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LG TV Not Responding to Alexa (Causes and How to Fix)

The beauty of having a smart home is the convenience and comfort of letting technology take care of your needs. However, it can be pretty frustrating when our smart devices are no longer cooperating with us.

Among the few frustrations of this modern world is noticing that your expensive Alexa device isn’t reading one of your devices—particularly the TV.

We understand how inconvenient this can be, so we wrote this guide on LG TV not responding to Alexa (causes and how to fix). This way, we can help you resolve this simple issue in no time.

The most common cause of LG TV not responding to Alexa is an incompatibility issue.
Make sure you check for any pending updates on your TV or Amazon Alexa.
You can try reconfiguring your set-up by logging out of your accounts and then reconnecting them.
If all else fails, consider contacting the LG technical team to have a professional come and handle it.

Causes for LG TV Not Responding to Alexa

When faced with any technical problem, it’s essential that you troubleshoot the malfunction so you can correctly assess what the next step will be.

In this section, we will cover why an LG TV might not be responding to your Amazon Alexa device. But, more importantly, we show you how to determine whether the problem lies in the TV or Alexa.

Incompatibility Issues

Since Amazon Alexa has only been around for a few years, you’ve most likely bought your TV long before you’ve got your new Alexa device.

As such, you’ll find that the most common cause of both appliances not responding to one another is simply an incompatibility issue. 

In other words, your LG TV is a model that was released before Alexa and as a result, doesn’t have the option to register it as a voice recognition device.

To make it easier for you, the LG model names that currently support Alexa include some of the following AI TVs:

  • LG – 70″ Class UP7070 Series LED 4K 
  • LG – 55″ Class G1 Series OLED Evo 4K 
  • LG – 75″ Class 80 Series QNED 4K 
  • LG – 32″ Class LED HD 
  • LG – 77″ Class G2 Series OLED Evo 4K 

You can check out other models on the LG website or popular retail sites like Amazon and Best Buy.

If you’d like to know what model name you currently have, you can access the TV’s information from the settings menu and choose the option ‘About this TV.

Outdated Software

On the one hand, the problem could be an outdated model, but on the other hand, your TV’s software might be out-of-date.

This can be the case if you have a model that’s compatible with Alexa. Postponing an important update is more likely to be the reason if you’ve been experiencing other issues with your TV as well.

Some other malfunctions that you may have come across are audio distortions and unclear picture displays. We know that most users dismiss these issues, but it’s more than possible that your TV is getting rigged with bugs due to a delayed software update.

How to Fix LG TV Not Responding to Alexa

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Now that you’ve identified what the cause of the problem is, it’s time to get down to solving it as soon as possible.

In this part of our guide, we cover the quick and simple fixes you can carry out in an attempt to have your LG TV reconnect with your Alexa device.

If all else fails, consider contacting the LG technical team to have a professional come and handle it for you. Just make sure that you have your TV’s info handy since you’ll need to provide it so the company can fill out the necessary forms.

Update the Firmware

As we’ve mentioned before, delaying important updates ends up filling your device with bugs that tamper with its performance. 

A safe bet is to check for any pending updates on your TV or Amazon Alexa, install them, and then try again.

In case the problem persists, you may have an issue with your TV’s mainboard or connectivity cables. If so, you’ll need to hire a technician to resolve the matter for you.

Reconfigure Your Set-Up

It’s often best to start all over and give both systems a chance to reboot. Log out of your accounts on either device—after making sure they’re on the same cloud.

Force restart your LG TV by unplugging it and then pressing the power button for ten seconds. Turn the appliance on after.

For your Amazon Alexa, simply unplug and replug the device. Reconfigure your setup by reconnecting them, and that should take care of it.


To Sum Up

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We hope that our guide on LG TV not responding to Alexa has helped you properly troubleshoot the issue and then resolve it.

Remember not to panic whenever one of your appliances can’t register the other. Most likely, either the TV or the smart voice control device needs to be updated or rebooted. 

That’s why we recommend keeping all your smart gadgets up to date to prevent any incompatibility issues from happening again in the future.