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LG TV Picture in Picture – How To

As an avid television viewer, I was frustrated when I couldn’t figure out how to enable Picture in Picture (PiP) feature on my LG TV. After doing some research and testing I was able to figure it out and wanted to share my experience and the solutions I discovered to help others out. In this blog post, I’ll be explaining how to enable the Picture in Picture feature on an LG TV.

Tips for Using Picture in Picture (PiP) on LG TVs
Picture in Picture (PiP) is a feature that enables viewers to watch content from two separate sources simultaneously on the same display.
Older LG TVs are equipped with this feature.
To enable PIP on an LG TV, press the “PIP Input” button on the remote and select the two input sources you want to use.
PIP is in decline across all TV brands due to the availability of alternative devices, the limited use of PIP when it comes to watching multiple sporting events, and other factors.

What Is Picture in Picture?

Picture in Picture is a feature that enables the viewer to watch content from two different sources simultaneously on the same display.

For example, you can enjoy a program from a TV channel as well as a video stream from a second, external source (an HDMI source for instance). 

The main source is fully displayed on your screen, whereas the secondary source shows up as a small pop-up window on your display.

Do LG TVs Have Picture in Picture? 

The PIP function is available in older LG TVs. As of 2020, LG has dropped the feature from its products. In fact, the feature has generally been in decline across all brands in the TV industry. We’ll delve into why that’s the case later in this article.

However, pre-2020 LG TV models are equipped with this feature, allowing you to watch content from two different sources simultaneously. Thanks to the dual tuner these models pack, you can view cable TV and DVD content all at once on your screen. 

You can access and set up this feature using your TV remote.

How to Get Picture in Picture on LG TVs? 

Here’s a step-by-step guide outlining how you can get to and configure the PIP function on your LG TV.

  1. After you’ve turned your TV on, press the “PIP Input” button on your TV remote. This will take you to the PIP configuration menu.
  2. The second step is to specify your main input source. Cycle through available sources of input using the “PIP Input” button. When the source you want to assign as the main one is highlighted, press “Select.”
  3. Repeat the previous step, but this time for the second input source (the one that’ll show up in a pop-up window on your screen).
  4. After you’re done with the set-up, press the “PIP” button on your TV remote. This will prompt the selected input sources to show up on your screen simultaneously.

Why Do Newer LG TV Models No Longer Support PIP?

Unfortunately for those who are fans of the PIP feature, LGs lineup of OLED TVs has not supported PIP (or Multiview) since 2020.

PIP has been in decline as a feature in TVs in general due to several reasons. First, companies found that people don’t really use the feature that much. The primary use of PIP was for viewers to be able to watch more than one sporting event at the same time. 

The issue that arose is that, for the majority of sports, the viewer needs to be able to see the on-screen scoreboard, time, and other important information specific to each sport.

More often than not, the secondary input’s PIP window is too small for the viewer to see this content. This makes it a struggle for the viewer to be able to fully follow the action. 

Additionally, the majority of networks are now very keen on giving the viewer regular updates on the other games going on in the given sport. This has made PIP unnecessary.

Another factor that has led to the decline of PIP on TVs is the ever-increasing availability of other media sources in our lives.

Web browsers now allow you to have many windows open simultaneously and watch multiple videos/streams at the same time. By splitting your screen between two windows and muting the volume in one of them, you essentially achieve what PIP does.

Even phones and the apps on them have PIP capabilities. You can now watch a video on Facebook on your phone or desktop while freely scrolling down your news feed. 

You can even watch three videos simultaneously by using PIP on your phone and having a third channel on your TV all at once.

That said, the availability of PIP and alternatives to it on other devices has made PIP on TVs relatively redundant.

In Short

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The Picture in Picture feature is available in LG TV models released prior to 2020. It enables you to watch media from multiple inputs at the same time on your display. You can access and configure this feature using your TV’s remote.

However, the PIP function on TVs is slowly fading out of existence in general. There are many factors contributing to this decline. 

One of these factors is the increased availability of scenes at the average user’s disposal (smartphones, laptops, tablets, and so forth). 

Another factor is the limitations of PIP as a tool to watch multiple sporting events at the same time, namely the inability of the viewer to see important on-screen information.

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