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Roku Remote Blinking (Causes and How to Fix)

As a Roku owner, I know the frustration of trying to figure out why your Roku remote is blinking. Recently, I experienced this issue and after some research and testing I was able to get my remote working again. In this blog post, I’ll be sharing what causes the Roku remote to blink, and how to fix it. I’ll also be discussing some of the other solutions I discovered along the way.

So why is your Roku Remote blinking? Your Roku Remote is blinking due to a problem with either the power source or it can’t pair with your Roku TV or Roku streaming Device. You should be able to fix this by changing the batteries or resetting your remote. 

Blinking Red Light on Roku RemoteDead Batteries or Power IssuesReplace batteries or reset the remote
Blinking Green Light on Roku RemotePairing IssuesRemove batteries, wait 30 seconds, plug in the TV, put the batteries back in, hold the reset button, and try again; try pairing from TV settings; reset the Roku streaming device; download Roku Remote app
Types of Roku RemotesStandard Infrared (IR) Remote, Enhanced Point Anywhere Remote, Enhanced Voice RemoteIdentify the type of remote you have to troubleshoot issues accurately

Which Roku Remote Control Do You Have?

The first thing you need to do is to identify which Roku Remote you have.

 Roku Remotes

There are three types of Roku Remotes:

  • Standard Infrared (IR) Remote
  • Enhanced Point Anywhere Remote
  • Enhanced Voice Remote

Enhanced Roku Remotes have reset buttons beside the batteries.

Why Is This Important?

This step is necessary because some issue-solving methods might differ from one remote to another.

What Is Causing the Roku Remote to Blink? 

Your Roku Remote is probably blinking either one of these two colors, green or red, and each color indicates a different issue.

What Does It Mean When Your Roku Remote Keeps Blinking Red Light?

Now it might look like your TV is working well and all, when it isn’t. Your Roku Remote blinking red light means there’s a power problem. That’s most probably because, the power operating your TV isn’t sufficient enough, leading the device to crash or be unstable.

 What Does It Mean When Your Roku Remote Keeps Blinking Green Light?

The green light flicker on your remote means that the remote is trying to pair with your device but can’t.

How to Fix the Roku Remote Blinking Problem?

Fixing the Roku Remote blinking issue can be as easy as changing the batteries or resetting it by following these steps.

How to Fix the Roku Remote Red Light Blinking Problem?

The solution to this problem can be as easy as checking if the batteries are working and the device is connected well to the power source.

How to Fix the Roku Remote Green Light Blinking Problem?

To fix the Roku Remote green light blinking problem, you can follow these steps in order:

  1.  First, you need to remove the batteries from your Roku Remote
  2.  Make sure your TV is turned on and running
  3. With the TV still turned on, unplug it from the power source
  4. Then wait for 30 seconds with the TV unplugged
  5. Then plug the TV back in and turn it on
  6. After your TV has successfully booted, put the batteries back into your Roku Remote (don’t place the battery cover)
  7. Get closer to your TV and hold the reset button until you see a green light (the reset button is right next to the batteries)
  8. Then your TV should start pairing with your Roku Remote

In case you went through all of the above and couldn’t see the flickering green light, repeat the entire process. This time make sure your batteries are intact, placed in the right direction, and working fine.

However, if the green light on your Roku Remote didn’t stop blinking, you should try following these steps:

  1. First, unplug your Roku Streaming Device (not the TV this time)
  2. Remove the batteries, then place them back in.
  3. Plug your Roku device back
  4. While it boots, hold the reset button for 3 seconds
  5. After your Roku device has finished booting, it should start pairing with your Roku Remote right away.

Last Resort Fixes

If none of the above works for you, here are some last resort fixes you should consider trying to solve the Roku Remote green light blinking problem.

Pair the Roku Remote From Your Roku TV Settings

If you own a Roku TV, you can try pairing the remote from the TV settings.

  1. Remove the batteries from your Roku Remote.
  2. Go to Settings. 
  3. Select remotes and devices
  4. Then new device
  5. Choose remote
  6. Put the batteries back in
  7. Hold the reset button on your Roku Remote for 5 seconds

Reset Your Roku Streaming Device

Resetting your Roku Streaming Device might help with your problem:

  1. Hold the reset button for 10+ seconds 
  2. then reset your remote all over again

Download the Roku Remote App

If you have already tried all of the above and nothing worked. We recommend downloading the Roku Remote mobile app to save your time until you can get another one. 

The app is also great and works better than the actual Roku Remote itself.

  1. Write Roku in Google Play or the Apple Store
  2. It will ask you to connect with near Roku devices
  3. Select yours, and your mobile phone should work as a remote now

If you already have the app, go to:

  1. Settings
  2. Then remotes and devices
  3. Select yours

Keep in mind that the Roku mobile app only works as a remote when both the device and the mobile phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.


To sum things up, your Roku Remote is blinking red light because the power source is insufficient, and you can fix this by changing the batteries. 

Meanwhile, it flickers a green light to indicate that the remote can’t pair with your Roku Streaming Device or TV. And this issue should be solved by resetting the remote.

The Roku Remote Blinking issue isn’t a big problem, and you should be able to fix it in a couple of minutes. In case none of the options above solve your problem. Asking a professional to get your Roku Remote fixed or buying a new Roku Remote would be highly recommended.

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