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No Location Found iPhone Meaning

As an iPhone user, I’ve experienced the dreaded “No Location Found” message a few times and have been frustrated to find no easy solution. After some research and experimentation, I’m here to share what I’ve learned about what the “No Location Found” message means and how to fix it. In this blog post, I’ll explain the meaning of this message, the underlying causes, and some potential solutions to help you get your location services back up and running.

When the no location found message appears, it means your iPhone can’t detect where other Apple gadgets are located. This usually occurs when there are connectivity issues, signal interferences, or if the Location Services are disabled.

Causes of “No Location Found” MessageSolutions
Wi-Fi or mobile data disabled/weak signalEnable Wi-Fi or mobile data and ensure a stable network connection.
Device turned off or Airplane Mode onTurn off Airplane Mode or turn on the device.
Inaccurate date and time settingsEnable “Set Automatically” in the Date & Time settings.
Outdated iOSUpdate the iOS on your iPhone or other Apple devices.
Find My and Share My Location disabledEnable Find My and Share My Location in your iPhone settings.
Location Services disabledEnable Location Services in your iPhone settings.

Is Anyone Missing a Device?

The Find My app is a convenient way of tracking and locating your Apple devices and other important items. The app also lets you keep track of your friends and family locations if they choose to share it with you.

You can track and locate the following Apple devices and items using the Find My app:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod touch
  • Mac
  • Apple Watch
  • AirPods (1st to 3rd generation, Pro, Pro 2nd generation, Max)
  • Beats products
  • AirTag
  • iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe
  • Supported Third-party products

Why Does It Show No Location Found?

If your iPhone is having trouble locating something through the Find My app, you might see a no location found message below the device or item. Reasons for the message’s appearance include:

  • Wi-Fi or mobile data is disabled or has a weak signal.
  • The device might be turned off or has Airplane Mode toggled on.
  • Date and time settings may be inaccurate or not synced.
  • iOS isn’t updated.
  • Find My and Share My Location might be disabled.
  • Location Services are disabled.

Wi-Fi or Mobile Data and Airplane Mode

A stable network connection is needed to track an Apple device or item’s location. The same goes if the device is in Airplane Mode, as it prevents network access.

To disable Airplane Mode:

  • Head to the Control Center from your iPhone’s home screen.
  • Tap on the Airplane icon (make sure it’s not orange-colored).


  • On your iPhone’s home screen, head to Settings.
  • Toggle Airplane Mode off at the top of the list.

If you’re trying to locate an iPhone that no longer has network access, you might be able to see its last known location. The lost or misplaced iPhone will show its location based on where it was last seen online or connected to the Find My network.

Date and Time Settings

Your iPhone’s Find My app works best if your date and time settings are correctly set. The easiest way to do this is by turning on the Set Automatically option.

To do this:

  • Head to Settings.
  • Select General, then tap on Date & Time.
  • Toggle the Set Automatically settings on.

Update Your iOS

If your iPhone’s iOS isn’t updated, you’re likely to encounter some glitches and issues with your iPhone in general. To update your iPhone’s iOS:

  • Head to Settings.
  • Head to General, then tap on Software Update.
  • Tap on Download and Install.

Keeping the iOS of your iPhone or any other Apple device updated fixes and prevents many possible tech issues. Make it a habit to check for updates whenever you can.

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How to Activate Location Services?

For your Find My app to work, you must enable your Location Services. To do this:

  • Head to Settings.
  • Head to Privacy, then tap on Location Services.
  • Toggle Location Services on.

How to Activate Find My and Share My Location?

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Once your iPhone’s Location Services are enabled, your Find My app should be ready for use. If you’re worried that you might misplace or lose your iPhone, we recommend activating this feature.

To activate your Find My and Share My Location:

  • Head to Settings.
  • Tap on your name or icon on top of the Settings screen.
  • Select Find My, then toggle Find My iPhone on.
  • If you go back to the Find My settings screen, you can toggle Share My Location on as well.

After that, you should be good to go. If you have any Apple devices that are paired to your iPhone (Apple Watch, AirPods, and so forth), they’ll automatically be set up as well.


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It’s always troublesome to lose or misplace your iPhone or any other Apple device. Luckily, we have features such as Find My and Share My Location to keep us from permanently losing our valuables.

Another good thing about Share My Location is that we can keep track of our friends and family’s locations in case of an emergency. The same applies to our own safety.

As much as the Find My and Share My Location are outstanding iPhone features, we must make sure to only share such info with trusted people. And on that note, may we never lose or misplace our valuables again.