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iPhone Battery Health 95 Percent (Good or Bad?)

As an iPhone owner, I know all too well the frustration of a quickly-draining battery. After doing some research and testing, I’m here to share what I’ve learned about iPhone battery health, and answer the question “Is 95 percent battery health good or bad?” I’ll explore what battery health really means for your iPhone, and discuss some solutions you can use to extend the life of your battery.

According to Apple, Battery Health should show a “Good” or “Poor” rating under the “Peak Performance Capacity” category. Many assume that if their battery isn’t at 100%, then it’s time to get a new device. Thankfully, this isn’t always true! A battery health of 95 is considered good!

So what does that mean for your iPhone? Is iPhone Battery Health 95 Percent (Good or Bad?)

Let’s take a closer look at what an iPhone battery health of 95% actually means and why it is considered good.

iPhone Battery Health 95 Percent (Good or Bad?)

First things first, let’s start by discovering how we can check our iPhone’s battery health!

How to Check Battery Health on an iPhone?

There are a few ways to check iPhone battery health. The most common way is to go to Settings > Battery, which will display a breakdown of your iPhone battery health.

You’ll see how much time you have left on your battery before needing to charge it, what percentage of battery life you have left, and when you last charged your device.

You can also check your battery health by plugging in your device and scrolling to the Battery Health section of the Battery Health menu.

There are also apps that can monitor your iPhone’s battery health, including the free iMazing app. Battery health is also something you can check on iCloud as well.

There are a few ways to do this, but perhaps the easiest is to go to, click on the gear icon in the top-right corner, and select “Battery” from the list below.

What Does Good iPhone Battery Health Look Like?

When checking your iPhone’s battery health, a green icon tells you that your device’s battery is in good shape.

That doesn’t mean your battery is 100% charged, but it does mean that it is in good condition and can charge all the way to 100% again.

 A battery health of 95% means that your iPhone’s battery is in decent shape, but it does have a few years on it.

It’s nowhere near the end of its life, but it definitely won’t last as long as when it was brand new. That said, you’re likely still able to charge it to 100% again.

A pink icon would signify a battery health of less than 80%, which may still be okay in some cases. A red icon would mean your battery is likely very weak and may need replacing soon.

What Does a Bad iPhone Battery Health Look Like?

Depending on the percentages, there are a few different levels of bad iPhone battery health.

If you see an orange icon for your battery health, your battery is heavily degraded and will likely need to be replaced soon, or it can’t hold a charge at all.

If your battery health is red, your iPhone battery is, unfortunately, at the end of its life.

If your battery health is above 80%, there are a few reasons why it may be in the red. One is that your iPhone may have a software glitch that’s causing it to misread the battery’s health.

Another reason may be that your device is old and has an outdated battery that can’t hold a charge properly. And, of course, it could just be a bad battery.

3 Ways to Restore Your iPhone’s Battery Health

If your battery health is less than ideal, you may want to try a few things to restore it.

First, make sure your device isn’t downloading apps in the background. This can be harmful to your device’s battery health, as well as your data usage.

Also, check that your screen brightness isn’t too high, particularly if you’re in a dark room.

Keeping your screen brightness too high can drain your battery quickly. Another way to restore your iPhone’s battery health is to clean your charging port periodically.

This helps your device charge properly and more efficiently. Finally, you may want to consider replacing your charging cable with a new one. This can also make a difference in battery health.

Here is a table summarizing the pros and cons of having an iPhone battery health of 95%:

Battery is still considered good, so you don’t need to replace your device.Your battery won’t last as long as when it was new.
Your battery is still able to charge to 100%.Your device may not be able to hold a charge for as long as it used to.
You can restore your iPhone’s battery health with a few simple steps.Your device may be prone to glitches due to the degraded battery.


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When it comes to your iPhone’s battery health, there are a few things to keep in mind.

A green icon means your battery is in good shape, while a red icon means your battery may need to be replaced soon.

A pink icon means your battery is heavily degraded, while a battery health of 95% means your battery is in decent shape.

If your battery health is less than ideal, you can try to increase your iPhone’s battery health to help prolong its life.

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