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Renewed iPhone Meaning

As an iPhone owner, I was recently frustrated when I came across the term ‘renewed iPhone’ while browsing the web. After some research and testing, I’m here to share my experience and solutions I discovered to help others understand what a renewed iPhone means. In this blog post, I’ll explain the differences between a brand new iPhone, a used iPhone, and a renewed iPhone, and what it means to buy a renewed iPhone.

Attributes/ConsiderationsBrand New iPhoneUsed iPhoneRenewed iPhone
Functions & FeaturesFully functional, newVarying, might have issuesFully functional, used but restored
AppearancePristine, no signs of useVarying, might have signs of useFresh, no visible blemishes from 1 foot away
Manufacturer’s PartsOriginalVarying, might have third-party replacementsMust have original Apple parts
AccessoriesOriginal Apple accessoriesVarying, might be missing or third-partyApple-certified or original accessories
iCloud AccountNot set up, ready for new userMight have previous user’s accountReset, ready for new user
PriceFull retail priceVarying, depends on condition and ageCheaper than brand new iPhones
Warranty1-year Apple limited warrantyVaries, might not have warranty90-day warranty (could differ by seller)
Things to CheckN/AFunctionality, appearance, accessories, warrantyStore reviews, pricing, appearance, accessories

Overview of Renewed iPhones

Introduced by Amazon in 2017, renewed gadgets like iPhones became an option for many buyers. It’s because of their relatively good appearance and budget-friendly price that makes them somewhat irresistible.

Remember that these phones aren’t new. They’ve been used by others and were just restored by the company that sells them. Once they pass quality standards, they go back to the store in bulk to be sold again.

Attributes of a Renewed iPhone

For an iPhone to qualify as a renewed product, it has to satisfy a few requirements. Here, you’ll see the different attributes of a renewed iPhone: 

  1. All of Its Functions Should Be Working

One attribute of renewed iPhones is that they’ve been used only for a short period. All of their functions and features should be working properly. 

Its buttons, on-screen keys, and features such as WiFi and internet connection, services, media players, cameras, and so forth must function the same way as a brand new iPhone does.  

  1. Looks Fresh and Unimpaired

To be considered a renewed iPhone, it mustn’t have any physical blemishes that are visible from one foot away. 

Moreover, all brand markings and logos must be there, unimpaired! In other words, renewed iPhones shouldn’t have any signs of being used. 

  1. Must Have the Manufacturer’s Parts

Renewed iPhones must have parts manufactured by Apple. Their speakers, screens, and batteries must be original and didn’t come from a third-party manufacturer. 

Speaking of batteries, a renewed iPhone must also have a battery of at least 80% capacity.

  1. Must Have Apple-Certified Accessories

iPhones that are renewed and brought back to stores must have Apple-certified accessories like power cords and chargers. They can also come with their original accessories. 

Note that most renewed iPhones come with original boxes or new ones as replacements. 

  1. iCloud Account Has Been Reset 

Before a renewed iPhone hits the shelves again, it will be thoroughly checked for any existing user accounts that it might still have. 

To protect the identity and privacy of the previous owner, the seller has to reset the phone’s iCloud account. iCloud is a feature that lets users save images, videos, and other files online. 

  1. Cheaper Than Brand New iPhones

Needless to say, renewed iPhones are less expensive than brand-new ones. For example, a renewed 128 GB iPhone 12 Pro is cheaper by $200 than its brand new counterpart. 

The same goes with the renewed 128 GB iPhone 13; it’s cheaper by around $130-$200 than the brand new model. 

  1. Has a Short Warranty Period

Unlike brand new iPhones that come with a 1-year Apple limited warranty, buyers of renewed iPhones only get 90 days to have their units repaired, returned then replaced if needed. 

Merchants like Amazon offer this kind of warranty, but it could differ from one seller to another.

Things to Do Before Buying a Renewed iPhone

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Check the guide below before you purchase a renewed iPhone to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth:

  1. Read reviews of the store you plan to buy a renewed iPhone from. That way, you’d know that you’re buying from a reputable seller. 
  2. Research the current market price of the brand new model and compare it to the renewed one. Make sure you’re buying it at a lower price. 
  3. If you’re buying from a brick-and-mortar store, thoroughly check if the iPhone doesn’t have any dents, scratches, cracks, or any visible damage at arm’s length. 

However, if you’re buying from an online shop, ask the seller to send close-up photos of the phone. 

  1. Check if the phone includes all necessary accessories like a charger and power cord.
  2. For your safety, verify with the store if the renewed iPhone you’re buying uses an Apple-manufactured battery.  
  3. To have some confidence with your purchase, make sure to confirm with the seller their return and warranty policies. 


  • Cheaper than brand new iPhones
  • All functions should be working properly
  • Looks fresh and unimpaired
  • Has manufacturer’s parts
  • Apple-certified accessories
  • ICloud account has been reset


  • Has been used by another person
  • Shorter warranty period
  • May have hidden damage
  • May not come with original accessories
  • May have an old version of iOS

Final Thoughts

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While there are differences between a brand new model and a renewed iPhone, it’s clear that the latter has some attributes that make it worthy of consideration. 

In other words, the short period it has been used, its near-pristine appearance, and the original parts it still has made this phone a good buy. 

However, it’s worth remembering that it has a shortened warranty. Despite that, its bargain price is a good-enough reason for folks with limited budgets to grab this phone.