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LG TV HomeKit No Response (Causes and How to Fix)

As an LG TV owner, I was recently frustrated to discover that my TV would not respond to HomeKit commands. After doing some research and testing, I am here to share how I solved the issue and the other solutions I discovered.

In this blog post, I will explain the causes of LG TV HomeKit no response, as well as how to fix it. By the end, you should have a better understanding of why this issue occurs and how to solve it.

Among the more common problems that smart homeowners run into is their LG TVs not responding to their HomeKit hub. This can result from various reasons, most of which you can easily fix by simply following a few steps. 

Tips for Fixing LG TV not responding to HomeKit
3. Check the connection of the bridge device with others
2. Ensure devices are up-to-date and properly set-up
3. Check connection of the bridge device with others
4. Try resetting your HomeKit hub

Why Is My LG TV Not Responding to My HomeKit?

The causes for an unstable connection between your TV device and Apple HomeKit will vary. Still, ultimately, it’s about one thing: that one of them is unable to register the other.

This section will cover the main possibilities why your LG TV isn’t responding to your HomeKit or vice versa.

Poor Internet

A poor internet connection would be the more likely reason since it’s the most common. 

Many smart homeowners underestimate the importance of a strong WiFi and a wide-range router in their house. However, exceptional internet is the primary way to ensure that all your devices remain connected to the hub.

If you face constant internet issues, then it’s possible this is the cause of your LG TV and HomeKit’s inability to read each other.

Outdated Firmware

Yet another trap smart homeowners fall into is postponing important updates for later, which only ends up rigging the system with various bugs.

As a result, you’re bound to see more malfunctions and issues arise. That’s why it’s recommended that you keep all your devices up to date. 

Doing this also ensures compatibility between appliances and a seamless connection.

Incorrect Set-Up

Although not always the cause, sometimes we end up inserting the wrong Apple ID or using a different account for our TV than we do for our HomeKit hub. It happens.

In other cases, one device could be linked to a second WiFi router, other than the one that the hub is connected to. This can also lead to the devices not registering one another.

So, as a precaution, make sure that your set-up is flawless so you can eliminate this as a reason. Make sure the Bluetooth feature is turned on your LG TV too.

How Can I Fix My Unresponding LG TV HomeKit?

Firstly, you should determine whether the problem is coming from your device (the LG TV) or from your HomeKit.

The rule of thumb is if more than one appliance is unresponsive on the hub, then it’s more likely to be the root of your issue. In case it’s only that one device, then the TV is where you should focus.

This section goes through the few solutions you should consider to fix the ‘no response’ malfunction.

Kill, then Restart the Connection

Often the best solution is the simplest. By unplugging and replugging the appliance or WiFi router, you reset its connection to the hub. 

Alternatively, try rebooting the hub and setting it up again if the HomeKit is the issue.

If this doesn’t work, try checking whether your WiFi range and speed are covering the area where your LG TV is. There are multiple apps to help you determine this as well.

Check Your Bridge Connection

The bridge device is the intermediate between your LG TV and your HomeKit hub. When there’s an issue with it, the bridge will fail to connect both appliances together. As a result, the link becomes unstable.

In case you use an LG bridge to backup and restore your data, then check to see if it’s properly functioning still. The Zigbee connection between the three devices (TV, bridge, and hub) should be strong.

Make sure that each smart appliance is at a suitable distance from one another as well.

Reboot Your HomeKit Hub

This acts as a last resort if all else fails. When your devices work but stop being responsive the minute you step out of home, then you should consider rebooting your HomeKit hub.

Begin by restarting the HomePod from the settings menu of your Apple Home app. If you have multiple hubs that aren’t responding, reboot them all.

If worse comes to worst, sign out of your iCloud or remove the LG TV device completely from the hub, and then reconfigure it with the HomeKit later.

Pros of Homekit with LG TV

  • Hassle-free setup and connection.
  • Quick access to all your smart appliances.
  • Compatibility with Apple products.
  • Secure connection.

Cons of Homekit with LG TV

  • Not compatible with Android devices.
  • Limitations on the number of devices.
  • No third-party integrations.
  • Limited compatibility with LG TVs.

Final Say

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Our guide tackled the topic of LG TV HomeKit no response (causes and how to fix). The main takeaway is that this is a fairly common issue so there’s no need to panic!

Always begin by determining the cause of the problem, meaning, whether it’s an issue with the TV or the hub. Once you’ve reached a proper diagnosis of the situation, consider one of the many solutions we’ve gone through above to help reset that connection again.

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