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How to Reset Vizio Soundbar: Your A-Z Guide

As an owner of a Vizio soundbar, I’ve been faced with the frustration of not knowing how to reset it. After scouring the internet for tips and tricks, I’m here to share what I’ve learned and provide a comprehensive A-Z guide on how to reset your Vizio soundbar. In this blog post, I’ll walk you through the various steps and solutions to resetting your soundbar.

Soft Reset1. Turn off soundbar.
2. Unplug all cables, including power cable.
3. Wait 30 seconds, plug cables back in.
Reset with Remote1. Select “Setup” and tap on “Reset All” or “Reset Audio”.
2. Press “Ok” to confirm.
3. Wait for LEDs to flash three times.
Reset without Remote (Most Models)1. Find “Bluetooth” and “Volume Down” buttons.
2. Press and hold both buttons for 5-10 seconds until LED lights flash.
Other Reset Methods1. Press and hold “Input” and “Bluetooth” buttons for 5-10 seconds.
2. Press and hold “Input” and “Volume Down” buttons for 5-10 seconds.
3. Press and hold “Input” and “Volume Up” buttons for 5-10 seconds.

When to Reset Your Vizio Soundbar:

Buzzing Sound1. Move away wireless devices.
2. Unplug and plug cables back in.
3. Try using a different audio cable.
4. Perform audio reset or soundbar reset.
No Audio or Intermittent Audio1. Ensure secure connection to audio port.
2. Use a different cable if damaged.
3. Set soundbar to the right input.
4. Reset soundbar if necessary.
LEDs BlinkingPerform a reset to fix software issues.

How to Perform a Soft Reset on Your Vizio Soundbar?

Before you perform a factory reset on your Vizio soundbar, it’s best if you perform a soft reset first. A soft reset can sometimes be enough to solve the issue.

You can reset your Vizio soundbar by proceeding with the following steps:

  1. First, turn off your soundbar.
  2. Second, unplug all the cables and connections for your soundbar, including the power cable.
  3. Then, wait for at least 30 seconds and plug the cables back in.

How to Reset Vizio Soundbar With Remote?

You can reset your Vizio soundbar using your remote. So, plug in your Vizio soundbar, grab your remote, and follow these steps:

  1. First, select “Setup” and tap on “Reset All” or “Reset Audio”.
  2. Second, press “Ok” to confirm the process.
  3. Finally, wait until the LEDs flash three times.

How to Reset Vizio Soundbar Without Remote?

Before we begin, you need to understand that factory resetting your soundbar will erase any saved settings or data.

Additionally, the resetting process can be a little different from one model to the other. As a result, there are different methods to reset your Vizio soundbar. The following method works for most modern soundbars.

That being said, you can proceed with the following steps to reset soundbars from Vizio:

  1. Find the “Bluetooth” and the “Volume Down” buttons on your soundbar.
  2. Press and hold both buttons simultaneously for around 5 to 10 seconds, or until you see the LED lights flashing.
  3. Finally, release the buttons and wait until the resetting process is finished.

Other Methods to Reset Vizio Soundbar

The other methods are in fact similar to the previous one. If one method doesn’t work, simply try the other ones. Let’s check them out:

  • Press and hold the “Input” and “Bluetooth” buttons for 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Press and hold the “Input” and the “Volume Down” buttons for 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Press and hold the “Input” and the “Volume Up” buttons for 5 to 10 seconds.

If none of these methods were able to reset your soundbar, you can check the Vizio soundbar user manual or Vizio’s website for further help.

When Do You Need to Reset Your Vizio Sound Bar?

There are many situations where you need to reset your Vizio soundbar. Let’s check them out.

Buzzing Sound

If you’re hearing buzzing or static sound from your Vizio TV, first, move away any wireless devices. Many devices can disrupt the signals, thus leading to a buzzing sound.

Then, try unplugging and plugging all the cables back in. You can also try using a different audio cable, as you might be using a bad one.

After that, try performing an audio reset, and if that doesn’t fix the issue, you can reset your soundbar.

No Audio or Intermittent Audio

First, you need to make sure that your Vizio Soundbar is securely connected to an audio port, which is probably located on the back of your TV. You can try using another cable, as a damaged one can cause this issue.

Second, make sure that the soundbar is set to the right input. You can check your TV’s user manual to figure out how to change input methods.

Finally, if that doesn’t solve your issue, you can reset your Vizio soundbar.

LEDs Blinking

In some cases, your Vizio soundbar might face some software issues. So, you might see the LEDs blinking or the device might become unresponsive. However, a simple reset can fix this issue.

What to Do When the Reset Doesn’t Solve the Problem?

If resetting your Vizio soundbar didn’t solve the problem, there’s a chance that your soundbar isn’t the source of this issue. You might have an issue with your TV instead.

So, to figure out the source of the problem, you can simply connect your soundbar to another device. It doesn’t have to be another TV. You can connect your soundbar to any device with an audio port.

If your device is still not working properly, the last resort is to contact Vizio support.


So, how to reset Vizio soundbar?

You can perform a soft reset by unplugging all cables from your soundbar. Then, plug them back in after a minute.

On the other hand, you can perform a factory reset on your Vizio soundbar by pressing and holding both the “Bluetooth” and the “Volume Down” buttons. However, this method can be slightly different from one model to the other.

Hopefully, this will solve the issue you’re facing!