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iPhone Pictures Blurry on Android (Causes and How to Fix it)

As an iPhone user frustrated with blurry pictures when transferring them to my Android device, I was determined to find a solution. After doing some research and testing, I’m here to share how I solved this issue as well as some other solutions I discovered. In this blog post, I’ll be discussing the causes of iPhone pictures getting blurry on Android and how to fix it.

Difference in ResolutioniPhone’s 1080p resolution might not be supported by most Android devices.Upgrade to an Android phone with 1080p resolution or set iPhone’s camera to take pictures at 720p.
Files May Have Been CompressedMMS or third-party messaging apps can compress images, reducing quality.Use apps that don’t compress files, send via email, transfer using a computer, or use cloud services.
Camera DesigniPhone cameras have larger apertures and screens optimized for photos.Use Android photo editing tools to sharpen and adjust the pictures as needed.

Why Are Your iPhone Pictures Blurry on Android Phones?

Here are some of the most likely reasons behind iPhone pictures being blurry on Android. You’ll also find some tips on how to fix each issue in the list below.

1. Difference in Resolution

One possible reason for iPhone pictures being so blurry on Android phones is the difference between the screens’ resolutions.

iPhone screens come equipped with a top-of-the-line screen that supports 1080p resolution. Even though some android phones have screens with this resolution, most of them have screens that peak at 720p.

As a result of this, pictures and videos taken with an iPhone camera will appear pixelated on an Android phone.

This is because most Android phones’ screens simply don’t have the capacity to display all the pixels that an iPhone screen can.

How to Fix it

Since this is a hardware issue, there really isn’t much you can do about it other than upgrade to an Android phone that supports 1080p resolutions.

However, you can also set your iPhone’s camera to take pictures and videos at 720p. This will make them appear just as sharp on an Android phone with that screen resolution.

2. Files May Have Been Compressed

Another factor that can be contributing to iPhone pictures being blurry on Android phones is the method that was used to send the pictures from the iPhone to the Android.

If you’ve used MMS or a third-party messaging app to send the pictures, this is likely to result in them arriving on the Android phone blurry.

This is because MMS, as well as most of these types of apps, compress image and video files when they send them. They do this to reduce the files’ size, in turn, sending them faster and using less data in the process. These apps also compress files so they meet their file size limit.

The compression of image files reduces the quality of the picture significantly, causing it to appear blurry on the receiving Android phone even if it has a 1080p screen.

How to Fix it

In order to avoid your iPhone pictures and videos being compressed when you’re sending them to an Android phone, you should choose your sending method wisely.

There are certain third-party messaging apps that you can use which don’t compress files. 

Additionally, you can send your pictures by email. Email is a great option to use thanks to the 25 MB limit it allows for attachments. This allows you to send high-quality pictures at their original resolution.

You can also transfer them to a computer using a USB drive, and then connect your Android phone to the computer and transfer the files to it.

Another option that can come in handy is cloud services such as Google Drive. You can upload the pictures you want to send to an Android phone and share the link for the Android user to download the pictures. This will allow them to receive the files uncompressed.

3. Camera Design

In addition to the two reasons mentioned above, the difference in the camera design between iPhones and Android phones is another factor contributing to the former’s pictures appearing blurry on the latter.

iPhone cameras have a significantly larger aperture than the cameras of Android phones. This allows iPhone cameras to let in more light, leading to them producing higher quality photos than android cameras with the same number of megapixels.

Additionally, iPhone screens are optimized to make the pictures taken by the phone’s camera look as sharp and vibrant as possible. On the other hand, Android phones’ screens aren’t designed for this.

This leads to iPhone pictures appearing more blurry on Android phones

How to Fix it

This is another issue that’s related to hardware. In turn, there isn’t much you can do to directly address it. However, there are ways to sharpen blurry photos on an Android phone. 

When you open a picture in full-screen mode on an Android phone, you’ll find an editing tool at the bottom of your screen. It’s usually characterized by a pencil icon.

Tap the icon and use the slider that comes up to adjust the picture to the desired sharpness.


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There are a variety of factors contributing to the fact that iPhone pictures appear blurry on Android phones.

They include hardware issues such as screen resolution and camera design, as well as software issues such as file compression.

Using the solutions we’ve outlined in this guide, you’ll be able to send pictures to your Android-using friends from your iPhone and have them be just as sharp.

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