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LG TV Won’t Play Video from USB (Causes and How to Fix)

As a frustrated LG TV owner, I recently encountered a problem where my TV wouldn’t play video from a USB drive. After doing some research and testing, I’m here to share how I solved the issue, as well as other solutions I discovered along the way. In this blog post, I’ll explain the causes and how to fix the problem when your LG TV won’t play video from USB.

Nevertheless, this incompatibility issue can be resolved if you simply change the USB format to one that can be supported by the LG TV.


  • Your LG TV may not play the video from USB due to various reasons, such as an incompatible file type or USB format, unsupported LG TV model, oversized USB storage, or outdated firmware.
  • You should check your LG TV’s user manual to know which video format types it supports.
  • Label each USB port for future reference.
  • To play a video on your LG TV from a USB device, plug the USB device into your TV and select the “USB Device” tab from the remote.
  • Change your USB device format to NTFS or FAT32 in order to make it compatible with your LG TV.
  • If necessary, reset your LG TV’s customized settings through a factory reset.

Why Your LG TV Won’t Play Video from USB

Your LG TV may not play the video from USB due to various reasons. Here are some of them below.

File and USB Format Unsupported by LG TV

The file type of your video and USB format could be incompatible. You can find out which video format type is supported by your LG TV through the user manual.

LG TV Model Unsupported by USB

Another reason why the video won’t play could be that the LG TV model you’re using doesn’t support USB ports.

Having said that, each model’s USB ports can hold different functions from each other. For instance, some LG TVs can use USB ports for keyboards or mouses, while others can watch movies on their flash memory.

Other Reasons

In some cases, the USB device you’re plugging in may exceed the maximum capacity your LG TV can hold.

The LG TV’s firmware could also be outdated and in need of an update. Additionally, the USB port itself may be malfunctioned and needs proper repair from the manufacturer.

How to Play a Video on LG TV from USB

If the video isn’t playing for whichever reason mentioned, you can retry the process through our step-by-step guide below.

Step 1: Be Aware of Your LG TV’s USB Capabilities

First off, you want to figure out what your LG TV supports in terms of USB ports and file format. To do this, you need to have your TV handbook ready.

Keep in mind that each USB port has its own functions. Take your time examining each one. If you don’t have the manual handy, you can search for it through the model’s number and download it online.

Older models tend to only have one USB port. Its main purpose is to keep internal data on the LG TV. Newer models can have flash drives, memory sticks, and more USB port options available.

Step 2: Label USB Ports

After you’re aware of all the purposes of each USB port, we highly recommend labeling them for future reference. If you have a relatively new LG TV model, you could have USB ports for your gaming console or other external devices.

Since you’re looking to play a video, then you may need to make it clear which port you’ll use for a flash drive.

Step 3: Plug the USB Device

Now that you’re aware of each USB port’s purpose, you can plug in the device with which you’ll play your video on.

From the remote, click on the “Menu” button. Choose the “USB Device” tab and locate your file containing the video.

How to Change USB Format to Support LG TV

One of the issues you may face when opening a video through USB is that the device is unsupported. You’ll need to know how to change the USB format to become compatible with the LG TV model you own. Here’s how.

Format USB to NTFS or FAT32

Before you begin this process, it’s worth noting that all the files in your USB device will be erased. You’ll want to back them up on your PC or laptop.

To begin, insert the device into your laptop. Next, go to “Computer” or “This PC,” depending on which Windows operating system you carry. Afterward, locate the USB device, right-click it and select “Format.”

A “Format device name” prompt will appear. Go to “File System” and select the drop-down arrow button. You can either pick the NTFS or FAT32 format. Once you’ve made your choice, click on the “Start” button.

You may see a “WARNING” prompt, just click “OK” to proceed. Next will come a “Format Complete” message, which you’ll also click “OK” to continue. Close the remaining windows and you’re done formatting the USB device.

How to Reset LG TV Custom Settings

A factory reset may also be an answer to allow the video to work on your TV. Firstly, press the “Home” button on the remote and go to “Settings.” Next, navigate to “General” and choose “Reset to Initial Settings.”

Remember, this reset will reboot all the customized settings you had on the LG TV, so tread lightly.

To Conclude

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LG TV won’t play video from USB? The causes could mainly point to an unsupported video file type or USB format. Other issues could come from oversized USB storage or firmware issues.

To solve this, you may just need to change your USB device format or change your video file type to become compatible with your LG TV. In other cases, you may also need to reset the LG TV customized settings through a factory restoration.

Either way, you can also contact LG TV customer support if the video from the USB device is still not working.

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