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How To Turn On A Samsung TV Without A Remote?

As an owner of a Samsung TV, I know how frustrating it can be when all of a sudden your remote control stops working and you can’t figure out how to turn the TV on. After encountering this problem myself, I set out to research and explore potential solutions.

I’m writing this blog post to share the solution that worked for me, as well as other potential solutions I discovered along the way. So if you’re wondering how to turn on a Samsung TV without a remote, this post is for you.

There are multiple solutions to turning on a Samsung TV without a remote, such as finding the extra TV remote, using the Samsung SmartThings app, or using a universal remote.
The power button on a Samsung TV is typically found on the middle underside, back right side, front right underside, or front left side.
The volume can be controlled by using the buttons on the back of the TV, under the front panel, or by using a special Samsung remote app.
If a remote is misplaced, consider ordering a new one from the manufacturer or an official online supplier.

How To Turn On A Samsung TV Without A Remote?

Sometimes it doesn’t prove easy to locate precisely where a TV remote is, as there is a variation depending on the TV model.

The remote control unit is typically located near the LED indicator light, which is a red light that portrays when the TV is receiving power but is not switched on.

Listed below are multiple solutions to turn on the Samsung TV when the remote is misplaced.

Find The Extra TV Remote

Samsung TV has three places on the TV where an extra TV remote can be found. The location of the TV remote usually depends on the model of the TV. It can be found on the side under the front panel or the back of the TV.

TV Controllers Located Under The Front Panel

A Samsung TV has a controller located under the front panel with varying layouts. Models with the remote located in the middle offer a single button or five-button option.

The five-button design has a left and right button, a center button, and an up and down button.

Press the center button for a while to turn the Samsung TV on and off, and press once to select an option.

The left and right buttons control the volume, while the up and down buttons change the channel. The center button also displays the control menu when pressed once.

The single button model has similar functionality as previous designs. A single press displays different options on the control menu, while a long press will turn the TV on and off.

TV Controllers Found In The Back Corner Of The TV

Some TV controllers may be located in the bottom right corner on the back of the TV. A single TV controller has a control stick to toggle horizontally or vertically.

Pressing the control stick once displays the control menu on the screen. Pressing the stick once selects an option while holding the stick turns the TV on and off.

Make Use Of The Samsung SmartThings App

There is a mobile application called SmartThings, which is developed for mobile use. It allows users to control the Samsung TV and other devices with ease.

Depending on the mobile device, such an application is downloaded from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

However, this method is applied if the user has already configured the SmartThings app to work with the TV. Press the power button to turn the TV on and off at any time.

Note that the SmartThings app is only compatible with Samsung TV models from 2016 to 2020, according to the information given by the company.

People with older versions are advised to use third-party remote control apps for iPhone and Android to operate their devices.

Use A Universal Remote

Users can purchase a universal remote, which gives an assortment of controls. To get started, make sure to.

  • Replace batteries in the Universal Remote control
  • Point the remote at the TV to control it. However, if the link is broken, restart the programming process.
  • Enter the Samsung code and hold the device button on the remote. Enter the first code if the TV has more than one. The remote power button will turn off as the user enters the code.
  • Hold on to the device button after inputting a code. If the input code is incorrect, the power button on the remote will light up and stay lit.
  • The power button blinks several times if the code entered is incorrect. Repeat the process by inputting each code until one of them works.

Establish whether the universal remote can control the basic features of the device after programming.

Users who follow the steps to the letter can switch the TV on and off and alter the volume, source input, and channel.

Where Is My Samsung TV Power Button?

On most Samsung TVs, the power button is found on the:

  • The middle underside of the TV
  • Back of the TV on the right side
  • The front right underside of TV
  • The front left of the TV

Locate the manual power control button as every Samsung TV comes with it.

Middle, Underside

The most common location for a Samsung TV power button is underneath the center of the TV.

Depending on the model, the actual power button is positioned slightly differently but can be found easily by the user. Just reach underneath the TV and move the hand until the power button is felt.

Back, Right Side

Move the TV away from the wall and look at the back, right side of the TV. If there is inadequate light, grab a flashlight to have a clear view.

If there is nothing on the backside, check the back left side. Usually, Samsung TVs may not have the power button positioned on the back left, but checking to be sure is essential.

Front Right, Underside

Feel along the front right, the underside of the Samsung TV. Behind the receiver is a small power button that the user presses to turn the TV on and off.

Front Left

Most Samsung TVs have touch control power buttons, channel control, and up and down volume. Tap gently where the power button is and turn the TV on.

How To Turn Up The Volume On A Samsung TV Without A Remote?

Users who cannot locate the remote or its batteries have drained may be required to turn the volume of their Samsung TV up manually.

Users can use an app on their Smartphones or use a free app that turns the phone into a remote. Make use of the listed buttons to increase TV volume.

Buttons On The Back Of The Samsung TV

The middle button has a power symbol on it. Press the button for a second or two to turn the TV on or off.

Press the button just once if the TV is on to display the menu. Select the volume control and use the left button to increase the volume.

Under The Front Panel

A Samsung TV may have five buttons located under the front panel of the TV. Press the middle button for a second or two to display the options menu.

Use arrow buttons in the middle to navigate to the volume control. Use the center button to select the desired volume control.

How To Turn Down The Volume On A Samsung TV Without A Remote?

The fastest way to turn down the volume of a Samsung TV is by using the app on a smartphone. Samsung has developed a SmartThings app that allows users to conveniently minimize the volume on Samsung TV by using mobile phones. It is probably the best solution for users who frequently misplace their remotes.

Using A Special Samsung Remote App

Make use of apps including Samsung Smart View and Samsung SmartThings. Link the TV to the apps to control it efficiently on the mobile phone.

If the official apps do not work, consider third-party apps compatible with the Samsung TV.

Find The Remote

Users who cannot find a remote may consider ordering a new one. It is often best to obtain a new one directly from the manufacturer or the official online supplier. Obtain an official remote or find a second-hand replacement.

There are different ways of turning on a Samsung TV without using the remote control. Users who have already paired the Samsung TV with the Samsung SmartThings app have minimal challenges when turning on and operating the TV.

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