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How to Set Up Fire Stick Sleep Timer

As an avid Fire Stick user, I recently ran into a problem: my Fire Stick was playing all night and I wanted to set up a sleep timer so it would turn off after a certain amount of time. Frustrated, I decided to do some research and see if I could find a solution.

Thankfully, I did and I’m here to share my experience and the tips and tricks I discovered to help you set up a Fire Stick sleep timer. In this post, I’ll walk you through the steps I took and provide other solutions that I found that might work for you.

Setting up the sleep timer on your Fire Stick is easy, although it doesn’t have a timer button. Yet, you can access this option from the Main Menu by pressing the Home button for a few seconds and scrolling down the menu until you find the sleep timer option. 

Tips for Setting Up Sleep Timer on Fire Stick
Use the remote control or Alexa app to set the sleep timer for a specified time period.
To activate the sleep mode immediately, use the Quick Menu.
Disable the screensaver feature to prevent automatic sleep mode.
There is no dedicated timer button, so use the remote control or Alexa app to set the timer.
To exit sleep mode, press the Home or Select button on your remote control.

How to Set Up Fire Stick Sleep Timer

Many of us love falling asleep while the TV is on. However, after you actually sleep, you might want to enjoy total silence, and you definitely don’t want to wake up in the morning to your show still streaming. 

This is what the sleep timer is all about. Using this feature, you can activate a timer that shuts off your Fire Stick and stops streaming at the time you’ve specified. This is different from getting your device to sleep right away, which we will discuss later. 

Using your Fire Stick Remote

You can activate the sleep timer on your Fire Stick by following these easy steps. 

  • Press the Home button on the remote and hold it for 3 to 5 seconds to access the Quick Menu. 
  • Scroll down the options until you find Sleep Timer. 
  • Select the time from 5 up to 240 minutes. 

You can also press Settings, select Sleep Timer, and follow the exact steps. This will prompt your device to stop streaming after the time you’ve specified passes. 

Once you’re awake and ready to stream your favorite video content, you can simply press the Home button, and your device will get out of sleep. 

Using your Alexa App

If your Fire TV is paired with Alexa, you can use the smart assistance and your voice commands to activate the sleep timer on your device by following these steps. 

  • Access the Alexa app on your smartphone. 
  • Go to the Routines menu and select Start A New Routine. 
  • Click the + sign for the When This Happens option and then type Sleep Timer for Voice.
  • Set the Sleep Timer to On. 
  • Add the specified time in the Wait option.  
  • Browse the Smart Home menu and select your Fire TV. 

How to Get Your Fire Stick to Sleep

If you’re watching your favorite movie or TV series and suddenly feel the need to sleep or want to stop streaming without losing progress, you can put your device to sleep instead of shutting it down. 

This option is different from the sleep timer we discussed earlier because the device goes to sleep immediately. You can access the Sleep option from the remote or from your Fire Stick app on the phone


Accessing the menu to activate the sleep mode is straightforward. From any screen, press and hold the Home button, and the Quick Menu will launch. In the middle, you’ll find Sleep, so move the arrow over it and press Ok. This will start the sleep process until you’re ready to use your device again. 

Fire TV App

Amazon offers a free Fire TV app that you download to your smartphone or Kindle Fire. Find the Sleep option under Settings on the Fire TV app on your phone. Then, press on it, and your Fire TV will stop streaming. 

Why Does my Fire Stick Stop Streaming and Goes to Sleep?

Amazon has an automatic sleep feature that stops streaming your favorite content after a specific time period. The company does this to stop using power and data when the Fire Stick user has probably fallen asleep or left the room. 

However, this can be a little frustrating if you just want to spend more time watching your TV or you want to fall asleep while it’s streaming. There’s no button to cancel the automatic sleep feature, but there’s a trick you can try. 

Disable the screensaver feature on your Fire TV. This feature puts your device to sleep and activates the screen saver until you press the Home or Select buttons to resume streaming. 

You can do this by accessing the Settings menu and then clicking the Display and Sounds option. Next, find the Screensaver option and set the start time to Never. 


You can set up the sleep timer on your Fire Stick using the device’s remote control or Alexa. You can also put it to sleep immediately through the Quick Menu. Just press the Home or Select buttons, and you’ll be able to get out of the sleep mode to enjoy your favorite shows.