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How to turn off the Bluetooth on a Samsung TV

I recently had a frustrating experience trying to turn off the Bluetooth on my Samsung TV. After doing some research and testing, I’m here to share how I solved my issue and other solutions I discovered. In this blog post, I’ll walk you through the steps of how to turn off the Bluetooth on a Samsung TV.

Turning off the Bluetooth capability on your Samsung television is as simple as navigating to the settings menu, finding “Bluetooth,” and clicking the off button.

To turn off Bluetooth on a Samsung TV:
1. Go to the settings menu.
2. Find “Bluetooth.”
3. Click the off button.
To stop devices from connecting to a Samsung TV:
1. Turn on your TV.
2. Navigate to the TV settings.
3. Go to General then Network.
4. Select External Device Manager.
5. Choose Device Connect Manager.
6. Select the unrecognized device.
7. Choose the denied option.
If there is suspicious activity on your Samsung TV:
Repeat the above process to see if any unrecognized devices
are attempting to connect.

Can I turn off the Bluetooth on a Samsung TV?

Yes, you can turn off the Bluetooth on a Samsung TV, however, the process may differ slightly based on the model you own. 

For this reason, it’s important to understand the various menus and related symbols, so you know how to navigate around your television.

How to turn off the Bluetooth on a Samsung TV

To turn off the Bluetooth on a Samsung TV you click the “Home” button, navigate to settings, select the device you want to unpair and then click “ok” to confirm it.

Press the “home” button

The first step in this process is to press the home button, which has the symbol of a little house. Depending on how old the model is, it may just say “menu” on the remote.

This button displays the home menu at the bottom of the screen and acts as the control center of the television.

Navigate to settings

Once you have found the home menu, navigate to the settings menu, which looks like a small gear, and press OK.

Select the device you want to unpair

From this point, there is likely a Bluetooth option, which lists all the devices connected to the television via Bluetooth.

There is also a bar that allows you to enable or disable the connectivity. Since you have devices connected to the television, you need to move the slide bar to disable it.

Click “OK” to confirm

Finally, press OK to confirm and the back button to return to your regularly scheduled programming.

How to stop devices from connecting to a Samsung TV

If you live in a large apartment building or near others, you don’t want them randomly connecting to your TV, or you may just want previously connected devices to not connect to your television.

To stop devices from connecting to a Samsung TV, conduct the following process:

Turn on your TV

Press the button to turn on the television.

Go to the settings menu

Navigate to the TV settings via your remote control and go to General then Network.

Find External Device Manager

Within the settings menu is an option for an external device manager. Within this menu choose Device Connect Manager, which is the last available option.

Access the device list

Next, go to the device list, which brings you to another window. Within this window is all the devices that are currently connected or trying to connect to your Samsung TV.

You can select the unrecognized device(s) and choose the denied option, which restricts the device from connecting in the future, thus allowing you to stream peacefully.

Once you close out the window, the changes will automatically be saved.

If you ever feel like there’s suspicious activity surrounding your Samsung TV, it’s best to repeat this process to see if devices are attempting to connect and deny access to those that shouldn’t be there.

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