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iPhone Message Exclamation Point (Meaning, How to Fix)

As an iPhone user, I know all too well the feeling of confusion when I see an exclamation point in the Messages app. Every time I saw it, I couldn’t help but wonder what it meant and how to fix it. After some research and testing, I’m here to share what I’ve learned about the mysterious exclamation point and provide advice on how to fix it.

This makes you wonder: what does an iPhone message exclamation mark mean?

If you see a red exclamation mark next to your text message, this means your message wasn’t delivered. Several reasons can cause this, including a weak signal, not being connected to the internet, or a possible glitch in iMessage.

Cause of Exclamation PointDescriptionSolution
No Internet ConnectioniPhone isn’t connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data.Turn on Wi-Fi or cellular data in settings, then tap exclamation point and select “try again.”
No SignaliPhone has no signal due to coverage issues, phone error, or SIM card damage.Check mobile line, airplane mode, and SIM card; restart iPhone, update iOS, reset network configuration, or update carrier settings.
iMessage GlitchTechnical issues with iMessage itself, even with good internet and signal.Turn off iMessage, wait a few seconds, and turn it back on; restart iPhone and turn iMessage back on; or send message as SMS instead of iMessage.
Issues on Recipient’s EndRecipient’s phone is not connected to the internet, is switched off, or has switched from iPhone to Android.Contact the recipient using a different method to inform them of potential issues with their iMessage service.

What Causes the iPhone Message Exclamation Point? And How Can I Fix it?

Several things can lead to the appearance of an exclamation point. Some of them are caused by tiny hiccups you may not have noticed, while others trace to external factors.

Either way, let’s take a look at some causes and solutions.

  1. Your iPhone Isn’t Connected to the Internet

It’s pretty common to fall into this mistake; you assume there’s some sort of major technical problem when, in reality, you just forgot to switch on your Wi-Fi or cellular data


It’s really simple! All you have to do is go to your home screen, then go to settings. From there, turn on the Wi-Fi. After turning it on, your iPhone will begin searching for available Wi-Fi networks.

Then, you can select the Wi-Fi network you want to use. If it’s an open network or one you’ve previously connected to, you won’t be required to enter a password. However, if it’s a protected network, you’ll be required to enter a password.

If you want to use cellular data, go to settings, then “cellular.” From there, you can turn on your cellular data.

After ensuring your device is connected to the internet, tap the infamous exclamation point next to your text and select “try again” to see if this fixes the issue.

  1. You Don’t Have Signal

Another cause for the exclamation mark is not having any signal.

It might simply be because you’re in an area with no coverage. However, it might also be an actual error in your phone or your sim card.


If you’re in an area with coverage but still get the “no-signal” error, there are a couple of things you can do.

However, before getting into them, check that your mobile line is active and running, with the airplane mode turned off. Then, examine your sim card for discoloration or signs of damage.

If you’re all set, then you can move on to the troubleshooting part of the solution. Below are a few tricks you can try to resolve the no-signal issue:

  • Restart your iPhone.
  • Update your iOS version.
  • Reset the network configuration by heading to the “Reset” under the general settings.
  • Check that the carrier settings are updated from the “About” section under the general settings.
  1. There’s an iMessage Glitch

Like anything else in the world, Apple products aren’t perfect and may occasionally have technical difficulties here and then. 

Sometimes, even with excellent internet, strong signal, and the most recent iOS update on your phone, you may still see the exclamation point along with the words “message not delivered.” 

This is typically brought on by an issue with iMessage itself. Luckily, it’s nothing a few tips and tricks can’t fix!


The first approach you can use is to go to Settings > Messages > and then turn off iMessage. Wait for a couple of seconds before turning it back on. 

If this doesn’t work, you may try the same method again, but this time reboot your phone before turning on iMessage.

If none of the above methods work, you can resort to sending your text message via SMS rather than iMessage. To do this, tap and hold on the unsent message to bring up a menu. From there, choose “send as a text message.”

  1. There Are Hiccups on the Recipient’s End

In some cases, the problem isn’t with your iPhone at all. Instead, it could be that:

  • The recipient’s phone isn’t connected to the internet.
  • The recipient’s phone is switched off. 
  • The person you’re texting switched from iPhone to Android.


There isn’t much you can do other than find a different way to contact the person and let them know that there might be something wrong with their iMessage service.

Wrapping Up

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It can be pretty frustrating for your text message not to go through, especially if it’s an urgent matter. Fortunately, the common causes are easy to fix by yourself! 

In this article, we’ve covered all the potential reasons for the iPhone message exclamation point as well as solutions to each one. So, give them a shot and see if you can send and receive messages normally.

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