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How To Watch Netflix On Multiple TVs

As a Netflix subscriber, I know how frustrating it can be when you want to watch your favorite show, but it’s only available on one TV. I recently went through the same situation. After some research and testing, I discovered various solutions to watch Netflix on multiple TVs. In this blog post, I’ll share how I solved the problem and some other solutions I discovered.

To watch Netflix on multiple TVs, it’s best to have a Netflix subscription that allows multiple users to watch on different screens simultaneously. Alternatively, you could try using Chrome Remote Desktop, projecting your screen on Windows 10, streaming and syncing, or using an HDMI splitter.

Netflix subscription plansBasic ($8.99/month) – 1 screen; Standard ($13.99/month) – 2 screens; Premium ($17.99/month) – 4 screens
Casting limitationsCasting to TV disconnects local video on the current device
Downloading contentDownloaded content does not count towards simultaneous streaming limits
HDMI splitterSplits HDMI input into identical outputs, allowing the same content to be viewed on multiple TVs
Streaming and syncingManually playing the same show on multiple devices and synchronizing their timelines
Windows 10 “Project Screen” featureAllows streaming Netflix to a Miracast-capable Smart TV from a Windows 10 computer

How To Watch Netflix On Multiple TVs

Generally speaking, you are restricted by Netflix as to how many people can use the service simultaneously on different screens. Depending on the account plan that you have purchased, you are permitted a certain number of users who can watch Netflix simultaneously.

Casting Netflix to your TV or chromecast device will only display on the TV and not anywhere else. When you cast Netflix onto the other device, Netflix disconnects the local video on the current device. It prevents the content from being streamed anywhere other than the device to which it is being projected.

It is useful to have the ability to watch Netflix on multiple TVs, especially if you would like to view the same content as other people watching in a different room.

There are various levels of account plans that determine how many people can use the service at the same time. These limits don’t apply, however, to content that has been downloaded. 

This means that irrespective of your plan, content downloaded onto a device will not count towards the number of devices currently viewing content under the same account. This useful feature may allow you to somewhat exceed the allowable number of viewers on the same account, provided you download the content before viewing.

Remember that the limits by Netflix on the number of simultaneous viewers do not apply to how many devices can be logged in simultaneously. You can log into the same account across as many devices as you like. 

However, only the number of devices stipulated by your Netflix account will be permitted to stream content simultaneously. 

To get around the Netflix limitations and stream content on multiple screens simultaneously, there are several approaches you can adopt. You could try using an HDMI splitter. This will split the HDMI input into two completely identical outputs. 

The best way to do this is using a Chromecast device, an HDMI splitter, and two HDMI cables. Begin by plugging the HDMI splitter and the Chromecast into the first TV. Next, plug the Chromecast device into the HDMI input port of the HDMI splitter.

The next step is to use your HDMI cable to connect the output on one port on the HDMI splitter to the input HDMI port on the first TV. Once this is connected, use your second HDMI cable to connect the second output port on the HDMI splitter to the input HDMI port on the second TV.

Alternatively, suppose you want to watch the same show simultaneously. In that case, you can attempt streaming the Netflix show to multiple devices and synchronizing them as far as possible. 

This synchronization is done manually by playing the same show on two devices simultaneously to ensure that the content lines up perfectly in terms of its timeline.

Another alternative is to use a Smart TV that is Miracast capable and a Windows 10 computer. Windows 10 has a “Project Screen” feature that can be very useful in allowing you to watch Netflix on two TVs simultaneously.

Netflix Account Restrictions

Your Netflix membership determines how many screens can be viewed simultaneously. Still, it does not restrict how many devices can be signed in under the same account. Different membership plans are stratified according to the number of people that can view Netflix simultaneously.

Each of these membership plans has a different price that increases depending on how many people are permitted to view simultaneously under the same account.

Every Netflix account allows you to have up to five profiles under the same account. These profiles will save each individual’s viewing preferences and their favorite shows. This makes it easier and more user-friendly for each person to open up the Netflix application and go straight to viewing their favorite shows with all their preferences already in place. 

However, having five profiles under one account does not mean that all five profiles can view Netflix simultaneously.

There are three different pricing plans on Netflix that determine how many people can use the service simultaneously. At the lowest end of pricing, Netflix offers the Basic plan. This costs only $8.99 per month and only allows you to watch Netflix on one screen at a time.

If you were planning on allowing more than one person to use the same Netflix account simultaneously, this plan would not work for you unless you opt for another method. 

The Standard subscription is the next option and this only costs around $13.99 per month. The Standard subscription permits you to view Netflix on two screens simultaneously. 

The highest-priced plan that allows the highest number of viewers is the Premium plan at $17.99 per month. The Premium Netflix plan permits four viewers to stream Netflix simultaneously on four different screens. 

Suppose you hope to allow more than four users to view Netflix simultaneously under the same account. In that case, you will need to purchase an additional subscription or adopt the other methods discussed above to cheat the system.

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There are various ways in which you might be able to watch Netflix on multiple TVs at the same time. Purchasing a Netflix subscription that allows you to view on multiple screens at once is most likely the best option. However, if you choose not to opt for this, there are other ways for you to enjoy Netflix on multiple TVs.