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How To Turn Off An Alarm On Alexa

Alexa devices have some robust features when it comes to scheduling alarms and notifications. However, these can get out of hand if you don’t know how to quickly and easily deactivate and stop Alexa alarms. 

The fastest way to turn off an alarm on an Alexa device is simply to press the action button. You can also use voice commands like Alexa cancel, stop, or turn off to deactivate these alarms. If you want to spend some more time in bed, you can also say “Alexa snooze” to add 9 minutes to any alarm. 

Don’t let your Alexa alarms get out of control. There are some quick tricks that you can do to stop these alarms from becoming annoying. 

How To Turn Off An Alarm On Alexa

There are several things that you can do to stop an alarm on Alexa.

The fastest ways are to use voice commands and simply say “Alexa,” “Alexa stop alarm,” or any of the other voice commands that will get Alexa to stop an alarm before it goes off.

You can also use the app to turn off alarms or change how you schedule them. 

What Voice Commands Stop Alexa Alarms? 

There are a variety of voice commands that you can use to stop an alarm on your Alexa device.

The most reliable Alexa voice commands are cancel, snooze, and stop. A variety of other voice commands might be able to work, but these are the ones that give the clearest results. 

These voice commands will stop an Alarm on an Alexa device. 

  • Cancel
  • Snooze 
  • Stop
  • Turn Off

How To Temporarily Turn Off Alexa Alarms

There are a few voice commands you can use to temporarily disable an alarm on Alexa. This can be useful if you have a few days off of work or you’re going on vacation.

You can disable an alarm for a few minutes by saying “Alexa snooze.” You can turn off alarms in a recurring series by saying “Alexa stop alarm,” and then saying no when Alexa asks you if you want to deactivate the entire series of arms. 

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How To Turn Off An Alarm On Alexa Without Voice

There are two fast ways to turn off alarms in Alexa without using voice commands. The fastest is to simply push the action button on your Alexa device while the alarm is going off.

You can also go into the Alexa app, find the reminders and alarms menu, and manually toggle your alarms on and off. 

How To Schedule Alarms On Alexa 

You can schedule alarms on your Alexa device by heading to the Alexa app and navigating it to the reminders and alarms menu.

In this menu, you’ll be able to schedule alarms that only go off once as well as recurring alarms on weekly schedules. You can also use this menu to schedule reminders. 

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Will Alexa Alarm Eventually Turn Off?

It might feel like your Alexa alarm stays on forever when it wakes you up in the morning, but these alarms are actually only on for four minutes straight.

After four minutes, the alarm automatically deactivates. You can buy yourself some more time in bed by using the “Alexa snooze” voice command or simply turning off your alarm by pushing the action button. 

How To Turn Off An Alarm On Alexa Echo Dot

You can turn off the alarm on your Alexa Echo Dot by simply pressing the action button. There are also voice commands that you can use to deactivate this alarm such as “Alexa stop” or “Alexa cancel.”

You can also say “Alexa snooze” to add nine more minutes before the alarm goes off.