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PS5 your TV doesn’t support HDR (Causes and How to Fix)

As a proud new owner of the PlayStation 5, I was excited to experience all the amazing graphics and visuals that this next-gen console promised. Unfortunately, when I connected my PS5 to my TV, I quickly realized that my TV didn’t support HDR. This was a huge disappointment – and I was frustrated. I wanted to get the most out of my gaming experience and I couldn’t do that without the right TV. So, I did some research to try and figure out what was going on and how to fix it. In this blog post, I’m going to share what I found.

There are a few reasons why linking your PS5 to your TV may result in a message that the TV does not support HDR, including the wrong cables or tv, disabled settings, or the use of other devices. Luckily, most issues are easy to fix, and you may not need to spend extra money.

Tips for using HDR with the PS5
– Ensure TV compatibility with HDR
– Enable HDR in TV settings or change HDMI port
– Check other connected devices for compatibility issues
– Use an HDMI 2.1 cable for best results
– Determine TV HDR support through manual, box, website, or forums

Why Is My TV Saying HDR Is Not Supported – And Fixes

There are some obvious reasons why your TV may display the message that it does not support HDR, but some of the reasons may be less obvious, primarily if you are not used to the TV yet. It is essential to ensure you have your TV’s manual with you since some ways to get past this message require knowledge of your specific TV. 

Most manufacturers have digital copies on their websites if you do not have a hard copy of the manual anymore. Once you have your TV manual, you may be able to use the following causes and fixes to sort out the problem.

  1. Your TV Model Is Too Old Or Is Unsupported

Though this may seem obvious, not all TVs support HDR, and it is a relatively new technology, so if you want to enable HDR, you will need first to ensure that your TV does support it. Your TV will need to have HDMI 2 ports to support HDR, so it is best to look for a TV with those port types if you want to use HDR on your TV with your PS5.

Once you are sure your TV is supported, you can continue to the following causes and fixes. However, if your TV is unsupported, you may need to consider not using HDR or buying a different model.

  1. Your TV Settings Need To Be Changed Or Enabled

If your TV supports HDR, you likely need to check your settings to ensure that HDR compatibility is enabled. The settings you need to find are different for every brand, and you may find them under the “Picture” settings tab or the “Input” settings tab. 

If your TV has multiple HDMI ports, you may need to select a specific port that allows HDR by tinkering with the HDMI slot input settings. Even if your TV supports HDR, you may need to enable it individually on all your specific ports. In the picture settings, you may also need to enable HDR or set it to “Automatic” if you see the option.

There is also a chance that your TV comes with a specific HDR port, where the settings are constantly and automatically enabled; this port is likely the HDMI 1 port. If you do not see any HDR or HDMI + settings, you may need to change the port your PS5 is plugged into to the HDMI 1 port.

If you are unsure where these settings are or if there is a specific port supporting HDR, you should consult your TV manual to determine what you need to do.

  1. Other Devices May Be Causing Problems

If your TV connects to different devices, such as a soundbar or an AV receiver, you may need to “play” with the settings of these devices to ensure that your TV gets set up correctly. Any devices you use must get set up to be compatible with 4K.

You may need to set the bandwidth to high or enable settings like an “enhanced mode” to allow your TV and PS5 to connect to the other devices correctly. If you are uncertain where these settings are, you may need to find the manual for the specific device to help you.

  1. You’re Using The Wrong HDMI Cable

Though many of us think that any HDMI cable will do, there is a specific type you need to allow your PS5 to connect to your TV and allow HDR capabilities. Usually, the cable that comes with your PS5 will be able to allow HDR, but if your original cable is broken or lost, you may need to find a suitable replacement.

However, you don’t need to buy a new PS5-specific cable, as there are many cheaper alternatives if you know the specifications. For the best possible match to your PS5, you will need a high bandwidth HDMI cable, preferably an HDMI 2.1 cable. The HDMI 2.1 cable is the same type you get with the PS5, making it the best option to support the whole PS5 experience with 4k and HDR.

How To Tell If My TV Allows HDR

There are some easy ways you may be able to tell if your TV supports HDR, and some of these ways are more straightforward than others. As mentioned above, if you want to experience the whole PS5 experience, your TV will need to support HDR, making this a significant thing to find out. The following are ways you can determine whether your TV supports HDR.

  • Look At The Box And Manual – The first and likely most obvious way to ensure your TV is HDR compatible is to look at the manual you get with the TV and the box your TV came in. With the launch of next-generation consoles, it has become trendy to ensure the word HDR appears on the box and manual of newer TVs.
  • Look At The Manufacturer’s Website – Another easy way to tell if your TV supports HDR is to look at the specifications of your TV on the manufacturer’s website. If the specifications don’t get provided, you can also send a message to the website’s support team to find out more.
  • Google It Or Ask Forums – There is a likely chance that you are not the only person with your TV brand and type that has asked this question, making it likely that you will find an answer if you use Google. If Google itself cannot help you, you can also ask on Forums since there are millions of users, and you will likely get an answer quickly.


Seeing a message that your TV does not support HDR, especially if you know the manufacturer says it should, can make you feel hopeless or even angry in seconds. However, the message isn’t always valid, and there are a couple of ways you may be able to rectify the situation. By using the tips and looking at the possible problems and solutions above, you may be able to use your PS5 as intended in no time.

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