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No Space for Soundbar (What to Do)

There should be enough space around your soundbar. This will allow for the best audio projection, so you can listen to good and clear sounds while you’re sitting on your favorite sofa. Yet, in some cases, there will be no space for soundbar, depending on your room setup and furniture. 

You can place your soundbar above the TV if there’s no room under it. You can also install it vertically, although this isn’t recommended. A DIY solution or a higher TV stand can also create room for your soundbar, so you can indulge in a pleasing audio experience. 

The right positioning of the soundbar is essential for the viewing and audio experience you want to enjoy. Keep reading to learn what to do when there’s no space to set it up properly. 

Where Should You Place the Soundbar?

Back in the day, CRT TVs could house their speakers, but the thin and flat modern TVs can’t. This is why the soundbar comes separate from your TV, allowing you to install it for the best audio experience while you’re watching your favorite shows. 

Ideally speaking, the soundbar should be placed under your TV, but you can also mount it above based on the model.

For example, placing it above the TV will make more sense if it has upward-firing speakers. Side-firing speakers will work both ways. 

The most important thing is to make sure that there’s enough room to project the sound. This is why placing it too far into a cabinet will not lead to the acoustic experience you aspire for.

You should think about the setting of your room, its size, the furniture, and your personal preferences before picking a spot for your soundbar. 

Most people choose to install the soundbar below the TV because it delivers good audio as it’s almost at your level.

The audio travels directly to you with no obstacles. It also looks aesthetically pleasing, as it complements the design of the TV. 

In some instances, placing it above your TV makes more sense. For example, if the speakers are upward-firing, placing them under the TV will create an obstacle.

On the other hand, above the TV, the sound will reflect off the ceiling for better audio. Moreover, in this position, it will be safe away from kids and pets. 

No Space for Soundbar (What to Do)

Although your flat TV might come with built-in speakers, the soundbar allows for a better audio experience.

However, in some cases, you might not have enough space to install your soundbar. Here are a few things you can do. 

Consider Moving it Up or Down

If your soundbar should go under the TV, you can try installing it above it and vice versa. The resulting audio might not be the best, but it’s better than having no soundbar at all. 

Alter the TV’s Height

Whether it sits on a stand or it’s wall-mounted, you can alter the height of your TV to make room for the soundbar. You can either extend the legs of the stand or invest in a slightly taller one. 

This will leave enough room for your soundbar without interfering with the remote buttons at the bottom of your TV. First, however, you should measure the thickness of the soundbar to make sure that it fits. 

You can also change the position of the wall mounts. This will allow you to move your soundbar up or down, depending on its design and your personal preferences. 

Make a Custom Stand 

A DIY design will be a good solution if no stand is tall enough to accommodate the thickness of your soundbar.

In this case, you should make a mini-table or plinth for the TV with enough room at the bottom for your soundbar. This solution also allows you to blend the TV and the soundbar with the rest of the décor. 

Place it Vertically

While this is not the ideal position for your soundbar, it might be the only option.

The speakers on the soundbar are designed to project the sound to the sides, so when you tilt it, the sound feels like it’s coming from the ceiling and the floor. This will negatively impact your audio experience. 

Tips for Positioning Your Soundbar

Deciding where your soundbar should go can be a little challenging. Most people don’t think much about this when they’re shopping for a TV stand or mount. Here are some tips to follow to allow you to position your soundbar properly. 

  • Think about whether you want to mount your soundbar or place it on a table. For a mounted one, make sure that there are rear-positioned keyholes for the securing brackets. 
  • The soundbar shouldn’t be confined to a cabinet because the audio waves produced will be blocked. 
  • Pick a position where the soundbar’s power cord and the socket it goes into are close to each other. It should also be away from power cables to prevent interference that can affect the audio quality. 
  • The audio vents should be facing the room and not the wall. 
  • Place your soundbar away from wireless devices. 
  • Don’t place the soundbar on a delicate or smooth surface like glass because the vibrations can damage the surface. 


Ideally, your soundbar should be placed under the TV for the best audio experience. However, if there’s no space, you can place it above it or beside it. You should make sure that there’s enough space for the audio waves to travel while you’re shopping for a TV stand, or you won’t be able to enjoy the audio experience you paid for.