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How to Turn Down the Brightness on Fire TV (Firestick)

As an owner of a Fire TV (Firestick), I know how frustrating it can be when the brightness is set too high. I recently experienced this issue myself and did some research and testing to figure out how to solve it. In this blog post, I’m going to share how I solved the problem, as well as some other solutions I discovered, so that you can turn down the brightness on your Fire TV (Firestick).

Your Fire TV is a gadget that enhances your TV viewing experience, but it’s not a TV on its own. This means that it doesn’t have graphic or display settings that you can control to turn down the brightness. 

Instead, you should adjust your TV’s settings to control the display brightness and make it as comfortable as possible while enhancing the video quality. 

You cannot directly adjust the brightness of your Fire TV.
Adjust the brightness of the TV the Fire TV is connected to.
For Toshiba, Insignia Roku, LG, and Sony TVs, adjust the brightness in the picture menu.
Before adjusting the brightness, turn off the Energy Saving option.
The Energy Saving option automatically selects the brightness level.
Once you have selected the appropriate brightness level, enjoy your viewing experience.

Can You Adjust the Brightness of Your Fire TV?

Your Fire TV doesn’t have controls that allow you to control the display brightness separate from the TV. It has some controls, so you can control the volume, for example. But if you want to control the brightness, you have to adjust your TV, to which the Fire TV device is connected. 

This is because no matter what the capabilities of the Fire TV are, it can only stream in the maximum video quality the TV can offer. So, if you’re having problems with the quality of the video you’re streaming, your TV is responsible for these issues, not the Fire TV. 

How to Turn Down Brightness on Your TV While it’s Connected to your Fire TV

Now that you understand that the issue isn’t related to your Fire TV, it’s time to learn how to turn down the brightness of your TV. The steps to follow depend on the type of your TV. 

Remember that once you choose the settings, they’ll stay functional until you decide to adjust them, as they won’t change according to the content you’re streaming. 

Toshiba TV

Toshiba TVs are affordable and reliable. Many of the new models can last for up to 9 years and are designed to provide you with Dolby audio, which improves your viewing experience, especially when you’re using Amazon Prime. If the TV is too bright, you can follow these steps to turn down its brightness. 

  • Press the Menu button on your remote and then select Picture. 
  • Select Picture Settings. 
  • Choose Picture Optimizer and set it to User because if it’s set to Standard, you won’t be able to adjust the brightness. If you have an older Toshiba TV, make sure that the OPC or Optical Picture Control is set to Off. 
  • Select Brightness and change the value by moving the indicator to the left or right. 

Insignia Roku TV

This TV offers a 4K UHD viewing experience and is compatible with the Roku OS, with access to more than 3000 channels. You can adjust its brightness following these steps. 

  • Grab the remote control and press the Menu button, or hold the Home button until the Quick Settings option shows up. 
  • Select Settings and then choose TV Picture Settings. 
  • Choose TV Brightness, and you’ll have several options. 
  • Pick Brighter, Bright, Normal, Dark, or Daker, based on your preferences. 


LG offers a lot of LED, NanoCell, and OLED TVs with a wide range of capabilities. So, whether you’re looking for an affordable or a top-of-the-line model, you’ll definitely find the right TV for you. 

There are two ways to change the brightness on your LG TV, based on whether you have a smart TV or an old one. 

If you have a smart TV, you can follow these steps. 

  • Press the Home button on your remote control to access the menu options. 
  • From Settings, choose Picture, and then turn off the Energy Saving option. This feature automatically selects your TV brightness, so you need to turn it off to be able to turn down or up the brightness. 
  • Select Picture Mode and press the right and left arrows to increase or decrease the brightness. 

If you have an old non-smart LG TV, you won’t have the Energy Saving option. So, you can turn down the brightness using these steps. 

  • Press the Home button and select Settings. 
  • Choose All Settings, and then choose Picture. 
  • Select Picture mode and move the indicator to choose the adequate brightness level. 

Sony TV

Sony TVs are known for providing great video quality, especially when you’re watching low-resolution content. With your Fire TV, your Sony TV will be a great pair. Here’s how to turn down the brightness on your TV. 

  • Press the Home button to access the Settings. 
  • Click Advanced Contrast Enhancer, and set it to Off. 
  • Select the Picture and Display, then Adjustments, and then Advanced Settings. 
  • Find Brightness and adjust it as you please. 


You can’t turn down the brightness of the Fire TV itself, but you can turn down the brightness of the device you’re connecting it to. The steps you follow depend on the device’s brand and model, but once you’ve selected the appropriate brightness, you can enjoy an excellent viewing experience. 

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