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Is There a Fire TV Stick Volume Control App?

As an owner of a Fire TV Stick, I know how frustrating it can be when you can’t control the volume of your device. I recently encountered this issue and did some research and testing to figure out how to solve it. Here, I’m sharing my experience and solutions that I found, so that others can benefit from my experience. Have you ever asked yourself, “Is there a Fire TV Stick Volume Control App?” Well, I’m here to answer that question and share some helpful solutions.

To cut to the chase, there’s a Fire TV stick volume control app on the Android Play Store. It’s, however, not an official application released by Amazon so it contains its fair share of bugs. Most users report that it didn’t even work for them because of compatibility issues.

It may work for you so it could be worth downloading if you’re feeling lucky. It’s currently only available on the Android Play Store. We couldn’t find an app from the same developer on Apple’s Store.

The official Fire TV app, however, is present on both Android and Apple stores. It gives you many controls over your fire TV but controlling your volume isn’t one of them, not using direct methods at least.

Tips for Controlling Fire TV Stick Volume
– There is a Fire TV stick volume control app on the Android Play Store, although it is not an official Amazon app and may not work due to compatibility issues.
– The official Fire TV app is available on both Android and Apple stores, but it does not offer direct control over the Fire TV volume.
– The Fire TV 4K stick comes with a remote that supports volume control.
– You can use Alexa voice commands to control the Fire TV volume.
– Other third-party apps like CetusPlay, Harmony Remote, and AnyMote Universal Remote do not support volume control.

Your Phone Isn’t a Fully Fledged Remote

Your phone may have access to some or most of the features available on your remote, but it’s still not a remote.

Additionally, not all remotes support volume control either. The ability to control volume using your remote depends on the model of your Fire TV stick.

If you have the Fire TV 4K stick, your remote will come with volume control that you can easily use without a hassle. 

On the other hand, if you don’t have the 4K model, you may be wondering if your phone could have an app to support TV. Except for the third-party app we mentioned earlier, there are no apps that can let your phone control your Fire TV volume. That includes the official Fire TV app.

The Amazon TV App: What Can It Do?

If the Amazon TV app can’t control the volume, then what does it do? It still comes with some handy features.

Voice search is probably the main perk you get. It may not be available in every country nor in every language, but it makes your life a lot easier. It’s especially useful if you’re lost in hundreds of channels. You can simply say the name of the channel you seek and voila!

You also get a simple panel that allows you to control the Fire TV playback. You can easily pause, stop, and fast forward or backward any time you want using your phone.

The keyboard is a feature that’s highly advantageous over the remote. Instead of selecting letters individually using your remote, it’s a lot more comfortable to quickly write the name of whatever you’re searching for on your phone.

All of these features and more are easy to do using your phone. So, is there really no way to control the volume as well? 

Is There a Way to Control My Fire TV Volume Without the Remote?

We’ve already ruled out that you can’t use the volume using the application, but the Fire TV stick comes with a feature you may have forgotten about; Alexa.

If you have an Amazon Echo device, you can control your Fire TV volume using Alexa’s voice commands. It may not be as straightforward and convenient as a remote, but you can still say that you’re controlling the volume from the comfort of your couch. 

Alexa is one of the smartest AIs when it comes to voice recognition. You can either ask her to turn up/down the volume or ask her to set the volume to a specific value.

The command to increase/decrease the volume is: “Alexa, turn up/down the volume on Fire TV.” If you want a certain number, say 5 for example, say this: “Alexa, set the volume to 5 on Fire TV.” 

You can ask Alexa to set your volume value anywhere between 1–10. Alexa can also mute your Fire TV completely if you say: “Alexa, mute Fire TV.” She can also turn the TV on and off on hearing: “Alexa, turn on/off Fire TV.”


Will there be a volume control app for Fire TV?

Currently, there is no official statement from Amazon about a Fire TV volume control app. It’s not as easy as it theoretically seems because volume control requires IR (infrared) signals which aren’t present in most modern phones.

Are there any other apps to control my Fire TV?

Besides the Amazon Fire TV app, you can also use CetusPlay, Harmony Remote, and AnyMote Universal Remote. However, all of them still don’t support volume control.

Final Words

So, is there a Fire TV Stick volume control app? Yes, there’s an app named Fire TV volume control on the Play Store but most users found it unreliable.

There’s no official Amazon Fire TV app that can control the volume but for now, you can use Alexa to help you control your Fire TV volume without a remote.

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