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Is A 75 Inch TV Too Big?

As an owner of a 75 inch television, I understand the frustration that comes with trying to decide whether or not it’s too big for your space. After doing some research and testing out different sizes, I’m here to share my experience and the solutions I discovered.

A 75-inch TV is enormous for everyday viewing and marginally too big for most consumers. Conversely, a 75-inch TV is not too big for people wanting an immersive or theatre-like experience, with it being particularly desirable for watching sports and online gaming. 

A 75-inch TV is too big for most consumers, but perfect for those wanting an immersive or theatre-like experience.
The size and cost of a 75-inch TV should be taken into consideration before making a purchase.
The exact dimensions of a 75-inch TV vary depending on the model and manufacturer.
The ideal viewing distance for a 75-inch TV is 12 feet away from the screen.
The resolution of the TV is an important factor when determining the ideal viewing distance.
A 75-inch TV is too big for small living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.
Consider the room’s ambiance and flow before making a purchase by cutting out a replica of the TV and hanging it on the wall.

The Exact Dimensions Of A 75-Inch TV

75-inch TVs are undeniably on the larger side, and if you own one, the likelihood is high that you will have a sizeable TV among your family and friends.  

However, the size of a 75-inch TV is relative and largely depends on the room’s seating arrangements, size, and personal preferences. 75-inch TVs are best suited to large living rooms, gaming stations, or man caves as the viewer will sit far enough away to enjoy the experience. 

Conversely, a 75-inch TV will be too big and intrusive for most people in bedrooms or smaller living rooms. If you sit too close to the 75-inch screen, the viewing experience will be diminished as you have to move your head from side to side when watching a program. 

Moreover, some 75-inch TVs do not have 4K screen resolutions, meaning that the viewer can see the pixels if they are not sitting far away from the screen.

While the sheer size, beauty, and appeal of 75-inch TVs cannot be understated, the massive proportions will not suit everyone, especially in smaller rooms with seats too close to the screen for comfort. 

Will A 75-Inch TV Suit My Entertainment Room?

To fully comprehend the enormity of a 75-inch TV and how much space it will require, it is important to understand precisely how modern-day TVs are measured. 

A common mistake consumers tend to make is to assume that the advertised 75-inch TV screen measurement is obtained by calculating the distance between the outer edges of the bezels. 

The precise size of a TV is obtained by measuring the diagonal distance from the top left to the bottom right of the screen. A 75-inch TV will measure exactly 75-inches between the corners; however, the width will vary between different models and manufacturers. 

Usually, the width of a 75-inch TV is between 65 and 70 inches, while the height fluctuates too. On average, the height of a 75-inch TV is close to 40 inches tall, which indicates the enormity and presence of TVs that are greater than 55-inches. 

How Far Away Should I Sit From My 75-Inch TV?

The distance viewers should sit from their 75-inch TV is a hotly debated topic. However, for the best experience, experts recommend that viewers sit about 12 feet away from the screen.

To ascertain the perfect TV screen size for your room, television industry experts recommend that consumers measure the precise distance between their seating arrangements and where the TV will be placed.

The greater the distance between the TV and the seating arrangements, the smaller the picture will appear.

While there is no officially agreed-upon distance between the seating arrangements and the TV placement, it is recommended that you should take the distance in inches and multiply it by 0.8.

The answer to this calculation will generate a number in inches indicative of the screen size that would be best suited for that room.

It is clear that smaller rooms, where the seating arrangements are close to the TV mount, require smaller TVs for the idyllic picture, ambiance, and experience. On the contrary, a 75-inch TV would be best suited to large living rooms, games rooms, and vast entertainment areas since the enormous screen would sufficiently fill the viewer’s field of view. 

Sitting too close to the TV screen, relative to its size and the seating arrangements, the viewing experience will be reduced. If you are not far from the TV, you can see normally hidden pixels and may have to move your eyes from side to side to capture the entire picture. 

Screen Size And TV Resolution

Most modern-day TVs come standard with advanced 4K resolutions. The screen resolution of your 75-inch TV is a vital consideration as it directly impacts the ideal viewing distance range. 

Only the highest-end models contain Ultra HD 4K or 8K resolutions, which impacts the viewing distance range.

Due to the size of modern 75-inch TVs, the resolution of the particular model has become a significant factor. The density of the pixels within 4K or 8K screens is so intense that distance has become less of an issue.

Current TVs are so advanced that viewers cannot see individual pixels unless they sit uncomfortably close to the screen. However, not all 75-inch TVs come with standard 4K or 8K resolutions, meaning the viewing distance range is an additional consideration. 

How Big Is Too Big For Household TVs?

While the viewing distance range differs from person to person, a gigantic TV can dominate a room, ruining the ambiance, and in rare cases, it can become the screens room. 

Modern-day TVs are stunning pieces of technology with appealing designs. Placing a mammoth TV on a television stand is sufficient for most people. However, when the TV is off, its huge black rectangular outline can occasionally become intrusive, overshadowing the room. 

Mounting the gigantic TV directly to the wall will help with its intrusiveness. However, the enormity of the screen cannot be avoided and leads to more issues than most TV owners are willing to admit. 

Television experts recommend that viewers should first cut a replica of the TV out of cardboard or cloth. The replica should then be hung on the wall for a while so the viewer can understand how the room’s ambiance and flow could be affected. 


No matter how the salesman tries to spin it, a 75-inch TV is a titanic piece of technological hardware. While the size of 75-inch TVs is initially intimidating, consumers quickly become accustomed to the size. To purchase such a large TV is a personal choice and largely depends on what the television will be used for. 

For small living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms, a 75-inch TV is too big; viewers must continuously move their eyes across the screen to follow the program.

However, suppose you desire an immersive and theatre-like experience for sports, gaming, movies, and other entertainment. In that case, a modern-day 75-inch TV will be the best investment you will ever make.  

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