check the General Settings

The safest place to start is your TV settings. You can access them by pressing the Menu option on the remote control to get to the Quick Settings menu

There should be a choice to reach the All Settings menu from there. Choose the sound section where you’ll find plenty of audio-adjusting settings. 

What you need to get to is an option known as Auto Volume. You’ll either find it on the main sound menu or in the additional audio settings there. You may also notice the option in the Speaker Settings as well.

Once you reach the Auto Volume choice, you need to set it to normal. 

Open the Menu

While the method above is good for most Samsung TV models, other older versions have a different, more standard menu than the newer ones.

Press the Menu option on the remote control. Click on the ‘Power On’ choice, and there you’ll find a section labeled ‘Max Volume’. Choose it and adjust the volume to the number you’d like.

While this doesn’t completely remove the volume limit on your TV, it does give you the option to fix the maximum audio for an optimal viewing experience.

Find the Smart Hub Panel

This is an option that’s primarily targeted toward Smart TV owners. The Smart Hub feature not only acts as a portal to your favorite content, but it also gives you the freedom to control your display and audio settings.

So, for starters, click the Menu button on your remote and find the Smart Hub option. Enter the panel using your Samsung Account to sign in.

From all the fancy features you’ll find, choose settings. Select the Sound option, then the Expert Settings, and finally choose Reset Sound. 

This will result in a complete reboot of your audio settings, which means that it’ll delete any previous data you have set up.

In the event that this doesn’t work, try to fully disable the Smart Hub features. In the General Settings menu, you’ll find a Smart Features option and in there will be a choice labeled Auto Run Smart Hub—turn it off.

Some models might be different, however. Go to the General Settings menu first, click Support, choose the Self Diagnose option and then reset the Smart Hub panel.

Restore Factory Settings

Restoring factory settings should be a last resort when all the aforementioned methods fail. 

You’ll need to access the Menu from the remote and get into the General Settings. You should find a separate section at the end for resetting the TV and restoring the factory settings.

Additionally, you may be asked to provide a PIN code. If you hadn’t set one beforehand, then you need only enter the default PIN (which is 0000). Click OK and let the TV do the rest.

On the off chance that you don’t have a controlling device to help you, don’t fret! Your other option, in that case, would be to force reboot the TV to achieve the same result.

Start by unplugging the device. Press down on both the Power and Volume Down buttons. They’re most likely located at the back of the TV. Keep your fingers there while you plug the TV in again.

The screen that pops up should be one telling you that the process of erasing your data is in progress. This will wipe out favorite channels, picture display settings, and remove the volume limit of your audio.

In Summary

We hope our guide on how to remove volume limit on Samsung TV helped you figure out the easiest way to readjust your audio settings.

Begin by navigating your way through the General Settings of your TV in order to access the audio settings. From there, you can either reset the sound settings completely or disable the Auto Volume feature.

In any case, restore your TV’s factory settings if you’re unable to manually remove the volume limit.

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